fuckwit on the button

Mr Monkey revealed that the council used the electronic voting system for the first time last week and that a fuckiwt councillor pressed the wrong button during the vote on Pudgy Face’s, aka Tory Boy David Potts amendment. CLICK HERE.

A council officer has now revealed that the fuckwit in question was either councillor Tom Defty who was sat in George ‘Red Rum’ Elsom’s seat or the Einstein of the Independents, councillor Victor Thompson.

Thank fuck they didn’t have to make any serious decisions.


1 Response to “fuckwit on the button”

  1. 1 Chocolate Buttons
    05/03/2009 at 11:48

    In the four or so years Victor has been a councillor, I don’t think he has spoken in one debate. He has always been a loyal soldier and put his hand in the air at the right times, but clearly has trouble finding the button.

    In future, Jane Branley is going to have to guide his finger in the right direction.

    As an aside, Victor is not the only councillor who struggles to hit the “button” – Pott’s Russian escort claims he has similar issues!

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