stcentral scoops the gazette

South Tyneside’s very own internet TV channel, STcentral, played a blinder yesterday when they scooped the local snooze paper, the Shields Gazette Labour Gazetteer by getting an exclusive interview with the King Street Shopaholic, Foreign Secretary and MP for South Shields, David Miliband.

The 19 minute interview can be seen in full on STcentral’s Community channel and a shorter version can be found on their TV news channel which bloggers can view by CLICKING HERE.

A source close to Mr Miliband confirmed he didn’t bother visiting King Street yesterday because he didn’t need a birthday card, a pasty, a mobile phone or something for a quid, so he decided to do his interview in the secure environment of a TV studio.

Mr Monkey can’t help wondering whether his reluctance to visit King Street has something to do with his stupid remarks about South Shields town centre after his last walkabout with Mr Ego and the council’s biggest fuckwit – Head of Regeneration, Rick “I’m a property speculator” O’Farell and the fact that local shoppers might want to set the record straight if they bumped into the town’s most invisible shopper.


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