another photo opportunity for Miss Piggy

Seems council leader Iain Malcolm, aka Miss Piggy is using the publicly funded council press propaganda office to further his political ambitions by staging another photo opportunity with children. CLICK HERE.

 Anyone who knows Miss Piggy will confirm that there’s more chance of the pope fathering a child than there is of Miss Piggy shagging a woman. They’ll also tell you how uncomfortable he is when he’s around children – but hey, he’s able to conquer his fear of children if it means he’ll get some media exposure.

A while back a leading charity accused politicians of “cynically misusing” children in their campaigns. The NSPCC said they were “appalled to see children being used as props or being pointedly vilified in an attempt to win votes” and cited the use of children in pre-arranged photo opportunities.


Mr Monkey reckons politicians should be campaigning for children rather than using them for electioneering purposes. Children are citizens who deserve action – in the areas of health, tax, the economy, law and order and transport, as well as education and social policy.


Might it be even more cynical of this chimp to suggest that politicians “cynically misuse” anyone and everyone if it suits them? 


5 Responses to “another photo opportunity for Miss Piggy”

  1. 1 Live at Five
    18/03/2009 at 02:29

    Mr Monkey, get a life u sad little man. COWARD

  2. 2 Simon
    18/03/2009 at 19:39

    So you don’t print posts that you don’t like Mr Monkey? Says a lot about you.

  3. 3 camera shy
    18/03/2009 at 21:49

    Mr M, why does the council copyright photographs?

  4. 4 Fuckwit Dildo
    19/03/2009 at 20:29

    Hi Mr Monkey, Where ya been today ? Live at Five go fuck yourself and leave MrMonkey to do his job and expose the dimwitted fuckers who “run”(ha ha ha ha ha) this borough. You are probably a yob on the dole and probably have’t enough brainpower to comprehend what is going on in the real world.
    You are the COWARD you rat. Stop attacking the people doing a good job.
    Hope you are ok MrM !!
    Ignore the asshole and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!!

  5. 5 A Parent
    19/03/2009 at 23:52

    As usual the Gazette has favoured the Council / School in tonights article and Gazette opinion into the Parent Headbutting a Teacher.
    God only knows what this pupil and family endured to make the father loss-it.

    The Education system in this Borough is an absolute disgrace and the LA have no interest or inclination to improve it

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