Exclusive: Good news for King street .. at last

'Good news for KIng St, Sports Direct will be opening soon'

'Good news for King St, Sports Direct will be opening soon'

EXCLUSIVE: Mr Monkey can exclusively reveal that South Shield’s beleaguered town centre is about to receive a welcome boost.

Newcastle United’s owner Mike Ashley, is set to open a branch of Sports Direct in South Shields.

The news comes at a time when Mr Ashley, the under-fire Newcastle United owner is expanding his business portfolio in an effort to establish his dominance over rival sportswear retailer JJB Sports.

Mr Monkey can confirm that Sports Direct has acquired the former Woolworths site on King Street and is set to open it’s doors to the public in June.

This chimp can also confirm that Sports Direct decision to open a store in South Shields has nothing to do with the council, the council leader or South Tyneside Means Business – just in case the council’s Office of Propaganda were thinking of claiming the credit!

Mr Monkey wonders whether this latest addition to a ‘thriving King Street’ means we’ll be seeing more of our shopaholic invisible MP, David Miliband .. sadly not, Mr Monkey has just learned that Sports Direct doesn’t sell Arsenal tops.


4 Responses to “Exclusive: Good news for King street .. at last”

  1. 1 Little Piglet
    30/03/2009 at 14:32

    Will Mr Ashley have to pay the electricity bill for the time since Woolworths bottled out?
    I’m sure that there MUST have been some input from the clock tower office of our beloved leader!!
    After all, our interests are his interests – aren’t they?

  2. 2 Ian
    30/03/2009 at 17:19

    Wow. Name one thing South Shields could do without; another wretched sports shop.

  3. 3 Sixteen Million from the Government
    30/03/2009 at 23:27

    Mr Monkey, if somebody carries out the relevant checks as to why this company has chosen King St they MAY find that there was a little sweetner from the Economic Development Dept ???
    Can Mr Monkey find out how Southtynesidemeansbusiness has squandered millions of pounds

    The same department which loves giving money away for fun to stupid unsubstainable business ideas, just to get rid of the money they got by mistake, they wanted 1 million off the Government but applied for 16 million for a laugh and the Government gave them the full 16 Million.

    This is why vast amounts have been spent on–

    Opening corner shops SOUTHTYNESIDE MEANS BUSINEES ( Each employee is used to cook the booke job outcomes 16 part time ?/)

    Television adverts £ ??

    Adverts on numerous roundabouts £ ??

    Adverts in numerous local press £ ??

    Employing relations of current Economic Development staff some with same surname on very nice wages / salary ??

    This department has a massive failure rate but everybody ignores the incompetence.

  4. 4 Little Piglet
    31/03/2009 at 00:14

    Incompetence? In South Tyneside M.B.C?
    Would you ever!

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