ballot rigging by council leader Iain Malcolm – what happened next

'Postal votes for Pat Piggott abducted by council Leader Iain Malcolm'

'Postal votes for Pat Piggott abducted by council Leader Iain Malcolm'

Last week Mr Monkey published the findings of his investigation into ballot rigging by Labour council leader Iain Malcolm at the 2000 local elections.  

At the time it was widely predicted that councillor Iain Malcolm would lose his seat to the Conservative candidate, Patricia Piggott so he took matter into his own hands by arranging for party members to collect postal votes from unsuspecting members of the public by offering to post them on their behalf.

Little did they know that he had no intention of posting them – not until he had ‘sorted’ them. He did this by opening the ed the postal vote envelopes, removing  ballot papers and destroying the ones that had voted for the Conservative candidate. He then carefully resealed the ones that had voted for him and posted them back to the town hall. Councillor Malcolm’s fraudulent activities had ensured that he was declared the winner

CLICK HERE to read part one of Mr Monkey’s investigation in full.

Councillor Malcolm celebrated his ‘victory’ with a handful of associates who’d helped him secure his victory by either collecting postal votes, illegally completing them, opening them or destroying them. He even boasted that he’d cheated his way to victory by defeating the Conservative candidate.

His associates included, his brother Ed Malcolm, councillor Michael Clare, Arthur Meeks, Rob Dix and Mark Walsh.

After councilor Iain Malcolm was sworn in for another term the unsuspecting party members, Tom and Mary Taylor, who he’d cynically used to collect a large proportion of postal votes from the elderly and whose house he’d used to open the postal vote envelopes were finding it difficult to come to terms with what they had witnessed.

They were honest people with principles and high moral values who had been unwittingly dragged into Iain Malcolm’s plan to rig the ballot in his favour. This whole affair increasingly played on Tom’s mind and gradually his health started to deteriorate. Unfortunately Tom was torn between his loyalty to the movement, his duty as a party official (he was the local party treasurer) and his own consounce.

For months Tom agonised as to whether he should contact the police or confide in another party official but he didn’t know who he could trust after witnessing councillor Iain Malcolm ballot rigging in his own front room. Almost a year passed before the opportunity finally presented itself.

Tom’s ill health had prevented him from carrying out his duties as the party teasurer and it had also resulted in him missing a number of executive meetings. He was also unable to produce the treasure’s report for the South Shields Labour party’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) – something which the party’s constitution required.

At a meeting of the executive Iain Malcolm produced a treasure’s report for the AGM (without the knowledge of the treasure) and said that he would sign it off. Two members of the executive objected to this and said that this was unconstitutional, broke party rules and left the executive open to allegations of fraud.

One of the objectors Geraldine White said that she would visit Tom at his home to see if he was happy to sign off the report produced by Iain Malcolm and would report back. This was reluctantly agreed.

PARTY TREASURER, TOM TAYLOR REVEALS ALL– Part 3 of this disgraceful act of betrayal and election fraud will follow shortly.

4 Responses to “ballot rigging by council leader Iain Malcolm – what happened next”

  1. 1 Tory Voter
    31/03/2009 at 13:17

    Does anyone know if the Geraldine White mentioned here is the same Geraldine White that resigned from the Labour Party and joined the Independent Alliance and took Paul Waggott’s seat on the council?

  2. 2 Dirty Washing
    31/03/2009 at 13:26

    I always found Geraldine White to be an honourable councillor – this story vindicates this assumption.

    It was of course Ms White and her sister who were the victims of the infamous BRENDA slur which appeared on Herr Riggs Corner Shop site, an attack which was allowed to go without moderation for some days before Malcolm’s stooge was forced to remove it by the power of the law i.e. he was faced with a libel case. I notice that despite recent revelations, Curly has yet to respond on the fraudulent election claims. Something tells me he no longer pulls his own strings!

    I am sure Geraldine and her clan feel vindicated that their decision to leave the Labour Party was based on sound moral principles – I only hope some of their ex colleagues now feel the same.

    If I were a current member of the South Shields Labour Party, I wouldn’t want to be around when the shit hits the fan, because their all going to get covered.

  3. 3 Dirty Washing
    31/03/2009 at 13:28

    Tory Voter

    Yes they are one in the same. I suspect she may have knowledge which could lead to another Labour council leader going a similar route!

  4. 4 The Scunner Campbell
    31/03/2009 at 15:28

    Tory Voter – to my knowledge, it’s one and the same.

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