more on Iain Malcolm, the ballot rigging council leader will follow soon

Seems Mr Monkey’s revelations that the leader of the council, Iain Malcolm was the mastermind behind a plot to cheat a Conservative election candidate out of victory by rigging his 2000 local election result CLICK HERE has caused quite a stir.

Judging by the stats and comments, Mr Monkey reckons that the electorate are outraged by the antics of councillor Iain Malcolm and it appears that there’ll be some serious ramifications and political fallout for South Tyneside’s corrupt council leader – don’t rule out a custodial sentence.

Mr Monkey has not yet revealed the full extent of his investigation into councillor Iain Malcolm’s interpretation of democracy, but now that he’s back, you can be sure that he will.

So if you don’t want to miss out on further revelations about councillor Iain Malcolm’s fraudulent election activities, keep a close eye on Mr Monkey’s Blog over the next 48 hours.


4 Responses to “more on Iain Malcolm, the ballot rigging council leader will follow soon”

  1. 1 heart attack
    08/04/2009 at 08:57

    Just misread your headline. It looked, through my blurred eyes, like – “no more Malcolm.”

    Trouble is that I soon realised my mistake!

    Oh, what a disappointment!

    Still, it will happen soon. Won’t that be bliss?

  2. 2 Jimmy
    08/04/2009 at 18:26

    Welcome back Mr Monk, plase don’t do that again !!!

  3. 3 Sir Michael Lyons
    08/04/2009 at 23:52

    Dear Mr Primate,

    I thought after your short break, you my have given our ‘Illustrious Council Leader’
    an Easter reprieve and let him relax and continue to enjoy his most fortuitous position over the Holiday Weekend.

    On the other hand you could release more ‘Dirt’ and let the useless,lying,thieving,conniving
    fat bastard sweat like a rapist this weekend.

    NB. Monkey nuts are on offer at Tesco Simonside,but bananas are still cheapest at the Nook.

    Happy Easter to All.


  4. 4 sir william
    16/04/2009 at 13:05

    yet again cllr malcolm spending decent rate payers money into payin £46,166.00pp for 23 garden walls on dorset ave,its going to interesting with some 300 + homes on horsley hill ,i hope that the people on the hill want the same type of decorative type used on dorset.No doubt malocolm will find it difficult to aquire the £3.3 million to make the hill garden walls of the same type.He should be held to account,by setting a presidence this is another fiasco by malcolm the vote rigger.

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