goodnight, goodbye and good riddance iain!

'Goodnight and sleep well councillor Iain Malcolm'

'Goodnight and sleep well councillor Iain Malcolm'

Could tomorrow be a turning point in the life of council leader Iain Malcolm?

Ever since his father, Billy Malcolm was out manouvered by Arthur Blenkinsop and his supporters to become the town’s MP in 1964, Iain Malcolm was brought up on a diet of hate. Billy blamed the catholic influence in the party at the time for robbing him of his chance to represent the town and was determined to push his favourite son into the political limelight and was convinced that he would one day succeed where he had failed by becoming the town’s MP.

Unfortunately councillor Iain Malcolm failed to fulfill his father’s dreams by making enemies at the drop of a hat and by allowing his father’s vengeance and his own blind ambition to get the better of him. He allowed nothing to get in his way and blatantly broke every rule in the book – and the law – to keep a vice like grip on the reigns of power.

Well councillor Malcolm it seems that ever since Mr Monkey arrived on the scene your days have been numbered and despite all your posturing you’ve been unable to stop this chimp exposing you for the fraud you really are.

Just when you thought Mr Monkey had gone away, he’s back and tomorrow at 10am he intends to post more explosive revelations, but you’ll have to wait until then to discover what they are. In the meantime Mr Monkey hopes you sleep well tonight and bids you goodnight, goodbye and good riddance – the end is not that far away.


4 Responses to “goodnight, goodbye and good riddance iain!”

  1. 1 The Time's They Are A Changin...
    08/04/2009 at 23:01

    A quick message to anybody out there who wants to hammer a nail into the Malcolm coffin.

    If you want to refer this despicable act of election fraud to the police, you need to contact:

    DI Phil Butler
    Economic Crime Unit
    Northumbria Police


    Send him an email, a letter or give him a ring via the crime reporting site.

    I have.

    Don’t sit on the fence – pay it forward!

  2. 2 heart attack
    09/04/2009 at 00:29

    Oh! Goody, goody.
    His very appearance is anathema…………

  3. 3 TEZZA
    09/04/2009 at 18:06

    Just to say have followed The Time’s They are a Changin’s advice and left an email on northumbria police website for D.I. Phil Butler (Economic Crime unit) asking for an investigation into ballot rigging during 2000 local elections. and posed the question as to why an initial investigation was abruply halted, and never concluded. It Would seem theres people out there who think they are above the law.
    Was’nt an easy task to sort out the police email system but got there eventually, suggest others do likewise

  4. 4 stevie c
    09/04/2009 at 22:13

    Are there any descent Labour councillors out there in South Tyneside?,or are they all pissing in the same pot?

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