Indy councillors missing again



Mr Monkey has just learned that the Indy’s were again light when it came to numbers at yesterday’s Full Council meeting.

Once again councillor Allan Branley was otherwise engaged and it now seems that councillor Harrison has taken a leaf out of councillor Branley’s book by not bothering to turn up to meetings.

A quick look at the stats shows that councillor Harrison’s attendance record is poor, especially for someone who criticises everyone elses record.

In the past year councillor Harrison has missed 3 out of a possible 8 CAF meetings, 5 out of a possible 11 Full Council meetings and hasn’t bothered attending any Licensing or Appeal committees or sub committees.

Councillor Harrison is paid a basic allowance of £7056 this equates to £641 per meeting – put another way he gets half of the £1,200 The King Sleaze, David Potts gets for attending his meetings.

As far as councillor Branley is concerned, his attendance record is almost a record in itself. He’s attended 0 out of 8 CAF’s, 0 out of 4 Audit committees and 3 out of a possible 11 Full Council meetings.

As councillor Branley doesn’t claim any allowances this equates to £0.00 per meeting.

Mr Monkey will be posting more details of councillor’s attendance record and the cost per meeting to the taxpayer shortly.


7 Responses to “Indy councillors missing again”

  1. 1 Philip Carey
    24/04/2009 at 21:19

    Mr Monkey, the mouth piece of the Independents….hmmmm….. clearly not. With Councillor’s Harrison and Branley both exposed in one post, perhaps certain people need to have a re think.

    Alan Branley’s attendance rates aren’t surprising, and sadly reveal the contempt he has for the electoral process. When the good people of Westoe voted him in, I’m sure they assumed he would actually go to meetings. His only saving grace? At least he doesn’t defraud the system like Potts and line his pockets along the way. However, this may be because Branley can afford it. Its easy to take the moral high ground and not claim your allowance, knowing that your bank balance is able to support your stance.

    Councillor Harrison however, is another kettle of fish. When he does manage to get into the chamber, he has the whiff of disillusionment about him. He may be a good ward operative, but if the Labour elite are to be challenged at full Council level, then all opposition members need to be present and correct.

    How shameful it must be to be “out attended” by David Potts.

  2. 2 The Last King of Scotland
    25/04/2009 at 08:49

    Come on Mr Monkey have you ever thought that Councillor Harrison may have legitimate reasons for not attending meetings, like earning a living for instance.

  3. 3 Adi Amen
    25/04/2009 at 15:09

    I know Steve very well and in his typical fashion he commented ” I couldnt give a fuck as long as i am doing it for the people that put me here, when you know about me and my ward work in Fellgate, Hedworth & Calf Close judge me, till then up ya arse big ears.
    That was him being diplomatic!

  4. 4 It's a Shawthing
    25/04/2009 at 19:33

    Oh howay Mr. Monkey you must think we all jumped off the banana boat this morning.
    What sort of daft ruse is this, trying to pull the wool over our eyes by appearing to be anti-Independent now? Nobody’s buying it sunshine, your regular commenters (mainly yourself) give the game away every time.

    That’s the trouble with the South Tyneside Independent Alliance and their supporters, they spent too many years in the Labour Party before they were thrown out, that’s why you are all so good at taking the public for a bunch of mugs!

    You just didn’t learn much at all since leaving the party did you, leopards, as they say, cannot change their spots.

    This is the semi-offical Independent blog, it’s widely seen in South Shields as that, and you cannot change people’s perceptions just by throwing a couple of sops in Curly’s direction can you?

  5. 5 The Scunner Campbell
    25/04/2009 at 20:17

    Regarding the above post. Maybe Cllr Harrison should have considered his work/life balance BEFORE standing for election then.

  6. 6 patois
    25/04/2009 at 22:53

    that’s why most councillors are retired old blokes who use it to make a living….hardly representative.

  7. 7 Mr Monkey
    25/04/2009 at 23:46

    More attendance rates will follow, it seems to create quite a stir amongst our civic leaders.

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