comment moderation off

Comment moderation has now been switched off.

Sorry for the dealy bloggers but Mr Monkey had to take a family member to  casualty at lunch time following an accident, the daft twat fell off a ladder at work and split his head open.

Just in case some of you are wondering, the next comment moderation will be on Sunday May 3rd from 9am to 9pm.


9 Responses to “comment moderation off”

  1. 1 Mr Woods
    29/04/2009 at 20:20

    Mr Monkey I am sorry to be critical of your excellent website but I feel that I must inform you that of late the site has been like watching paint dry.
    Before the Malcolm story broke on your website seemed to have something interesting on it every day?

  2. 2 Mr Milburn
    29/04/2009 at 21:58

    Sorry Mr Woods, but some of us still find the site amusing, informative and revealing.

    Perhaps you should get a job in South Tyneside, if you can.

  3. 3 Evan Davis - Not!
    29/04/2009 at 22:31

    Mr Woods, Mr Milburn – please follow the Party Line!


    “Grapefruits are up by 9, veg is down by 6, the bull is in the field, my IQ is worse than thought and down by -6.1, kiwi is a fruit level at 4, Ireland should nationalise the potato, the Indies are in the market and ward for 2011, Malcolm PLC paid 1 euro for a skin tight FCUK top, and my pecker is level by 2.”

    Don’t you just love the twit who twitters on http://twitter.com/DavidPotts101

    He makes financial talk so……….wank!

  4. 4 Mr Monkey
    30/04/2009 at 08:05

    Lol! Wet myself laughing reading the Pottsie piss take.

  5. 5 Mr Monkey
    30/04/2009 at 08:09

    Nothing like keeping people guessing Mr Woods – keeps the bastards on their toes.

  6. 6 Evan Davis - Not
    30/04/2009 at 20:49

    Glad you liked the “twit on the twitter” post Mr Monkey.

    But prey tell me, why is Councillor Khan, with his outstanding attendance rates and open committal to democratic representation, engaging in an internet version of spar boxing with Councillor Potts?

    Come on Ahmed, rise above it, he’s not worth it.

    “Golf? My Team should rock?”

    Fuck me – Golf – a game that spoils a good walk!

    Of course Potts likes golf, how many Freemasons do deals on the golf course? The answer – all of them!

    The Cleadon and East Boldon Ward has always been a blot on the Labour landscape, but they have never had anybody with enough local knowledge to take even one seat. However, with Potts disgraceful record on anything democratic, it’s a cert for any Independent candidate in 2011.

    Ahmed, Potts may be a snotty little oink, but at least you can rest on the fact that if the electorate dont hold him to account, then swine flu will!

  7. 7 Evan Davis - Not
    30/04/2009 at 21:30

    Sorry to comment again so quickly, but breaking news on the “Twit-ometer” is that Birdman David MacLean’s lass Verity Ward has signed up for a bit of what the Vatican calls “internet confessional”.

    In view of the recent revelations concerning the head honcho at The Gazette i.e. the selling of his journalistic soul to the number of the beast Malcolm, I think your previous posts having a dig at the expense of Mr MacLean were a bit premature. His heart and pen are in the right place, the fact that his boss doesn’t know his fat arse from the truth is no reason to send The Birdman to Alcatraz!

    “Shackled and bound” probably describes David’s working day.

    Mr MacLean has always had a great love of Solomon’s Indian restaurant in Newcastle. As if by coincidence, Solomon was described in the Bible as being a great prophet who turned away from God and ploughed his own furrow.

    Szymanski is no god, but this shouldn’t stop David doing his own ploughing – it wouldn’t stop Alastair Leithead would it David!

    Get a big shovel David, and dig!

  8. 8 Evan Davis - Last Time
    30/04/2009 at 22:51

    My doctor has said that this is the last time I should comment on this issue, so perhaps Mr Monkey will allow this last (long) indulgence before I swallow my saltpetre:

    (Councillor) DavidPotts101 (he’s not just “100”, he’s “101”) said on Twitter:

    “@VerityWards Hello Miss Ward, welcolm to twitter. Watch out though. Some real oddbods get on here”


    You said it David, you said it!

    This is for the rest of your readers Mr Monkey!

    For a supposedly classically “educated” Councillor, David Potts has a usage of English based on the following:

    “Welcom” – it has an “e” David. Perhaps you swallowed one when you penned this “twatter”.

    “Nah” –its “no”

    “My team should rock” – what can I say? He thinks he’s a member of Queen!

    “Shotgun start” – shotgun wedding more like.

    “My team GOT some great players” – the correct English usage David is “my team HAVE some great players”

    “Poir Moi” – if you Google “Poir Moi”, your first hit will probably be a ladies underwear site!

    “Me fink not” – I agree, you think not! David Potts, aged 3 3/4

    “bet I have another rollover 2nite” – the Red Lion/Cottage(r) beckons!

    “How much leverage you getting on your Yen positions Gav” – surely this must be a quote from the “Karma Sutra”

    “I’m gonna start using carrier pigeons I think” – I think therefore I am, but maybe you cant “fink”. Gonna = going to.

    “Sesh so far” – a period when you drink as much as you can, preferably on the golf course with someone else paying, hopefully the tax payers of South Tyneside.

    “My terminal is running really slow today” – the buttons you are pushing David belong to the microwave!

    “Not much interest for the 7am fix it wld seem” – I give up, I really do!

    Finally –

    “On the flip side roche and glaxo are having a good day. Expect EUR/USD to break <1.31. Bread and butter crosses leading refuge” – bread and butter eh David, bread and butter!

    Perhaps YOUR pension, savings or insurance schemes (perhaps even the “bread and butter” of your full working life) have links with FOREX, a currency investment firm “bio”d by David Potts, Councillor for the Cleadon and East Boldon Ward.

    Perhaps you would like to entrust your entire life savings to a man who has the attitude of:

    A – a charva (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=charva)
    B – Dell Boy
    C – a complete illiterate?
    D – Sid the Sexist

    Perhaps not.

    If you really want to run a risk, invest in your local Conservative Party.

  9. 9 Philip Carey
    30/04/2009 at 23:01

    Is FOREX related to DUREX?

    Perhaps we should be told?

    Does it involve the use of 4 condoms, especially when drinking at the Red Lion?

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