mr monkey is not the only one on the move

Councillor Steve Harrison who represents Fellgate and Hedworth and is up for re election in 2010 seems to have taken a leaf out of senior Labour councillor Tom Hanson’s book and quit.

According to Indy councillor Ahmed Khan’s twitter page, councillor Steve Harrison is set to leave the Indy Alliance for “a combination of reasons”. CLICK HERE.

His tweat has also been picked up by another local blogger who speculates why councillor Harrison has left the Indy Alliance.

Mr Monkey is still tied up settling into his new home but will be watching to see how things develop throughout the day – he can’t wait to see how the Gazette reports this one given the prominence way it buried the Tom Hanson story at the bottom of a page.


3 Responses to “mr monkey is not the only one on the move”

  1. 1 The Librarian
    05/05/2009 at 13:31

    Doesn’t take long for rumours and gossip to do the rounds. The latest one is coun. Harrison is to do a McCabe, get elected as an independent and then cross the floor to Labour.

  2. 2 Woodbine Voter
    05/05/2009 at 14:36

    Message to Graham Rigg and David Potts (I know they’re avid readers of this blog, so they’ll see this)


    Over the past few days, Graham Rigg and David Potts have been having a right old time of it while Monkey’s kept his head down.

    Rigg, with plenty of time on his hands as an unemployed man whose been a bit of a failure in life (still in an upstairs flat in your mid 50s, Graham? There are crisis loans for things like that…) has thrown some horrific slurs his way.

    But let us not forget: with more members than any of the other oppositon groups, they’re still the biggest opposition group. They’re THE political success story in this borough’s history.

    No political party has came anywhere near achieving their kind of success in modern times in South Tyneside.

    The Tories have three councillors, as do the Lib Dems. The Tories have made NO gains during David Potts tenure as leader, despite Labour disintegrating nationally over the past five years. Surely questions have to be asked about his competence?

    The Progressives, once a dominant political force in the borough, have just five councillors.

    So tell us, which group/party is doing things wrong…

    I personally believe that Rigg and Potts hate Ahmed Khan because they don’t believe in democracy. They believe candidates should be vetted by old school parties, given the nod by party chiefs, and then step forward for election. It’s an insiders world, and they want it to stay that way.

    They don’t believe a member of the public, (A BLASTED OUTSIDER!) unsoiled by previous political roles, should stand and be duly elected. They don’t want to see the local political gentlemens club fall apart.

    Despite what Rigg says, since when have political groups standing in tinpot local elections had to have extensive manifestos and policies?

    If so, point me in the direction of the weighty manifestos put forward by local councillors at the last election…You can’t – you’re talking bullshit. They put out double-sided A5 leaflets outlining how they’d improved their wards – they didn’t put out 20-year plans for tourism and business in the town.

    At local level it’s about sound money, sound running of the council, and competence. With a leader and deputy leader who’ve been big business successes themselves, I trust them to do just that.

    Why aren’t they that forthcoming about what they “would” do? Probably because there’s no chance of them forming an executive to run the council for two or three years. So why live in fantasy land when they can tell the public what they’ll OPPOSE. When they’re close to seeing the opposition make it into power, they’ll tell the public what they’ll do. If the public like it, they’ll keep on voting. If they don’t, watch them lose their seats.

    Just one question, Curly – do you ever get in touch with people you’re about to slur to ask for their take on your inaccurate claims?

    Thought not.

    Graham Rigg – sniggered at by Labour bosses, loathed by Independents, tolerated reluctantly by Tories.

  3. 3 The Last King of Scotland
    07/05/2009 at 09:20

    If you know Steve, you’ll know this daft statement is way off the mark.

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