council leader iain malcolm buys tom hanson’s silence

Yesterday’s meeting of the Labour party confirmed what many people already knew – councillor Iain Malcolm is determined to shift the political power base from Jarrow to South Shields whilst consolidating his own position as leader of the council. It’s also clear that he won’t tolerate any criticism or descent in the ranks.

Nine days ago Mr Monkey revealed that senior councillor and cabinet member Tom Hanson – who represents the Bede ward in Jarrow – dramatically resigned from the cabinet just a week or so before the new cabinet was announced, CLICK HERE.

When news broke about his resignation he refused to comment; at first. He later changed his mind and said that the council’s press office would be issuing a statement on his behalf . He later changed his mind for a third time and claimed that he hadn’t resigned.

Mr Monkey can now confirm that a source very close to the council leader has let the cat out of the bag and told this chimp that councillor Hanson was sacked because Iain Malcolm learned that he’d been passing on information to former council leader and rival Paul Waggott.

Councillor Hanson was determined to have the last word and decided to embarrass Iain Malcolm by resigning in a very public manor, especially when he found out that not only had he been forced out, but that he’d been replaced by councillor Emma Lewell who he loathes. He’s also told those close to him that he’s been treated disgracefullyand made to look a fool by Iain Malcolm.

Most telling of all is that he is now claims that council leader Iain Malcolm effectively bribed him into fending off the press by buying his silence – councillor Malcolm threatened to withdraw all his paid positions including the chair of the Jarrow Community Area Forum if didn’t do as he was told.

Mr Monkey reckons councillor Malcolm is determined to live up to the old adage of divide and rule.


2 Responses to “council leader iain malcolm buys tom hanson’s silence”

  1. 1 Philip Carey
    12/05/2009 at 14:23

    I see Potts has spent another £2500+ of tax payers money on travel! However, he has been ursurped by his colleague Councillor Milburn, who claimed £3000+. As both councillors sit in opposition, how have they managed to run up a bill of over £5500?

  2. 2 Alan Bates
    12/05/2009 at 22:52

    Riggs site is becoming a depository for BNP chatter, along with his increasingly anti Muslim posts, all directed at Ahmed Khan. Mad Marvin? Jarrow Pete? All made up names. He is becoming increasingly hypocritical and increasingly irrational.

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