tory councillor David Potts £12,000 expense claims

After yesterday’s pronouncements by the Conservative leader David Cameron concerning the dodgy expense claims of some of his colleagues i.e pay back the money or risk being booted out of the party, Mr Monkey can’t help wondering when councillor David Potts, the local Conservative group leader will join the newly formed  alliance of spineless progressives and the outcasts, who apparently want to be known as The Progressive Party and The Association on non Aligned Independent Councillors?

Regular readers of this blog will remember this post CLICK HERE

"After claiming nearly £12,000 in expenses he still can't afford a pair of sunglasses"

"After claiming nearly £12,000 in expenses he still can't afford a pair of sunglasses"

about councillor Potts record expense claim in 2005 when he claimed more than £2,251 – most of it was spent on First Class rail travel which just happened to be around the same time he claimed he was studying at Cambridge.

Mr Monkey can now reveal that councillor Potts has gone that extra mile in the last 12 months (2008 – 09) and has set another record by claiming a whooping  £3,393 in travel expenses and subsistence.

Interestingly this claim also coincides with the period that councillor Potts had been selected as the Conservative candidate to challenge Alistair Darling in Edinburgh – that is until Mr Monkey put paid to his political ambitions by revealing the sleazy alcohol fuelled antics of councillor Potts.

This chimp reckons that the people of South Tyneside unwittingly paid for his campaign jollies and will be stunned to learn that the council allowed him to get away with it.

Mr Monkey can also reveal that councillor Potts, who is allegedly in opposition has one of the worst attendance records on South Tyneside council,  but he’s still managed to claim nearly £12,000 in travel and subsistence since his election in late 2004.

This chimp reckons it’s time David Cameron turned his attention to some of his colleagues in local government, especially those who are blatantly ripping off the taxpayer with their exaggerated and probably fraudulent expense claims.

.. and Mr Monkey certainly intends to bring councillor Potts dubious expense claims to his attention.


7 Responses to “tory councillor David Potts £12,000 expense claims”

  1. 1 Laughing All The Way To The Bank
    13/05/2009 at 21:09

    Potts has in the past been deemed “unworthy” for the position as a future MP.

    Sadly, we were all wrong.

    His sheer greed, arrogance, fraudulent activities, disregard for the electorate, ability to milk the system etc etc etc, all make him “worthy” of a seat in the most illustrious of Houses!

    If he should be to busy to give a “XXXX” about his ward members (that’s a “Forex” for those of you who don’t trade in currencies, not the word “fuck” blanked out by 4 X’s) then perhaps Milburn could take his place, such is his propensity to trouser a few quid.

    Treble’s (figure) claims all round!

  2. 2 "BRENDA" -The Sequel-
    13/05/2009 at 21:55

    Poor old Rigg – you backed a duffer when you pinned your flag to Pottsies very ample behind. Old Bacon Bottom has really let you down this time. You have spent all week hammering MP’s for their expense claims, but not a word on your boy friend Councillor Potts or his gimp Councillor Milburn.

    No wonder Jeff wants his wife to replace his master at the next elections in 2010 – it’s good for the bank balance, especially when you consider how poor the second hand car market is.

    If Ahmed Khan’s “Twitter” site is anything to go by, it also looks like Curly has another “BRENDA” on his hands – but this time he is faced with somebody who will see it through till the end.

    Remember the missing ballot boxes Graham – god, how Ahmed pursued that one till he got to the truth.

    Then again, was that a Muslim god, or a Christian one? Because clearly Curly (Jarrow Pete, Vicki and all the other racists who pollute his site via his own pen) has no time for the non Arian version. As somebody else on this site has already commented, the Corner Shop is quickly becoming a retail version of “Mein Kampf”.

    Talking of struggles, Curly has a particularly tough one ahead of him.

    Rigg has in the past criticised South Tyneside Homes – that was a big mistake. Very soon he may well be in need of their rented accommodation services. I understand people who loose their homes are re housed in and around the area of Western Approach, a place long associated with South Shields great multi cultural heartland i.e. Muslim’s. It’s also an area which I believe falls within Councillor Khan’s ward.

    Look on the bright side Curly; at least you’ll get a newsletter through your new letter box explaining how your Councillor spent his allowance, unlike the good people of Potts and Milburn’s Cleadon and East Boldon Ward.

    Poetic justice?

    I think so!

  3. 3 Forex Forecast
    13/05/2009 at 22:27

    At the time it was rumoured that BRENDA was in fact David Potts.

    Curly should have a warning at the end of his blog, just like Ocean Finance has at the bottom of their adverts:

    “YOUR HOME MAY BE AT RISK IF YOU ………….” pursue personal vendettas via a public forum!

    I understand from old posts that he is looking for a job.

    Don’t the homeless sell the “Big Issue”?

  4. 4 Boxes R Us
    14/05/2009 at 21:29

    Perhaps it would be better if he changed his blogs name from “Curlys Corner Shop” to “Curlys Cardboard Box”.

  5. 5 Double Barrelled Shotgun
    14/05/2009 at 22:38

    Graham, a word of warning. I have been talking to somebody else today, and your going to get another solicitors letter in the post about a series of unrelated comments on your site, one posted very recently.

    In your desire to impress your perceived audience, you have (finally) gone too far.

    You’re fucked, well and truly.

  6. 6 Gandalf
    15/05/2009 at 19:34

    Mr Monkey, do you have any room in your new monkey emporium for a homeless hobbit?

    He’s not very tall and won’t take up much room, perhaps not much more space than a gonk!

    Perhaps you need a book end, or a door stop.

    Perhaps you have a sink without a plug, or an empty shed that has an old mouse nest?

    Have a heart Mr Monkey.

  7. 11/12/2009 at 21:17

    Wow, I did not know about this topic up to now. Thanx!!

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