how much does a real independent councillor cost the taxpayer?

Today it’ the turn of the 2 Real Independent councillors to face Mr Monkey’s how much do they cost the taxpayer test. 

This group of 2 – lead by councillor ‘Red Rum’ Elsom have a reputation for changing their political allegiances depending on who pays them the most which way the wind blows so don’t be surprised to see a substantial increase next year the run up to the 2010 elections – Miss piggy will need allies and what better way than to buy them he can count on.

   Name   Allowances     Travel



   Weekly Cost   







G. Elsom






  T. Haram  










The cost of each Real Indepenedent councillor to the taxpayer in 2008 -09 was £9,404.


2 Responses to “how much does a real independent councillor cost the taxpayer?”

  1. 1 Philip Carey
    19/05/2009 at 15:54

    I can’t help thinking that your last three posts should have been the result of The Gazette’s investigative endeavours.

    The Daily Telegraph’s circulation and revenue figures have rocketed as a result of the MP expenses coverage. The Gazette would have benefited from this public interest if they tapped into the issue.

    Sadly, they haven’t.

    Therefore well done and congratulations on keeping the public informed.

  2. 2 clock this
    20/05/2009 at 02:18

    Mr Carey
    What is “The Gazette” please?

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