breaking news: deputy mayor to step down

Mr Monkey is following up a story about the newly crowned deputy mayor, councillor Tom Piggott. More to follow ..


4 Responses to “breaking news: deputy mayor to step down”

  1. 1 Work It Out Einstein
    21/05/2009 at 23:20

    Glad to see you have your finger back on South Tyneside’s political pulse Mr M. Piggott was always a stooge, and a cruel travesty that he was forced into such a role.

    Talking of stooges and circus acts, your arch nemesis Curly has of late showed no signs of life i.e he lack’s a pulse.

    Rigg has plenty to say on national politician’s expenses, but nothing on the local scene.

    His understanding of maths (and spelling judging by some of his recent posts) is clearly very limited. Surely even he has a calculator which when you put in the relevant figures gives you the answer that Potts and Milburn have abused the system for all they can get?

    Here’s the mathematical equation Graham:

    Potts + money = fraud.

    The Corner Shop site is moribund, whilst yours Mr Monkey, thrives.

    Staples have a sale on at the moment Curly, and you can purchase a calculator for 57p. For less than £1, you can work out the fact that Potts and Milburn have shafted the people of South Tyneside for £1000’s, and you have nothing to say on the matter.

    Your silence is drowned out by your one sided attacks on Ahmed Khan.

  2. 2 clock this
    21/05/2009 at 23:38

    Oh dear, oh dear!

  3. 3 Wattery Bob
    22/05/2009 at 01:27

    Mr. Monkey is talking absolute total shitfaced bollox again, Tom Piggott is less likely to step down than Mr. Monkey is likely to shag Pamela Anderson (or any woman for that matter).

    Thank you, now we can all fuck off and get back to sleep.

  4. 4 clock this
    22/05/2009 at 10:40

    your normal condition, wattery?

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