the return of woody

After being consigned to the scrap heap by the people of Beacon and Bents it seems former Labour councillor John ‘Woody’ Morris has decided the time is right to make a comeback.

Despite telling anyone how would listen after he was beaten by Indy councillor Ahmed Khan in the 2008 election that he wouldn’t be like the rest of them and try to “get back in”, it’s taken him just a year to change his mind.

 Mr Monkey can’t help wondering whether the £16,000 + a year he used to get and all the freebies that went with being a Labour councillor are the real reasons why he wants to make a quick return – either that or he misses the thrill of shagging in the lift.


2 Responses to “the return of woody”

  1. 29/05/2009 at 14:11

    How is it that Former Councilor John Wood aka Morris of the Beacon & Bents, Wants to come back on the Labour Scene, When no one ever seen him walking around the ward, As he is supposed to have Chronic back Problems, Which he devloped when he was the Mayor’s Chauffer, Or was it when
    he broke up the fight between I. Malcom & S. Hepburn, Which ever he has still made a packet out
    of this Council.


  2. 2 The Scunner Campbell
    29/05/2009 at 16:51

    Just a word, Mr Monkey – Potts was spotted in the Red Lion, West Boldon again on Friday afternoon (29/5/09), entering the bar at 15.13hrs. Must be spending some of our expenses then…
    Nice job, being a councillor. If you can get it… 🙂

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