thanks for the tip off – you’ve been rumbled Iain

This chimp would like to thank the anonymous blogger who alerted him to the fact that council leader Iain Malcolm is commenting on Mr Monkey’s Blog under several pseudonyms and for pointing out certain aspects of his writing that identify him as the author of those comments

It seems Miss Piggy is leading the South Tyneside Scroungers Club bumming expedition to Epinay in France and despite his best efforts to keep their jolly secret, especially from his Labour colleagues enemies in Jarrow and Hebburn details have been leaked to Mr Monkey.

This chimp has now been told that within hours the story breaking on Mr Monkey’s Blog the delegation of bummers including Iain Malcolm’s newsest stooge councillor Steve Harrison were outragedthat details of thier jolly – at the taxpayers expense – had been exposed.

Mr Monkey can now reveal that  councillor Iain Malcolm posted two comments on Mr Monkey’s Blogs in the early hours of this morning under the name J Adamson – one was to defend his brother Ed, aka Twinkle Toes and the other was to try and justify their jolly to gay paree, and for some reason best known to himself he used eurocar@hotmail.com as his e-mail address.

His comments in response to twinkle toes were;

“Why are always so bothered about the private lives of other people Mr. Monkey?
Always been happily married yourself then? Fathered a whole gang of baboons or chimps?
Mrs. Monkey always happy to swing in the same trees as you?”

and in response to the French Connection post;

“Mr. Monkey, I guess you’ve never been on one of these valuable twin town visits in the past, well I have, and regardless of who goes I can tell you that the extremely hospitable French (and the Germans in Wuppertal) won’t let you put your own hand in your own pocket if you try! So even if our councillors went over their with a £1000 of their own spending money, they’d be hard pressed to spend even a fiver! Not their fault that our twin towns seem to enjoy our company is it? We tend to do the same when they come over here of course, it would be entirely rude to treat them any differently than they treat us, wouldn’t it? I hope this little bit of knowledge broadens your horizons, it comes to you free of charge.”

Mr Monkey is going to take a closer look at comments left on his blog to see if he can apply his new found knowledge of Miss Piggy’s writing style to identify any other comments left by the leader of the council. He’s also going to investigate why Iain Malcolm has chosen eurocar@hotmail.com as his e-mail address.


2 Responses to “thanks for the tip off – you’ve been rumbled Iain”

  1. 1 J.Adamson
    03/06/2009 at 21:35

    You deluded idiot, I AM NOT Iain Malcolm and I AM NOT a councillor just an employee of STC, now you’ve disclosed my email address and risked my job you stupid ignorant fucking twat!
    Pull your head out of your arse and start thinking of a way to defend me at the investigatory interview.

    I won’t be back leaving comments here, brainless arsehole.

  2. 2 Mrs Lucis
    05/06/2009 at 08:25

    tut tut tut

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