is the labour council leader impersonating independent councillor steve harrison?

Last week Mr Monkey revealed that council leader Iain Malcolm led a delegation of South Tyneside councillors on a 5 day jolly to Epinay in France. CLICK HERE. The delegation included a number of Malcolm lackeys including councillors Rob Dix and Steve Harrison.

Mr Monkey’s revelations sentthese freeloaders into panic mode and councillor Iain Malcolm – in an attempt to justify spending thousands of pounds of public money – posted two comments on Mr Monkey’s Blog under the name J Adamson. CLICK HERE and HERE. from this e-mail address; eurocar@hotmail.com  

This comment was then left on Mr Monkey’s Blog under the same name and using the same e-mail address within hours of Mr Monkey’s second post –

You deluded idiot, I AM NOT Iain Malcolm and I AM NOT a councillor just an employee of STC, now you’ve disclosed my email address and risked my job you stupid ignorant fucking twat!
Pull your head out of your arse and start thinking of a way to defend me at the investigatory interview.

I won’t be back leaving comments here, brainless arsehole.

The tone and style of this comment was different to the other two and it was clearly written by a someone else.

This chimp has spent most of the weekend looking at all the comments left on his site and can confirm that two e-mail addresses – eurocar@hotmail.com and eurocar@hotmail.co.uk– have been regularly used to post comments, under different names since November 2008.

According to Jarra Lad, eurocar is part of Elmfiled taxis and is owned by councillor Steve Harrison. If this is true and councillor Harrison is behind these comments Mr Monkey reckons that the council leader will not be best pleased when he learns what councillor Harrison really thinks of him.

The only question is that did councillor Harrison know that Iain Malcolm was posting comments in his name? If not what was the council leader doing impersonating an councillor Harrison – Mr Monkey wonders whether it’s got anything to do with stopping former council leader Paul Waggott from making a swift return to the council?

A list of all comments left using the eurocar e-mail address will follow in the next 48 hours.

2 Responses to “is the labour council leader impersonating independent councillor steve harrison?”

  1. 1 Philip Carey
    09/06/2009 at 21:15

    Who impersonates who is in some ways not the issue.

    Clearly, over the last several months, despite being barred by Councillor Malcolm, numerous sitting incumbents on South Tyneside Council have been (visiting and) commenting on this site. They have therefore defied the leader of their political group, a man who considered spending £350000 (yes, that’s three hundred and fifty thousand pounds) of tax payer’s money to have this site shut down.

    That’s a lot of public money diverted to keep the truth from being revealed!

    If Labour Party members adhere to the whip of Malcolm, that’s up to them.

    The public however, are in a different category – they have free will which is not dependent on allowances or age old political affiliations.

    There is a bigger issue at play here Mr Monkey, and it centres on this premise:

    “Are the public of South Tyneside free and able to challenge those who govern them, through any legal and therefore legitimate means possible, or are they subject to the threat of intimidation, abuse or ridicule from those in power, an elite whose only conduct revolves around the need to preserve their own power, income and authority?”.

    Iain Malcolm – history tells me the former view will prevail. History also tells me Iain, that your past will catch up on you, sooner than you think.

    Yours past doesn’t just have skeletons – it is a graveyard, and the Grim Reaper beckons.

  2. 01/07/2009 at 20:51

    If this Fagott – Iain Malcolm did consider spending £350,000 of Taxpayers money to try and
    shut this site down, He is some nut, He has also Councilor’s from the Real Independence & Progressives also Consevatives & Lib – Dem’s, And gave them Vice Chair’s this would never have been heard of some three years ago, This proves one thing he is afraid of the Indy
    Alliance, As they have got him and his cronies on the run – by giving jolly’s to Tom Defty
    and Harrison, this keeps their mounth’s shut it also proves they are all in it for the money,
    I have been told that Councilor John Mcabe said he would never eat or drink any Taxpayers
    money, But that soon changed as soon as he swapped to Labour – and now has a chair, They are pretending to work for the Public & at the same time they are lining their pockets, The same as the M.P.s.

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