whose the mole in the labour party?

Judging by the comments on Indy councillor Khan’s twitter page it seems the local Labour party is leaking like a sieve. Either that or councillor Khan has at least one mole in the Labour ranks or is being feed information by a disgruntled council officer who is sick of the current regime.

According to councillor Khan, yesterday’s joint monthly Labour party meeting agreed to accept the council leader’s recommendations on Special Education Needs schools. This means that the Labour party has performed a u turn on the SEN review and was worried about the prospect of having to face the wrath of an increasingly militant and determined group of parents and supporters who are fighting to save theirschools or are they more worried about losing their seats at the next election?

Apparently the Labour party has now agreed to ..

Keep Bamburgh school open
Keep Oakleigh Gardens school open and merge it with Greenfields
Close Epinay school

It seems that councillor Khan’s mole has unwittingly – or was it deliberately – scuppered councillor Iain Malcolm’s plan to spin the truth and announce the news when it best suited him.


12 Responses to “whose the mole in the labour party?”

  1. 1 Jennie
    16/06/2009 at 20:12

    They may as well talk to each other Mr. Monkey, as you have said before yourself, “they all piss in the same pot” now.

    Khan rakes in as much as anyone else, he may as well join his mates in Labour.

  2. 2 Jennie
    16/06/2009 at 20:14

    Oh so now you have to approve or censor or delete every comment before it gets through – not very open or trustworthy for a blogger.

  3. 3 Jennie
    16/06/2009 at 20:15

    Nominate yourself for Twat of the week Mr Monkey

  4. 4 Jennie
    16/06/2009 at 20:18

    Wheres my first comment then, in your bin, Khan pisses in the same pot as the rest of them, no wonder he has chums in the labour party. Promises to claim nowt then takes us all for a bunch of idiots and gets it all in one big lump sum, and still thinks the sun shines out of his own arse.

  5. 5 Jennie
    16/06/2009 at 20:19

    What you playing at Monkey, protecting Ahmed Khan, or am I talking to him now.

  6. 6 outside looking inn.
    16/06/2009 at 20:43

    Is this true Mr Monk?

  7. 7 Short (and) Curly
    16/06/2009 at 21:42

    Khan Khan Khan Khan Khan Khan Khan

    Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed


    Sorry Jennie, but this comment has been published, together with the name “Khan” and “Ahmed”. Your comment on Curly’s site is therefore wrong. But join the club – Rigg has a plethora of sycophants who hang on his every (halitosis) breath.

    Or should I use your full name, Councillor David Potts.

  8. 8 SEN Parent
    16/06/2009 at 23:18

    This Council is an absolute disgrace and clearly has no genuine interest in the SEN children in the Borough.

    Can anybody name any Councillor who has ever publicly banged the drum on behalf of SEN children / schools ??????

  9. 9 outside looking inn.
    17/06/2009 at 08:48

    SEN Parent
    I cant name one, But I can name three. Cllr Hodgson. Cllr Finch and Cllr Khan.

  10. 10 weffs 2
    17/06/2009 at 14:34

    also george waddle and

  11. 11 Mr Monkey
    17/06/2009 at 17:35

    Jennie or whatever your name really is … there’s no conspiracy to protect councillor khan or any other councillor.
    Mr Monkey has though flagged up several IP addresses which mean that comments from these addresses need approval before appearing. For some reason the 2 IP addresses you used last night were flagged but this has been removed now.
    Mr Monkey would like point out that the words Ahmed, Kahn or any combination of them has not been censored and they don’t need approval before appearing on Mr Monkey’s Blog, just ask some of the people that have commented about councillor khan over the past 10 months.

  12. 12 White Elephant
    26/06/2009 at 09:25


    No mention of the antics of the Branley’s – I wonder why?

    Should the Council employ a bouncer to control the mob?


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