happy birthday mr monkey

Happy birthday Mr Monkey

Happy birthday Mr Monkey

It’s been a year since Mr Monkey first burst on to the local blogging scene with his controversial blog,  The Monkeyhouse

Regular bloggers will recall that The Monkeyhouse first opened it’s doors on an experimental basis on the 22nd June 2008 before moving to a more permanent home over at Mr Monkey’s Blog in late July 2008.

Mr Monkey promised to focus on political news and gossip in South Tyneside and claimed that he would “leave no stone unturned in an attempt to expose the truth behind the headlines and those who make them”.

What he didn’t realise is that those who make the headlines would shit themselves at the prospect of being exposed by this chimp and that they would stop at nothing in an effort to silence Mr Monkey.

Sorry to disappoint you fuckwits in the corridors of power, but despite your best efforts, Mr Monkey is still alive and kicking and unfortunately for you bastards – who only know how to lie, cheat, scheme and con the public – Mr Monkey has come a long way in a short space of time .. and this is just the beginning!


2 Responses to “happy birthday mr monkey”

  1. 1 weffs 2
    23/06/2009 at 17:20

    happy birthday keep it coming mr monk

  2. 2 Altered Images
    23/06/2009 at 21:28

    Happy Birthday Mr Monkey

    I doubt you will get many cards, never mind a cake. And why should that be?

    Over the last 12 months you have revealed:

    1. That David Potts is a fraudulent money grabbing bastard who cheats on who ever is his current (male or female) partner i.e. he shags about a lot.
    2. Said David Potts was ditched by the Scots for not going to Constituency meetings.
    3. Said David Potts never went to 1 CAF meeting re his Ward in 2008/2009 – but no explanation on his Twitter site as to the reasons why.
    4. Said David Potts has a Twitter site that uses the same language re Adrian Mole, cock size 2/3 inches!
    5. Potts, is to be honest, guilty of democratic/monetary fraud, and David Cameron is well aware of this!

    Never mind Potts, here is Malcolm’s charge sheet:

    6. Guilty as charged – election fraud
    7. Guilty as charged – Newcastle Airport
    8. Guilty as charged – a Stalinist
    9. Guilty as charged – Beacon and Bents vote rigging and hiding of ballot boxes

    And how does Graham Rigg fit into this little scenario:

    10. He is Malcolm’s lackey
    11. He has a sexual fixation for Ahmed Khan
    12. He worships David Potts without question, and without reference to his expenses claims.
    13. He only posts when Malcolm gives him info.
    14. He is short………on content!
    15. He pursues vendettas which will get him in trouble….. knock down a wall Graham, the time will come. Or better still, delete that “Google Cache” you talk about, because the comments on your site will return to haunt you the longer you leave them!

    What a birthday post this has been Mr Monkey.

    But never mind me; I am but a (willing) bit player in a bigger game.

    What are your favourite Monkey moments?

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