silence of the chimps – part 1

It seems senior councillors and a handful of council officers have become so obsessed with Mr Monkey’s Blog that they’ll stop at nothing to close it down – as long as it doesn’t cost them anything.

It took just 2 weeks for these fuckwits to shit themselves at the prospects of being exposed for the corrupt, scheming and devious fraudsters that they really are.

Council leader Iain Malcolm acted quickly and ordered senior council officers to censor Mr Monkey’s Blog by barring access to it from council owned computers. In his eagerness to hide the truth from his own colleagues and officials he also barred access to another local blog.

The owner of the blog – the Fat Mackem Hobitt – begged councillor Malcolm to allow people to access his blog from council owned equipment and in return he agreed to do anything Miss Piggy, aka Iain Malcolm asked of him.  CLICK HERE.

Unfortunately councillor Malcolm failed to realise that his actions would have the opposite effect and instead of putting an end to his ape like antics, Mr Monkey’s Blog became an overnight sensation and quickly established itself as South Tyneside’s premier political blog.

In December Mr Monkey told bloggers about the Malcolms attempts to get the police to close Mr Monkey’s Blog after they received a monkey Christmas card – apparently they were intimidated by it – but were told to stop wasting police time and that if they had any concerns it was a civil matter that had nothing to do with the police. CLICK HERE 

In April Mr Monkey revealed that he had received a tip off that the council had spent thousands of pounds on legal advice to find a way of shutting down Mr Monkey’s Blog CLICK HERE. 

After the initial visit to the police in December 2008 this same councillors lead by Iain Malcolm approached the executive of the council and ordered them to start legal proceedings against WordPress, via the courts, to reveal the account holders details and therefore reveal the identity of Mr Monkey. 

The council took professional legal advice from experts in internet and international law to determine what legal action could be taken against WordPress. They spent over £30,000 of public money and were told that any legal action against WordPress – who are based in the US – would have to be in the American courts and would be very costly.

They were also told that it was unlikely to succeed and if it did, they would not get the identity of Mr Monkey but only the IP address used by Mr Monkey when he registered with WordPress and this could have been done from anywhere including public places with wifi access.

… to be continued.


6 Responses to “silence of the chimps – part 1”

  1. 1 Animal Farm
    24/06/2009 at 20:34

    Mr Monkey

    Was this you?


    You were wrong, The Gazette does print monkey stories!

  2. 2 Mr Data
    24/06/2009 at 20:40

    Monkey can a member of the public request copies / evidence of what public money has been wasted trying to unveil you.

    Public Aceess / Data request / freedom of information etc

    Any advice and I will send into the Council to request this info

  3. 3 Mr T Scott
    24/06/2009 at 21:28

    Monkey here is a list of the companies that Mr Malcom is a Director of—

    Total FIFTEEN companies–

    CPH Newcastle Ltd
    DMW Research Ltd
    Local Authorities Co Ordinators of Regulatory services Ltd
    Newcastle Airport Local Authorities Holding Group Ltd
    Newcastle International Airport Ltd
    Nial finance Ltd
    Nial Group Ltd
    Nial holdings Ltd
    Soveriegn Strategy Europe Ltd
    Soverirgn Strategy Ltd
    Soveriegn Logistics Ltd
    Tyne and Wear Development (investment) Ltd
    Tyne & Wear Development (Land) Ltd
    Tyne & Wear Development (Property ) Ltd
    Tyne & Wear Development company Ltd


    Monkey were you aware of these ?
    Has the Council been made aware of these ?
    Do you want to know who fellow Directors are ?

    Feel free to contact me and info will be provided

  4. 4 Mr Malcolm
    24/06/2009 at 21:44

    Monkey did you know that Alan Kerr is Director of FIVE companies ??


  5. 5 |Thelma
    24/06/2009 at 22:15

    Mr Malcolm – no wonder he looks just about dead!

  6. 6 Alan
    04/07/2009 at 23:17

    Surely some of those directorships must cause a conflict of interest for Mr Malcolm. How does he attract such appointments — has he experience of starting, building, running or financing companies. Has he ever had a REAL job ever to give him any experience of commerce at all? Or is it a quid pro quo for ST council favours?

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