silence of the chimps – part 2

Last week Mr Monkey revealed that a handful of senior councillors and council officers have become so obsessed with Mr Monkey’s Blog that they’ll stop at nothing to close it down – as long as they can pass the costs on to the taxpayer.

This chimp also told bloggers that the council has spent more than £30,000 on legal advice in an effort to silence the chimp. CLICK HERE. 

Mr Monkey can now reveal the council was told by the lawyers they consulted that if they wanted to pursue the chimp in the American courts the cost would be around £400,000 and that there was no guarantee of success.

They also told the council that if they managed to force WordPress – via the US courts – to reveal the IPaddress used by Mr Monkey to register his blog, this was only the beginning of a long and expensive legal process.

WordPress would only reveal the IP address, service provider i.e BT and the details used at the time of registration. The council would then need to go to court again – this time in the UK to get a court order to force BT to reveal the location of the IP address. Again this would not necessarily reveal the identity of Mr Monkey and they could end up being told that the IP address was registered to a wifi location in Middlesborough, Sunderland, Newcastle or Durham and that the person who registered with WordPress was could have used a false name.

Imagine what the public would say about a council who spends hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers money chasing a monkey and all because the Chuckle Brothers can’t face the prospect of being labelled as a couple of scheming, lying, cheating and corrupt wankers.

This chimp can now confirm that the executive of the council refused to pursue this action on cost grounds and that their decision left the Chuckle Brothers feeling angry and frustrated.

Mr Monkey can now reveal that 10 weeks ago the same group of Labour councillors approached the executive and police again and this time they gave them the name of a person they belive is Mr Monkey, but unfortunately for them, the legal and police advice remains the same.

It seems that despite the Chuckle Brothers best efforts to silence Mr Monkey – Iain and Ed Malcolm are going to have to learn to live with this chimp who according to some experts may live up to 60 years!


3 Responses to “silence of the chimps – part 2”

  1. 1 red robbo
    30/06/2009 at 17:20

    I thought Mr Monkey might like to know that the abandoned cooncil meeting last week cost the good people of South Tyneside about £20,000 due to the “perfomance art” of Councillor Branley at the event .What will happen this week ????

  2. 2 weffs 2
    01/07/2009 at 10:07

    surprised theres no comments

  3. 3 TEZZA
    01/07/2009 at 17:48

    Very interesting Mr Monkey But with miss piggy being director of 15 companies plus his wages as the so called leader of South Tyneside Council and god knows what else this greedy bastard rakes in both honestly and dishonestly a mere 400 grand plus should be like chicken feed to him, but oops I was forgetting something its different rules when its his own money and not taken (stolen) from the publics purse,
    May I also pose a question to a fellow reader of your blog – Mr Papa John Szymanski :-
    In these hard times of the current cash crisis and following the reports of MPs expenses or should I say THEFT FROM THE COUNTRIES TAXPAYERS MONEY! (including our own Mr Milliband) and the forth coming need for MPs to declare what other income they have coming in, why should it stop at MPs how about councillors and leader of councils, how about publishing Mr Iain Malcolms directorships, all his earnings and also state how much time he gives to being a councillor, how much of his time he puts into being leader of south tyneside council, as I believe he spends three working days in the capital full filling his other business needs, this is time he is using to rake in even more money, while being paid by us as leader and councillor even though he is not available to do either, make a good story would’nt it? if you had the balls and did your job Sir, I am sure the residents of South Tyneside would see it as a Gazette worth buying for once, you could even raise the price a little just to cover the loss of your free council freebies.

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