comment moderation on until 9pm tomorrow

Mr Monkey has received a request to apply comment moderation. Being the obliging chimp that he is, comment moderation has now been switched on until 9pm on Wednesday night.


1 Response to “comment moderation on until 9pm tomorrow”

  1. 1 red robbo
    25/06/2009 at 18:35

    hiya just to say that I went to see the fun and games at the Cooncil this afternoon,,,instead all I got was Councillor Long/Branley rabbiting on about the situation regarding her husband ….eventually the meeting ended in uproar and the mayor was sadly advised to adjourn the meeting rather than chuck out the ex Labour ..now Indy councillor out of the chamber…lots of noise and uttertances from Cllr Khan and hisses and boos from certain parts of the public gallery

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