get help councillor potts .. before it’s too late

'Mr Monkey is worried about you Tory Boy, get help before it's too late'

'Mr Monkey is worried about you Tory Boy, get help before it's too late'

If any of you have witnessed councillor David Potts, aka the King of Sleaze’s erratic behaviour over the past 10 months you can’t help but agree with this chimp, that Tory Boy has become mentally unstable.

Mr Monkey is seriously worried about Pudgy Face and reckons he’s lost the plot – apparently he’s even started going to church in anticipation of meeting his maker. Well this chimp doesn’t want to be responsible for pushing him over the edge.

Bloggers will have noticed that councillor Potts has been going downhill ever since he was de-selected by the Scottish Conservatives after Mr Monkey brought the King of Sleaze’s antics to the attention of blue rinse brigade in Edinburgh. He’s never recovered from the rejection or come to terms with the fact that his political career was ended by a chimp.

It now seems that Tory Boy is behaving like a spoiled child who cries and whines, because nobody, but his lone ally Jeff Milburn takes any notice of him. Mr Monkey reckons Pudgy Face is mentally ill and needs to seek professional help before it’s too late.

This poor excuse of a man is becoming more and more unstable. His mental illness is affecting not only his decision-making at the Red Lion, but is now hurting the image of the local Conservatives, which probably explains why rising star, Karen Allen, the Parliamentary candidate for South Shields wants nothing to do with him.

Councillor Potts reminds Mr Monkey of President Nixon in his final days as President, he drank too much, started to talk to pictures of past Presidents and became overwhelmingly paranoid. Please councillor Potts, seek help, before it’s too late .. this chimp is worried about you.


3 Responses to “get help councillor potts .. before it’s too late”

  1. 1 town hall charlie
    19/07/2009 at 23:48

    OMG. short order for 3 more cable lots – HaHa me candles runnin out. Now am Domino Dancin.

  2. 2 Polly Morphic
    20/07/2009 at 16:23

    Mr Monkey – you must stop insulting Cllr Potts. Dont you know hes an upper crust english gentleman, working on his downside.
    Anyway I luv him when hes coked up.

  3. 3 Inside Harry
    20/07/2009 at 17:33

    Be careful though he knows that this site is the work of you ******* and ****** with a few other contributors. He wont let anything happen tho till he has solid proof

    Pudgy is a wanker, but I wouldnt fuck with him so obviously. He is involved with some very dangerous people, and i dont mean random thugs. I mean serious gangsters who r loyal to him. I know about it cos i spend time with him and his family. Thats why im sitting in a web cafe in durham cos im shitting myself that if they found out i be fucked over

    I say this cos i want this site and you to survive. its important for ST

    Once the KOS has solid proof tho its game over. CAREFUL PLEASE but keep it coming. what u r doin is important

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