mr monkey calls it a day

'Mr Monkey calls it a day so he can go home'

'Mr Monkey calls it a day so he can return home to enjoy his retirement'

It’s been nearly a year since Mr Monkey burst on to the local political scene with the redesigned version of Mr Monkey’s Blog

.. and what a year it’s been.

This chimp had no idea of the effect his blog would have on politicians of all parties and senior council officers or the impact it would have on local politcs.

Mr Monkey quickly built up a following amongst local bloggers and within weeks, Mr Monkey’s Blog established itself as South Tyneside’s premier blog, much to the annoyance of some.

There have been many highlights during the last 12 months but Mr Monkey’s favourites are:-

  • Ending councillor David Potts political career before it started by getting him deselected as the Tory candidate to fight Alistair Darling.
  • Ensuring that the people of Washington East and Houghton knew what a devious and scheming individual Ed Malcom was. This played a major part  in his failure to become their prospective member of Parliament.
  • Exposing council leader Iain Malcolm as an election fraudster.
  • Knowing that Irene Lucas, the Chief Executive of South Tyneside Council could not control, manipulate or stop Mr Monkey and that his blog was the worst thing that happened to her in her local government career.
  • Knowing that every politician feared being exposed on Mr Monkey’s Blog and despite what they said, knowing that everyone of them read it daily.
  • Exposing Ed Malcolm’s long term affair with his ‘granny’, aka councillor Punchion
  • ‘Outing’ Iain Malcolm.
  • Continually thwarting the attempts of senior council officials to stop Mr Monkey’s Blog and reveal the identity of Mr Monkey.
  • Frustrating South Tyneside’s most self opinionated blogger, the Fat Mackem Hobitt.
  • Exposing Papa John Szymanski, editor of the local Malcolm Fanzine, aka the Shields Gazette as a Labour groupie, freeloader and that he sold his soul to Labour for the price of a sausage roll.
  • Knowing that all the pseudonyms Mr Monkey has used will be around for years to come.

After achieving every goal Mr Monkey set himself – in record time – this chimp has decided to give his victims an early birthday present – Mr Monkey is going to call it a day on Thursday 30th July.

Mr Monkey has spent the last couple of months agonising over whether or not to retire and after talking it over with a few wiser chimps, he’s decided to take their advice and return to the jungle to enjoy his retirement and spend more time with his family.

Although Mr Monkey has decided to call it a day, he hasn’t yet made up his mind about whether to leave Mr Monkey’s Blog on the internet for future generations to enjoy or whether to remove it forever – that decision will be made on International Primate Day.

Make sure you stop by on Tuesday 1st September .. when all will be revealed.

11 Responses to “mr monkey calls it a day”

  1. 1 Town Hall Charlie
    21/07/2009 at 11:30

    Thanks for livening up the long-moribund poltical scene on South Tyneside. Because of you many more people now see the damage and corruption caused by too many decades of Labour misrule.
    Here’s to the removal of big and little Piggy Malcolm and the disinfection of the Council Chamber.

  2. 2 Conserned South Tynesider
    22/07/2009 at 18:06

    Yes I agree its about time the piggies got swine flu and were made to stay at home where they couldnt think they could cover up the issues in south tyneside by spending our hard earned cash on pretty band stands and spending £100 of pounds a head on crap fireworks like at the local display where about 100 people showed up to watch and there must have been thousands spent. How about spending some money to help Horsley hill from becoming a bigger shit hole than it already is and giving the kids whom live there some kind of pride in the place so they dont grow up believing south tyneside is dead and buried.

  3. 3 Conserned South Tynesider
    22/07/2009 at 18:09

    Oh and Mr monkey I wish I had your knowledge on this bunch of idiots so I could sit in your seat help people to know the truth about our councillors.

  4. 4 Nitty Nora
    22/07/2009 at 23:01

    Well said indeed Conserned South Tynesider. May 2010 should do it though. Work towards that date.

  5. 23/07/2009 at 11:08

    I for one would like to see you stay, And needle these parasites for all of you information
    has been spot on, From what i have heard everyone is talking about this shower of greedy
    bastards, As southtyneside sinks to its lowest ebb this labour lot hang on to sponge every penny they can from the taxpayer, And you can hear them in their pubs bragging about how nice their homes are and how much they have spent on designer clothing, The whole lot make
    me puk.

  6. 23/07/2009 at 11:35

    When you think about it some of these officers that have just retired, Like Fay Cunningham
    whom is going to try and get a seat at the next election, She also wants to jump on the gravy
    train, With her excellent pension she receives from the Council though she must be missing
    the free drink, As she was the mayors secretary along with golden boy John Wood & before that
    long before he ever became a councillor he was the mayors chauffeur,So they have alway’s had
    their snouwts in the trough.

  7. 7 Nitty Nora
    23/07/2009 at 13:07

    All the comments so far have ben right. Itl be sad to see the end of Mr M.
    But things change. Now its time to be open to do somthing to get them out.
    Just writing about it is the past. its time to be the future and do them in at elections.
    Mr M has made most peple aware – they know that the day of both piggies is near.

  8. 8 Kate
    25/07/2009 at 07:44

    If “concerned South Tynesider “is refering to the Marine Park I understand that the renovation was achieved with a lottery grant …sorry if facts get in the way of your rants

  9. 9 town hall charlie
    25/07/2009 at 14:17

    Yes Kate a.k.a. Iain.

  10. 10 Alan
    25/07/2009 at 18:23

    What a disappointing and dispiriting end to what was a breath of fresh air in the stench of the local political scene. Have you been ‘bought’ too? I certainly hope not but at least give us a reason for quitting. Why would you remove the blog anyway .. it will serve as a constant reminder of what was an active forum for critical comment. Perhaps someone with the same contacts as yourself and with more staying power may be willing to carry on the fight.

  11. 11 toppa
    09/08/2009 at 00:20

    Great idea, but will this not work over the long run, you’ll be back.

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