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how much does an independent alliance councillor cost the taxpayer?

It seems that despite councillors Jane and Allan Branley’s refusal to claim allowances and expenses their Indy Alliance colleagues have claimed £41,162. 

Mr Monkey was surprised to learn that councillor Victor Thompson has followed the example of the other Westoe councillors and has not claimed his allowance – well done councillor Thompson. 

When Mr Monkey applied his how much do they cost the taxpayer test to the Indy Alliance the results show that they are the group that costs the taxpayer the least. 

Judging by the figures it seems that the Indy Alliance are the only group who haven’t sold their souls to Miss Piggy for 30 pieces of silver and can legitimately claim to not to have been bought. 

But will they be able to resist the lure of gold in 2009? 






  Weekly Cost 

J. Branley

A. Khan




A. Branley

G. Finch




V. Thompson




G. White




G. Waddle






J. Hodgson






S. Harrison

















The cost of each Independent Alliance councillor to the taxpayer in 2008 – 09 was just £4,573.55


Indy councillors missing again



Mr Monkey has just learned that the Indy’s were again light when it came to numbers at yesterday’s Full Council meeting.

Once again councillor Allan Branley was otherwise engaged and it now seems that councillor Harrison has taken a leaf out of councillor Branley’s book by not bothering to turn up to meetings.

A quick look at the stats shows that councillor Harrison’s attendance record is poor, especially for someone who criticises everyone elses record.

In the past year councillor Harrison has missed 3 out of a possible 8 CAF meetings, 5 out of a possible 11 Full Council meetings and hasn’t bothered attending any Licensing or Appeal committees or sub committees.

Councillor Harrison is paid a basic allowance of £7056 this equates to £641 per meeting – put another way he gets half of the £1,200 The King Sleaze, David Potts gets for attending his meetings.

As far as councillor Branley is concerned, his attendance record is almost a record in itself. He’s attended 0 out of 8 CAF’s, 0 out of 4 Audit committees and 3 out of a possible 11 Full Council meetings.

As councillor Branley doesn’t claim any allowances this equates to £0.00 per meeting.

Mr Monkey will be posting more details of councillor’s attendance record and the cost per meeting to the taxpayer shortly.


Monkey Clip

It’s been a crap week for husband and wife team; councillors Mr and Mrs Maxwell McAtominey.

What with Steady ‘hic’ Eddie being forced to resign from two high profile posts, his income dropping by nearly £20,000 per year and the poor bastards have had to face the wrath of the public, the press and councillor Allen Branley.

It’s been especially bad for Nancy, she’s had to cope with the shame and humiliation of her husband’s drunken antics and she’s had to listen to the insults and innuendo .. poor bitch – it’s serves the self centered, arrogant, money grabbing twat right.

Mr Monkey reckons these pathetic indiviuals need cheering up so he’s decided to dedicate this week’s Monkey Clip to the McAtomineys .. CLICK HERE, turn up the volume and listen to the words carefully!


I Told You So!

Mr Monkey predicted that today’s Full Council meeting would be a lively affair – this is what he had to say;

“Councillor Malcolm has been shitting himself for days at the prospect of councillors Jane and Allan Branley, White, Hodgson and Khan in attack mode. Mr Monkey reckons that today’s gathering will be a rowdy affair”.

 CLICK HERE to see the full post.

It seems Mr Monkey was right as the meeting erupted on several occasions with angry words being exchanged between the Indy Alliance and Labour councillors which led to an angry stand off.

Independent Councillor Allen Branley repeatedly demanded a full public explanation for Steady ‘hic’ Eddie’s McAtominey’s resignation from the council’s cabinet and sought clarification on whether he had also stood down from the Police Authority.

The Hebburn South councillor, was recently convicted of drink driving, and stepped down from his cabinet post at Monday’s monthly meeting of the Labour group.

During a tribute pathectic speech by self appointed Labour ‘Enforcer’, alleged wife beater and fellow Hebburn South, councillor John McCabe said councillor Atominey was ‘here in spirit’.

This brought roars of laughter from the opposition benches and councillor Branley immediately sprung to his feet, saying: “In spirit?”

After a barrage of catcalls from the Labour benches, he added: “Hey, I didn’t bring up his drink driving charge,” triggering more chaos.

Mayor Alex Donaldson struggled to cope with proceedings and had several confrontations with opposition councillors, even threatening at one point: “I’ll adjourn this meeting if this continues and we’ll be here all night.”

Make sure you get a front seat at next month’s meeting – it promises to be a lively affair.


Will He .. Won’t He!

Speculation is rife that Steady ‘hic Eddie McAtominey the disgraced Labour councillor convicted of drink driving is planning to make an appearance at today’s Full Council meeting.

Mr Monkey has been told that Miss Piggy aka Iain Malcolm is desperate to keep him out of the chamber for fear of an all out assualt led by the Indy Alliance.

Councillor Malcolm has been shitting himself for days at the prospect of councillors Jane and Allan Branley, White, Hodgson and Khan in attack mode. Mr Monkey reckons that today’s gathering will be a rowdy affair.


Some Things Never Change

Seems the Gazette Malcolm Fanzine has a track record of targeting councillors with poor attendance records CLICK HERE.

Mr Monkey would like to thank Irving Washington for reminding him of the scandal that led to Conservative councillor Phillip Parkinson’s resignation.

The other Conservative councillor embroiled in the attendance and expenses row was The King of Sleaze, Tory Boy Potts. Predictably councillor Potts refused to do the honourable thing and is still screwing the system for everything he can.

It seems somethings never change – Pudgy Face Potts still has a piss poor attendance record which only Indy councillor Allen Branley can top – but at least Mr Branley is not lining his own pockets under false pretences!