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mr united set to challenge labour

Any day now Steady Eddie, aka councillor McAtominey the disgraced Labour councillor and convicted felon will learn whether or not he’s to be booted out of the Labour party.

Councillor McAtominey, who was suspended from the Labour party last year after being arrested on suspicion of drink driving and was later convicted of failing to provide a sample has had his case referred to the National Executive of the Labour party after Labour North shirked their responsibilities and failed to terminate his membership.

Steady Eddie made things worse for himself when he was arrested for a second time and charged with drink driving. This time he pleaded guilty and was banned from driving.

Councillor McAtominey is no stranger to controversy – he was suspended from the Labour party for 4 years after he was caught cheating on printing tenders with the help of his now wife councillor Nancy Maxwell, who was a union employee and his accomplice.

Mr Monkey has been told by an insider that councillor McAtominey has decided that if he’s thrown out of the Labour party he will not stand down as a councillor but instead he will cross the floor and become an Independent, so will his wife councillor Maxwell.

Apparently they’ve already discussed this with their friend and Labour party thug enforcer, councillor John McCabe and councillor McAtominey is telling those close to him that councillor McCabe is  likely to follow him and rejoin the ranks of the Independents after first being elected as an Independent and then crossing the floor to Labour.

Steady Eddie is predicting that he’s the man to unite the opposition groups and that he will lead the challenge on Labour. He’s determined to go down in history as the man that killed off the Malcolms.

Good luck Mr United – this chimp is looking forward to seeing you in action once again, but this time with the support of some ferocious allies instead of the fuckwits you currently share the benches with.



The sad Fat Mackem Hobbit over at the Shire seems to have an unhealthy obsession with Mr Monkey’s Blog and Mr Monkey reckons this has something to do with the demise of his own blog.

Ever since Mr Monkey published his stats for December the Hobbit has been desperately trying to link his posts and comments to Mr Monkey’s Blog in a last ditched attempt to win back some of his readers. It now seems that following the Hobbit’s stupid comments about the number of readers Mr Monkey’s Blog attracts and his childish comments about people that leave comments on this blog, the Hobbit remains coy about his own stats.

Despite Mr Monkey asking the Hobbit to publish his December screen-grab it seems the Fat Mackem Hobbit is very reluctantto confirm what the world already knows – he’s a spent force in the blogging world and now plays second fiddle to Mr Monkey’s Blog.

Mr Monkey doesn’t intend to waste anymore of his his precious time trying to keep the Hobbit from committing suicide so as of now the Hobbit is barred from this site – at least until he publishes his screen-grab.