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local conservatives party at your expense

'councillor Milburn consoles his leader after news broke that councillor Gibson got away with more expenses than he did'

'councillor Milburn consoles his leader after news broke that councillor Gibson got away with more expenses than he did'

Over the last couple of days Mr Monkey has been having another look at the expenses claims of Laurel and Hardy, the comedy duo who represent the Cleadon and East Boldon Ward, councillors Potts and Milburn.

Armed only with a diary, a calculator and a list of council committee meetings, Mr Monkey has come to the conclusion that Laurel and Hardy have been having a very fine time at the behest of the public purse. Readers will remember that Mr Monkey revealed Dumb and Dumber’s excessive expense claims in a previous post CLICK HERE

The King of Sleaze David Potts accumulated £3116.81 whilst attending the Local Government Association’s “Environment Board”, travelling up and down to London (with the odd overnight stop) via first class rail travel. Over £800 was pocketed claimed largely without the production of any receipts.

Likewise, councillor Milburn the Cleadon Plonky managed to rack up £3129.85, this time via the Local Government Associations “Strategy and Finance Board”. Not to miss out on any free money, £300 was paid out with no proof that it had actually been spent.

Those of you who frequent this site on a regular basis will not be surprised by these figures – councillor Potts has always been top of the class when it comes to sponging a publicly funded jaunt to London, a free bed for the night and a slap up meal to boot. Clearly, he has also created Milburn in his own image, indeed they both love nothing more than a good feed at the pig’s trough at the public’s expense of course. 

Whilst their greed may be galling, it’s surpassed by their total disregard for the people who elected them. Over a period of 6 consecutive LGA Environment Board meetings, cpunillor Potts never missed one of them. When it comes to 6 Community Area Forum meetings (the life blood of the councillor/electorate structure) all held within a couple of days of Potts’ trips to London, he managed to attend a grand total of ……0, zero, nil, zilch, none.

Councillor Milburn’s record is equally contemptible. 4 of his LGA Strategy and Finance Board meetings fell on the same day as his local CAF’s – Milburn chose to go to London on all four occasions, spending £1381 instead of representing those who elected him. Over the Council committee period 2008/2009, the 3 stooges – Conservative councillors for Cleadon and East Boldon (lets not forget the Donald Wood) – never managed to attend a CAF meeting as a trio. Pudgy Face Potts didn’t even manage to get his rather ample backside to one meeting, such is his laziness and contempt for the electorate.

So there you have it. When it comes to representing their communities, councillors David Potts and Jeffrey Milburn could not care less and would rather have a free couple of days in London, all paid for from the public purse.

Mr Monkey has this message for all you doubters out there … when you’re sitting in The Cottage or The Red Lion listening to the whines emanating from the mouths of Potts and Milburn as to how their reputations have been besmirched by The Monkey, remind them that all this information has been gleaned from the Councils own internet site. It’s free to use and free to see – the devil is in the detail, however, the devil is never in The Gazette!


All Smiles in Whitburn .. Until Derby Day

'The toon will soon wipe that smile off your face'

'The toon will soon wipe that smile off your face'

South Tyneside’s dominatrix, Irene Lucas has cause to celebrate today after husband John Hays picked up a top travel award on behalf of his company Hays Travel. CLICK HERE.

Mr Hays who doubles as Quinny’s side kick at the Stadium of Shite (some daft twat has to be vice chairman), seems to be following in his wife’s footsteps when it comes to giving yourself a pat on the back and picking up worthless awards.

I bet the pillow talk in Irene and John’s boudoir must have been fucking interesting this week – imagine “my gong is bigger than your gong”.

Mr Monkey reckons it was only a matter of time before John got his own back on Irene after she picked up that meaningless piece of glass in London for being the Best Council of The Year.

Remember all the hype  shite that followed an award that was given by a fucking magazine of all things?

Sorry Irene and John but your joy is about to come to an abrupt end and you know why – yes you and all your Mackem trash are gonna get fucked by the Toon tomorrow.


EXCLUSIVE: Keano Quits!

EXCLUSIVE:The Fat Mackem Hobbit will be gutted at the news that Sunderland’s saviour Roy Keane has quit the black cats.

The former Manchester United skipper’s departure was announced at 1pm, bringing to an end a morning of fevered speculation. Keane left the club after crisis talks with chairman Niall Quinn, and the players were informed at a meeting this morning. Keane’s assistant Tony Loughlan has also left.

First-team coach Ricky Sbragia,  reserve-team boss Neil Bailey and midfielder Dwight Yorke will take charge of the team for this weekend’s trip to Manchester United.

There has been speculation about Keane’s position since last Friday when he hinted he may not stay on Wearside beyond the end of his current three-year contract.

Sunderland chairman Nail Quinn said: “First of all, on behalf of everyone here I would like to pay thanks to Roy Keane for all his hard work in progressing this club, lifting its status and growing its worldwide profile. Roy deserves huge respect for his contribution and the manner in which he guided the club from the depths of the Championship back to the Premier League. “His winning mentality and single-mindedness were just what this needed when Drumaville (the consortium that owns the club) took over shortly before his arrival. Roy’s decision to stand aside and allow someone else to take charge of the next chapter sums up his desire to always do what is best for the club. Even in his departure he has been more concerned for the welfare of the players and his staff than himself. The board has reluctantly accepted his decision and wish him and his family well for the future.”

'The Saviour .. ha-ha'

'The Saviour' .. ha ha.

Keane added: “I would like to thank my staff, players, Niall Quinn and in particular the fans for their support during my time at Sunderland, and I would like to wish the club every success in the future.”

Keane was appointed in August 2006, with the club floundering next-to-bottom of the Championship. He led the club out of the relegation zone and won promotion in his first season and then to a 15th-placed finish in the Premier League last term.

Keane spent more than £45m after winning promotion and spent another £30m this summer in a bid to take the club forward this season. But Sunderland’s form this season has been inconsistent and a run of four consecutive defeats at home in all competitions has increased the pressure on the beleaguered boss.

His side have been booed off in their last two home games and the fans also turned on skipper Dean Whitehead at the weekend when his mistake gifted Bolton their fourth goal.

Seems Mr Monkey has scooped the Shields Gazette and local bloggers again – sorry Papa John but if you took that sausage roll out of your fat mouth for a second or two you wouldn’t have been caught with your pants down!

Posted 1.25pm 4/12


Has Irene Lucas Had Enough?

Mr Monkey can exclusively reveal that South Tyneside Council’s Chief Executive Irene Lucas has had enough and is set to fly the coup.

Ms Lucas who is not short of a few quid is beginning to get the jitters at the prospect of Labour losing control of the Council and feels it’s time to get out before the public discover what’s really been going on in the town hall.

It’s common knowledge that she’s finding it difficult to work with new Council leader Miss Piggy aka councilor Iain Malcolm; they have a mutual dislike and distrust of each other

Mr Monkey can confirm that Ms Lucas is desperate to return to her roots and has been is sniffing round the corridors of Sunderland’s Civic Centre and has been actively speaking to senior councillors and officers to gauge thier response.

The post of Chief Executive was recently advertised and carries with it an annual salary of £170,000. If succesful she would be in line for a pay rise of around £40,000!

An inside source at Sunderland City Council has confirmed that Irene Lucas is the front runner to fill the post by March 2009.

Mr Monkey can’t help wondering whether her shredder will be working overtime this Christmas and New Year so he will be keeping a close eye on town hall to see who’s coming and going.

Whatever you do Irene don’t destroy any incriminating evidence because Mr Monkey’s eyes are everywhere.

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