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Eddie Makes An Ass Out of The Law

Hebburn’s number one piss headand convicted drunk driver councillor Eddie McAtominey seems to have played a blinder yesterday by making an ass out of the law.

Steady ‘hic’ Eddie who was convicted of drink driving earlier this month and who was eventually forced resigned from his highly lucrative paid positions on the council and the Police Authority faced another charge of failing to provide a specimen following his arrest on suspicion of drink driving back in April.

Since then councillor McAtominey has consistently protested his innocence and has made a number of appearances before Magistrates in South Shields and Peterlee where he’s pleaded not guilty.

Unfortunately the lying bastard was caught red handed at the wheel of his car earlier this month after buying a bottle of vodka and drinking it before throwing the empty bottle over a wall and getting into his car to drive home. This time he was fucked and decided he’d better plead guilty.

He appeared before South Shields Magistrates the following day and was banned from driving for 22 months.

The same week his representative Terence Carney appeared before Peterlee Magistrates to continue the not guilty charade and a pre-trial date was set for 28th November.

Yesterday the piss head changed his mind and after months of prevaricating, lying, cheating and wasting thousands of pounds of taxpayers money and hundreds of hours of court time the scheming bastard pleaded guilty in the hope he would get off lightly.

Mr Monkey can’t believe that the stupid fucking Magistrates actually fell for his con, unless of course they took pity on the cancer pickled liver conman. Or did they now him? Seems justice was not done on this occasion and the sentence slap on the wrist certainly didn’t fit the crime.

A twelve month ban and a couple of hundred quid fine no way reflects the seriousness of his crime. The drunken bastard could have killed and injured innocent people; including children.

Seems the Magistrates at Peterlee may have forgotten why they volunteered for the bench in the first place – either that or it’s time they made way for people with balls.

Mr Monkey can’t wait to see what Labour North will make of all this, but they’re not exactly renowned for their balls unless they’re playing with each others!


Alcholic Works The System

Seems the borough’s number one piss-head Labour Councillor Eddie McAtominey has been at it again.

This time his representatives have been to court CLICK HERE to seek yet another adjournment in the long running drink driving saga following Councillor McAtominey’s, who is a member of the police authority, arrest after refusing to provide a sample when he was caught behind the wheel of  his car pissed as a skunk.

It seems that Councillor McAtominey is trying to work a flanker to get off with the charges against him, no doubt on medical grounds. Hence the need for a ‘specialist’ who Mr Monkey predicts will claim that the pisshead Mr Integrity, Councillor McAtominey, suffers from some rare medical condition that caused that left him confused.

Well Eddie, tell your loop hole lawyer, not to waste his time and our money, we know what a lying arsehole you really are.

You’re a piss-head with a serious drink problem, your liver’s fucked and you couldn’t give a shit what people think could you?

All you want to do is drink yourself to death at the public’s expense, isn’t that why your wriggling like a worm to get out of this one? We all know you can’t do without dosh you screw out of the public purse, how else are you going to pay for your Chablis and lobster?

In case you’ve forgotten how much you get (your pissed most of the time so your memory might be pickled) here’s a reminder:

Councillors Basic Allowance – £7000 per year
Special Responsibility Allowance – £9000 per year
Police Authority Allowance- £10,000 per year.

and a pension of course!

No wonder you’ve found some as yet unheard of rare medical condition, isn’t it called: ‘You Lying Bastard Syndrome’?


It’s A Potty World – Part Two

Mr Monkey’s revelations about Tory Boy Potts, who many believe have been responsible for putting an end to The King of Sleaze’s political career have attracted a considerable amount of attention judging by the stats.

It’s A Potty World – Part One post attracted a record number of hits and the links to Mr Monkey’s older posts are proving to be very popular. 

Mr Monkey has now complied another list of older posts for readers to enjoy. Just click on any of the links below.



Potts and The Love Triangle

Seems Tory Boy Councillor David Potts spent the day in court on Friday waiting to give evidence for a mate of his who admitted possessing a bladed article, possessing ammonia, common assault and criminal damage.

Apparently Carl Zanetti, a friend of Potts, lost the plot after he was caught up in a “bizarre love triangle” when he introduced a former school friend to his lover who then carried on seeing him behind his back click here for details.

When it all went tits up Mr Zanetti called on our very own pudgy face, Councillor David Potts, to give him a character reference. This publicity seeking moron, renowned for his his ‘loving nature’ and loose morals especially when it comes to other peoples wives and girlfriends, not only said yes but he went one step further and agreed to testify in person.

Mr Monkey reckons it all sounds very much like a ‘wife swap’ that went wrong. This may explain why Potts had to was asked to give a character reference for this dubious individual, perhaps he too was dabbling in the same hole .. with the ‘owners’ permission of course.

Given Councillor Potts’s past track record of cheating on his lovers and taking a fancy to other peoples wives, nothing would surprise Mr Monkey!

Mr Monkey is not sure if Tory Boy realises the implications of his decision. Does he really believe he should be getting embroiled in something as sleazy as this when he has ambitions to become a Conservative MP. Mr Monkey predicts this is the beginning of the end of Pudgy’s comical and sleazy political career, surely even Eric Pickles isn’t daft enough to risk letting this idiot loose on the people of Edinburgh is he? Click here to learn more.