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tory councillor David Potts £12,000 expense claims

After yesterday’s pronouncements by the Conservative leader David Cameron concerning the dodgy expense claims of some of his colleagues i.e pay back the money or risk being booted out of the party, Mr Monkey can’t help wondering when councillor David Potts, the local Conservative group leader will join the newly formed  alliance of spineless progressives and the outcasts, who apparently want to be known as The Progressive Party and The Association on non Aligned Independent Councillors?

Regular readers of this blog will remember this post CLICK HERE

"After claiming nearly £12,000 in expenses he still can't afford a pair of sunglasses"

"After claiming nearly £12,000 in expenses he still can't afford a pair of sunglasses"

about councillor Potts record expense claim in 2005 when he claimed more than £2,251 – most of it was spent on First Class rail travel which just happened to be around the same time he claimed he was studying at Cambridge.

Mr Monkey can now reveal that councillor Potts has gone that extra mile in the last 12 months (2008 – 09) and has set another record by claiming a whooping  £3,393 in travel expenses and subsistence.

Interestingly this claim also coincides with the period that councillor Potts had been selected as the Conservative candidate to challenge Alistair Darling in Edinburgh – that is until Mr Monkey put paid to his political ambitions by revealing the sleazy alcohol fuelled antics of councillor Potts.

This chimp reckons that the people of South Tyneside unwittingly paid for his campaign jollies and will be stunned to learn that the council allowed him to get away with it.

Mr Monkey can also reveal that councillor Potts, who is allegedly in opposition has one of the worst attendance records on South Tyneside council,  but he’s still managed to claim nearly £12,000 in travel and subsistence since his election in late 2004.

This chimp reckons it’s time David Cameron turned his attention to some of his colleagues in local government, especially those who are blatantly ripping off the taxpayer with their exaggerated and probably fraudulent expense claims.

.. and Mr Monkey certainly intends to bring councillor Potts dubious expense claims to his attention.


Iain Malcolm – a man of principle

The borough’s other blogger seems to have ejaculated all over his computer screen at the prospect of South Tyneside’s council leader Iain Malcolm jumping into bed with the Conservatives at their spring conference in Cheltenham.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but those close to this devious twat will know what an opportunistic bastard he is and that he’ll stop at nothing to keep his corrupt hands on the reigns of power, even snuggling up to a Tory or two.

Apparently he was in Cheltenham on behalf of Sovereign Strategy the political lobbying company that he runs and is a shareholder in and despite the shouts of ecstasy from certain quarters, Mr Monkey can’t help wondering whether this “consummate politician” has seen the writing on the wall and has joined the increasing number of Labour politicians who have thrown the towel in – it’s only a matter of time before they return to the political wilderness and warm there arses on the opposition benches.

This chimp reckons his arse fondling licking at the Tory conference had nothing to do with South Tyneside and everything to do with making sure he’s on the right side when it comes to lobbying those with clout .. and Gordon hasn’t got much of that left.


so what is the gazette waiting for?

Mr Monkey’s investigations have revealed far more about council leader Iain Malcolm and the local Labour party than than this chimp ever imagined.

It seems that after year’s of watching the corrupt and devious practices of Iain Malcolm and his stooges, there’s literally dozens of people who are now prepared to reveal what really went on behind closed doors and the Malcolm’s kitchen table.

Apparently the inner circle made up of a handful of power hungry individuals led by the Malcolm brothers did anything and everything to get their hands on the reigns of power.

Over the next few weeks Mr Monkey will be revealing some of the shocking and frankly despiclable methods these gangsters politicians and their stooges used to get their own way. Nothing or no one was sacred, even their own loved ones.

Iain Malcolm’s ballot rigging antics are now in the public domain and judging by the comments made on this site it would seem that some of you have taken matters into your own hands and have contacted the police asking for a full investigation. Others have contacted the Standards Board, the Electoral Commission and the Conservative Party.

Mr Monkey has also been told that pressure is building on the local media to expose the shameful antics of council leader Iain Malcolm, but for some reason they seem reluctant to publish the biggest local political story in years.

So what are you waiting for Mr Szymanski? 

Mr Monkey has been told that internet start, ST Central have already stolen a march on the Gazette and are apparently in possession of some pretty incriminating documents.

It appears that they did not know what to do with the story and given the political implicationsof the subsequent cover up at the highest levels of the Labour party and perhaps government they contacted the BBC. Apparently their other company Jag Productions has strong links with the BBC as they produce TVprogrammes for them, including investigative news programmes and documentaries.

Mr Monkey has also been told they’ve now passed the documents onto the police and asked them to carry out an investigation into the matter – in effect they have made a formal complaint about election fraud.

Mr Monkey reckons in this instance the local media should be working together rather than competing against each other. This story has huge public interest value and surely the local media should be leading from the front instead waiting to pick up the scraps others leave behind.

Mr Monkey also thinks it time for the public to up the anti by contacting the local press themselves instead of leaving comments here about what should or shouldn’t happen. Why not contact the editor of the Gazette yourself and tell him how you feel?

You can e mail him at or ring him on 0191 427 4800. If you prefer pop into the Gazette office on Chapter Row and ask to speak to John Szymanski or the paper’s political reporter Paul Myles Kelly.


REVIEW of 2008: Potts Cums Clean .. on Teachers

Mr Monkey has decided to dedicate the last few days of 2008 to some of the most popular posts of the year. All the archive material published between now and the end of the year has appeared on either Mr Monkey’s Blog or it’s predecessor The Monkeyhouse.

What better way to start this review of 2008 than with the borough’s very own King of Sleaze, Tory Boy councillor David Potts. His lack of morals, double dealing, lying and cheating, sleazy behaviour and his unflinching support for the local Labour party were exposed by Mr Monkey and eventually led to his downfall and de-selection as Parliamentary candidate for Edinburgh South West.

Potts Cums Clean .. on Teachers

Tory leader David Cameron is often ribbed by Gordon Brown for his lack of policies. Luckily for him, local Tory boy Potts has plenty of them, which he’s willing to put into practise at any opportunity.

Today’s policy is education

While last year he demanded the most vulnerable children in society be moved into boarding schools “because it’s cheaper”, now he’s pro-state school..well, pro-state school teachers anyway…

The pudgy-faced Tory boy, who has already had a primary school teacher girlfriend, has now taken to knocking-off a local comprehensive school teacher when he’s not commuting between Edinburgh and here.

A close friend of the (presumably traumatised) young lady contacted an associate of The Monkeyto say that he’d had his wicked way with the teacher upstairs in the Cottage Tavern pub in Cleadon. Trebles all round!

Who’d have thought it, the leader of the Tories on South Tyneside Council caught-up in a cottage-ing tryst.


Are Labour Going To The Polls in 2009?

Mr Monkey received a tip off last night from an inside source claiming that the Government had put a draft order before Parliament seeking to change the date of next year’s local elections. Not all local councils will be going to the polls, those that are were scheduled to hold elections on Thursday 7th May 2009.

If the Government’s order is approved and there is no reason why it won’t, May’s local elections will be moved to coincide with the European Parliamentary elections on Thursday 4th June 2009.

Mr Monkey’s source reckons that Labour may well be planning to hold a snap election sooner than pundits think. Perhaps Gordon Broon thinks holding three elections on the same day might confuse the public but Mr Monkey reckons he’s probably trying to catch the Conservative party off guard and hopes to stretch thier resources to the limit.

If I were a betting monkey I would put my money on 4th June being General Election day.



Mr Monkey needs your help!

Over the last few months Mr Monkey has exposed the sleazy activities of Tory Boy David Potts and ensured that Alistair Darling MP, his former Labour opponent, Eric Pickles MP, Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government and Inez Paisley, chairwoman of the Edinburgh South-West Conservative Association all knew what a dodgy individual Councillor Potts really is.

Now Mr Monkey urges all elected members on South Tyneside Council to do the same by bringing the King of Sleaze’s activities to the attention of every Tory activists they know.

So if you work with a Conservative, share the same Lodge, belong to the same club or just bump into them in the Council Chamber, make sure they now what a lying, devious and scheming little shit he is.

Alternatively help spread Mr Monkey’s message by asking them to log on to


Keep Looking Over Your Shoulder Potts

How safe is Tory Boy’s position as the leader of Conservative group on South Tyneside Council?

An odd question, you may feel, since Potts was until recently seen as a shinning star with a bright political future and who many tipped as a possible Conservative Cabinet member. Why else would he have been selected in the Conservative target seat of Edinburgh South West where the current Chancellor, Alistair Darling’s 7000 plus majority is under serious threat?

Yet recent events including his failure to keep his dick in his pants, now leaves Potts’s position as group leader under serious threat and depends on his re-election as leader. Although he is not universally admired he has until now always been re-elected unopposed.

Mr Monkey can confirm that he overheard one local Tory figure and it seems he is heavily involved in an attempted coup to depose him. 

It appears that his colleagues regard Potts as a loose cannon and doubt that he is the right person to lead them, especially at a time when the Tories are riding high in the opinion polls. 

Mr Monkey can also confirm that discreet lobbying by party members is continuing in the hope that they can persuade Councillor Woods and Milburn to oust Potts. The general feeling is that they need someone who looks the part and who can deliver a speech without veering off track and that makes sense. They also want someone who cares more about Conservative values than his own position and less about his media image.

Crucially, as far as the plotters are concerned, the aim is to find a rather more right wing leader who does not espouse Potts’s NuLabour brand of conservatism, in other words they want a leader who is willing to kick Labour’s kick arse rather than lick it!