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how to recognise a coke head

Whether snorted, eaten, injected or smoked, cocaine is potentially deadly and no one can predict a fatal dose. Here are some perils of long-term, unresolved cocaine addiction and even short-term abuse in some cases.

  • Necrosis in nasal tissue. Snorted cocaine causes constriction of blood vessels; too much constriction means that tissue is being deprived of oxygen, which can lead to cell death.
  • Seizure.
  • Arrhythmia, heart attack and stroke. Cocaine puts an enormous burden on your cardiovascular system, dramatically elevating a user’s heart rate. Even recovered addicts face a likelihood of heart attack seven times higher than the average person. Risk of heart attack is substantially more elevated in the hours after taking a dose of cocaine.
  • Respiratory failure.
  • Kidney damage failure.
  • Serious infection or contraction of HIV/AIDS from contaminated needles.
  • Circulatory embolism from insoluble elements cutting the injected cocaine.

Cocaine is seen by many especially wannabe high flyers – as a hip, glamorous drug but true addicts are not burdened by those delusions, as they desperately focused on how to score their next fix.

Here are some ways to recognize cocaine addiction.

Constantly runny nose. Snorting cocaine can lead to rhinitis, a fancy term for the inflammation of the nasal membranes. Consequently, people who snort cocaine often have an uncontrollably runny nose. In addition to runniness, addicts often suffer nosebleeds or even a loss of their sense of smell.

Pronounced fluctuations in mood and energy levels. When high on cocaine, an addict experiences a rush characterized by hyperactive tendencies, euphoria (as mentioned above), fidgetiness and elevated heart rate. Cocaine highs produce these effects in varying length and amplitude, depending upon how the cocaine is ingested.

But cocaine abuse physically alters the brain’s ability to register pleasure by any other means than gradually escalating doses of the drug. Inevitably, the high gives way to an equally powerful low, characterized by irritability, lethargy and depression.

Sleeping problems. Cocaine addiction can lead to insomnia or oversleeping.

Paranoia and psychosis. Chronic abuse of cocaine can cause the user to become paranoid and anxiety-ridden or even spiral into hallucination and psychotic episodes.

Sexual clues. Cocaine users often report heightened libido, but cocaine abuse can also cause erectile dysfunction and impotence.

Grinding teeth. There’s even a term for compulsive tooth grinding – “bruxism.” This nervous tendency is a common consequence of smoking cocaine.

Short breath. Someone who smokes crack may suffer from shortness of breath due to lung damage from the smoke. No matter how it is ingested, cocaine raises your heart rate enough that, to keep enough oxygen pumping through the veins, a person often feels shortness of breath.

Hot and cold flashes. Cocaine abuse compromises our ability to regulate body temperature.

Weight loss. Cocaine acts as an appetite suppressant, to such an extent that some addicts ultimately suffer from malnutrition.

Needle tracks. A cocaine addict who injects the drug intravenously typically has a track of needle pricks visible on the forearm. Addicts often resort to wearing long-sleeved shirts even on ridiculously hot days in their efforts to hide the evidence of their cocaine addiction.

These observable characteristics do not necessarily indicate addiction to cocaine, but where several of the observations can be made, cocaine addiction is a distinct possibility. Successful treatment is an individualised process, but the first step is identifying the problem and encouraging the addict to find help.

Mr Monkey wonders if bloggers recognise any of the above signs, in thier local councillor perhaps?


The Prince Of Sleaze

'Once a prick, always a prick'

'Once a prick, always a prick'

This chimp promised bloggers a picture of the King of Sleaze, aka councillor David Potts when he was nothing but a prince aged about 13. CLICK HERE.

The picture says it all and probably explains why he been such a prick ever since he discovered his own knob. Take a peak at his right hand.

Mr Monkey never realised what a fat bastard he was and now understands why his school mates named him Pudgy Face or was it Lard Arse?


Will Steady Eddie Throw in The Towel?

Today is another big day in the life of Steady ‘hic’ Eddie, the borough’s number one piss-head.

Having already pleaded guilty to one charge of drink driving earlier this week, he is set to make another appearance before Peterlee Magistrates Court on a separate charge of failing to provide a sample.

This incident is unconnected with Monday’s incident where he was seen throwing a bottle over a wall before getting into his car and attempting to drive home. Police were left with little choice other than to stop him after he was seen weaving across the road. After providing a possitive breath sample he was arrested and locked up for the night before appearing before South Shields Magistrates Court on Tuesday. 

Mr Monkey reckons that councillor McAtominey may have a change of heart today and after months of prevarication and using every delaying tactic in the book he’s likely to come clean throw in the towel by changing his plea to guilty.

If he does, lets hope the magistrates in Peterlee take a tough line when it comes to sentencing and that they make an example of this sorry individual who thinks the law doesn’t apply to him. But Mr Monkey reckons he might just get a custodial sentence.

Mr Monkey thinks it’s time Steady ‘hic’ Eddie gets what he deserves .. it’s long overdue.


Monkey Clip

It’s been a tough week for council leader Iain Malcolm.

Since news of the multi-million pound pay off to 2 former friends colleagues at Newcastle Airport broke, his role in this murky affair has come under close media scrutiny.

In addition to sitting on the main Newcastle Airport Board, councillor Iain Malcolm sat on the remuneration panel which approved the £8.5 million payout to 2 fellow board members; the former Chief Executive and Director of Finance.

This week a number of other councils who own shares in Newcastle Airport and whose members appointed Iain Malcolm to the main airport board have called for a full public investigation, councillor Malcolm’s resignation and for South Tyneside Council to be stripped of it’s lead authority role.

In a gesture of sympathy, Mr Monkey has decided to dedicate this week’s Monkey Clip to the embattled leader of South Tyneside Council, councillor Iain Malcolm.  

Although his airport problem won’t go away at least he’ll be able to console himself by having a wank relaxing whilst he watches this hunk in action.

CLICK HERE and keep the tissues handy!


Potts The Pussy Magnate

The King of Sleaze councillor David Potts who was recently dumped as a Conservative Parliamentary candidate seems to think of himself as a bit of a pussy magnate.

Mr Monkey witnessed Pudgy Face in action on Friday night when he was one of only two opposition councillors to attend Waggott’s Freedom of the Borough event in the town hall.

Tory Boy Potts downed as much booze as he could before his dick homed in on Labour’s Emma Lewell who represented his only chance of a shag.

The alternatives don’t bear thinking about. Howay would you shag councillors McMillan, Walsh, Puncheon, Meeks or Waggott if you knew where they’d been?


Potts Up To His Old Tricks

It seems disgraced Conservative Parliamentary candidate and Cleadon and East Boldon councillor David Potts is up to his old tricks again. Pudgy Face has only been back in town around 2 weeks and his dick has already got the better of him.

Last Thursday Potts appeared all suited up looking for a shag pint in The Mile. After downing his first alcohol fix in rapid fashion, he proceeded to have an “altercation” with a female member of the public enjoying a quite drink.

Billy Bunter went to relieve himself via the gents, only to be confronted by said lady’s boy friend who threatened to “relieve” Pottsy of his head! In true cowardly fashion, Potts did a runner, only to phone the police and the pub. His claim – that as a member of the Licensing Committee he should not be confronted by the public in such a way. In order to protect his honour (and head) he wanted the Old Bill to view CCTV footage and act accordingly.

What an abuse of power. Porky’s degree of self-importance knows no bounds – seems the locals didn’t know who he was!


Has Potts Been Dumped?

Seems Pudgy Face, the disgraced former Conservative Parliamentary candidate and Cleadon and East Boldon councillor David Potts is living up to his name.

During his holiday self imposed exile he took to binge drinking and comfort eating which may go some way towards explain why he’s piled the beef on.

Mr Monkey was taken a back the other evening when he stopped by the Red Lion and noticed a Billy Bunter lookalike in the corner. It turns out that this bloated figure lurking in the shadows was none other than Tory Boy, David Potts.

Given the state of him, Mr Monkey reckons his long suffering girlfriend Roberta has probably dumped him before she catches some unsavory disease and starts itching between her legs. Mr Potts willingness to put his dick about places her in the high risk category.

Either that or she just doesn’t fancy the ‘lard arse’ anymore.

Never mind councillor Potts at least you’re free to join the borough’s other political heavyweights at the buffet table .. if there’s room!

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