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how much does an independent alliance councillor cost the taxpayer?

It seems that despite councillors Jane and Allan Branley’s refusal to claim allowances and expenses their Indy Alliance colleagues have claimed £41,162. 

Mr Monkey was surprised to learn that councillor Victor Thompson has followed the example of the other Westoe councillors and has not claimed his allowance – well done councillor Thompson. 

When Mr Monkey applied his how much do they cost the taxpayer test to the Indy Alliance the results show that they are the group that costs the taxpayer the least. 

Judging by the figures it seems that the Indy Alliance are the only group who haven’t sold their souls to Miss Piggy for 30 pieces of silver and can legitimately claim to not to have been bought. 

But will they be able to resist the lure of gold in 2009? 






  Weekly Cost 

J. Branley

A. Khan




A. Branley

G. Finch




V. Thompson




G. White




G. Waddle






J. Hodgson






S. Harrison

















The cost of each Independent Alliance councillor to the taxpayer in 2008 – 09 was just £4,573.55


EXCLUSIVE: Parents Anger At Councillors No Show

EXCLUSIVE: There were angry scenes at yesterday’s meeting arranged by the parents and carers of  pupils at Bamburgh School to discuss the closure of five special schools.

The meeting was held at South Tyneside District Hospital’s social club in Harton Lane and organisers had invited councillor Ernest Gibson to attend the meeting to outline more details about the proposals and to answer questions.

Councillor Gibson, who chaired the Scrutiny Commission on the Review of Special Educational Needs Provision agreed to attend and asked for the invitation to be extended to Councillor Jim Foreman, the cabinet member responsible for children and young people – the organisers agreed.

Parents, carers and teachers were dismayed and tempers flared as both councillors Gibson and Foreman failed to turn up to the meeting. One of the organisers called councillor Gibson who said that he couldn’t find the venue so wouldn’t be attending the meeting.

Organisers were also angry that Horsley Hill Labour councillors, Iain Malcolm – Miss Piggy and Eileen Leask – Vodka Lil – failed to turn up given that Bamburgh School is in their ward.

A number of parents and teachers addressed the meeting to express their anger at the contempt shown to both parents and pupils and the complacent attitude of the ruling Labour group. One speaker suggested that it was time to make some form of real protest that would make the council stand up and take notice.

Organisers concluded the meeting by asking Gordon Finch, the Independent Alliance councillor for Horsley Hill to address the meeting.


Mouths To Feed

The Tax Payers Alliance and The Northern Echo CLICK HERE recently revealed that South Tyneside Council spent more than £25,000 on refreshments between April 2007 and March 2008. But Mr Monkey reckons the real figure is much higher.

This type of eexpenditure is notoriously difficult to track because it can easily be hidden under lots of different budget headings that make no reference to hospitality and refreshments- the Department of Revenue and Customs calls it ‘creative accounctancy’ – Mr Monkey calls it fiddling the books.

This system allows senior councillors and officers to manipulate budgets to suit the needs of those who think being a councillor means you pay for fuck all.

Mr Monkey wonders what this year’s refreshment bill will be given the change of leadership and Miss Piggy’s, aka councillor Iain Malcolm’s love for the finer things in life .. providing someone else is paying for it.

Bloggers will remember these posts about the fat twats feeding at the trough CLICK HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE, it seems that under the aptly named Miss Piggy regime, these scrounging bastards are set to cost the taxpayer a whole lot more.

That’s without the new in take of heavyweights such as Papa John Szymanski the editor of the Shields Gazette Malcolm Fanzine, Indy councillors Ahmed Khan, Geraldine White, Gordon Finch and all the other hangers on like former councillors Arthur Meeks, John Wood, Paul Waggott, wannabe councillors Joyce Welsh, Neil Maxwell, Alan Smith, Terry Fairley, arse lickers like Linda Hemmer and any other idiots Labour can find to work for them in return for a few sausage rolls.

With mouths like these to feed, it’s no wonder the leader of the council Iain Malcolm Miss Piggy gave his brother and wanabee Labour MP for Houghton and Washington East the cabinet portfolio that includes overseeing council budgets.


Mr Monkey Agrees With Miss Piggy

Mr Monkey came across this CLICK HERE piece of blatant political opportunism by Horsley Hill’s two remaining Labour councillors Iain Malcolm, aka Miss Piggy and Eileen Leask, aka Vodka Lil on the council’s website.

Seems the council and the two remaining Labour councillors reckon that ‘People Power’ is working on Horsley Hill Estate despite the fact that there’s an increasing number of boarded up properties (nobody wants to move to the estate), there are persistent problems with anti social behaviour, crime is still a problem and the BNP’s popularity is on the increase as the council moves more and more asylum seekers and refugees onto the estate – they have no choice when it comes to housing.

But according to the council’s latest press release piece of political propaganda (spin) ‘People Power’ is working.

Mr Monkey agrees with Miss Piggy (councillor Iain Malcolm) and the wankers in the town hall’s press office it is working that’s why former Labour councillor and notorious womaniser Arthur Meeks lost his seat to Independent councillor Gordon Finch at May’s local election.

There’s no better example of ‘people power’ than this and Mr Monkey predicts there’ll be another show of people power in May 2010 when Miss Piggy aka Iain Malcolm will be left isolated as the sole Labour representative in Horsley Hill.


I Believe In Miracles!

What the fuck’s going on in the Indy Alliance camp?

Mr Monkey has just read a press release on the council’s website and it appears that the three Independent Alliance councillors for Westoe, councillors Branley, Branley and Thompson are holding a ward surgery – yes that’s right a ward surgery this Saturday in the Town Hall. CLICK HERE.

Apparently they’ve  teamed up with fellow Beacon and Bents Indy councillor, Ahmed Khan and will be holding a joint ward surgery, it seems miracles do happen.

Whatever next? Former Progressive and now Indy councillor, Gordon Finch to change the habit of a lifetime and hold a surgery too – now that really would be miraculous.

Mr Monkey can’t wait to see who turns up on Saturday but wouldn’t be surprised if councillor Khan was left holding the baby!

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