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councillor gibson is top of the class when it comes to expenses

'Caught! Who's paying for that Ernest?'

'Caught! Who's paying for that Ernest?'

Over the last 2 days Mr Monkey has revealed how Conservative group leader David Potts, and his colleague Jeff Milburn have milked the expenses system by pocketing nearly £7,000 in just 12 months. CLICK HERE and HERE.

Today Mr Monkey can reveal that screwing the expenses system is not exclusively a Tory thing. It seems that the local Labour party were keen to get in on the act; they have the greediest bastard of them all.

According to figures released earlier this week, Labour councillor Ernest Gibson, who represents Whiteleas, tops the list when it comes to expense claims. In 2008 – 09 he claimed nearly £5, 000 for travel, hotels and subsistence – that’s almost £100 a week. 

Councillor Gibson who is renowned for his love of freebies and can more often than not be found downing large quantities of alcohol and stuffing his ample frame at the buffet table – all funded by the taxpayer – claimed £3,431 in travel expenses and £1,500 for hotels and meals.  

It seems councillor Gibson’s appetite for all things free and his desire to screw the system knows no bounds, but then Mr Monkey reckons he’ll tell the public that it’s all within the rules – so isn’t it time the rules were changed Ernest?


tory councillor David Potts £12,000 expense claims

After yesterday’s pronouncements by the Conservative leader David Cameron concerning the dodgy expense claims of some of his colleagues i.e pay back the money or risk being booted out of the party, Mr Monkey can’t help wondering when councillor David Potts, the local Conservative group leader will join the newly formed  alliance of spineless progressives and the outcasts, who apparently want to be known as The Progressive Party and The Association on non Aligned Independent Councillors?

Regular readers of this blog will remember this post CLICK HERE

"After claiming nearly £12,000 in expenses he still can't afford a pair of sunglasses"

"After claiming nearly £12,000 in expenses he still can't afford a pair of sunglasses"

about councillor Potts record expense claim in 2005 when he claimed more than £2,251 – most of it was spent on First Class rail travel which just happened to be around the same time he claimed he was studying at Cambridge.

Mr Monkey can now reveal that councillor Potts has gone that extra mile in the last 12 months (2008 – 09) and has set another record by claiming a whooping  £3,393 in travel expenses and subsistence.

Interestingly this claim also coincides with the period that councillor Potts had been selected as the Conservative candidate to challenge Alistair Darling in Edinburgh – that is until Mr Monkey put paid to his political ambitions by revealing the sleazy alcohol fuelled antics of councillor Potts.

This chimp reckons that the people of South Tyneside unwittingly paid for his campaign jollies and will be stunned to learn that the council allowed him to get away with it.

Mr Monkey can also reveal that councillor Potts, who is allegedly in opposition has one of the worst attendance records on South Tyneside council,  but he’s still managed to claim nearly £12,000 in travel and subsistence since his election in late 2004.

This chimp reckons it’s time David Cameron turned his attention to some of his colleagues in local government, especially those who are blatantly ripping off the taxpayer with their exaggerated and probably fraudulent expense claims.

.. and Mr Monkey certainly intends to bring councillor Potts dubious expense claims to his attention.


Bums and Breasts!

Mr Monkey has learned that Council Leader, Iain Malcolm and his two favourite stooges, Rob Dix and Arthur ‘I’m not bitter’ Meeks are sunning themselves in the Balearic’s.

Apparently Rob Dix has taken his wife along so that she can fetch and carry for the boys whilst they perv on those fine toned, bronzed and bare chested lasses that are so plentiful at this time of year, although in Iain’s Malcolm’s case it’s probably beach bums and local Latino hunks!

Mr Monkey reckons Iain Malcolm’s hands might be a bit sore when he comes back, especially after all that DIY. Nothing new there then, he’s always been a tosser hasn’t he?


Monkey Lock!

Sorry readers but here’s another Monkey Location report from sunny Egypt!

At some unearthly hour in the middle of the night Mr Monkey was woken by loud voices and revving engines. A peek out of the cabin window revealed that the boat was about to come to a standstill at the Ensa Lock so that we could be lifted around 8 meters from one part of the Nile to another.

Camera in hand Mr Monkey decided to find out more.

Although the Nile is very wide at this point all river traffic gets shunted to one side and has to moor up in kind of a holding area before it negotiates one of the two locks. Both locks are narrow and the cruise boats are obviously designed to fit the lock rather than the other way round. Each lock can take two cruise boats and once you enter the lock it takes around 20 minutes for the process to be completed.

At peak times, usually during daylight hours, it can take up to 24 hours to get through the lock due to the volume of river traffic. Apparently this is why the ‘Monkey boat’ travelled at night to ensure we didn’t have to wait too long and so that we could beat the crowds to the Temple of Horus, better known as Edfu Temple.

Mr Monkey has since learned that most Captain’s will not travel at night for fear of running aground on one of the many shifting sand banks, but Captain Mustafa (yes that’s his real name) has no such fears apparently he’s only been sailing this stretch of the Nile as man and boy for 65 years!

Once the lock was safely negotiated the boat engines rapidly hit full throttle and we continued South towards Edfu for our first close encounter with ancient and modern Egypt and what an encounter it turned out to be!

Further reports will follow shortly.


South Tyneside Set For Another Hotel

Seems South Tyneside Council’s obsession for hotels is set to continue.

Mr Monkey has learned that senior councillors and officers are holding secret discussions with potential developers who would like to build on Harton Staithes. 

This last remaining green space in South Shields Town Centre is about to disappear forever after councillors approved a strategic partnership with BT. The deal calls for BT to build a business centre on Harton Staithes after the council failed to evict all it’s tenants in Wouldhalve House and the retail units below.

Like Garlands, BT wanted a riverside location and as usual the council agreed to bend over and let big business shaft the people of the borough yet again. They even voluntered to apply the lube to make things as easy as possible!

Mr Monkey can confirm that 5 developers have been shortlisted from a list of 16 and that detailed discussions are now underway. The development brief not only includes a mega business centre for BT but it also now includes a hotel and several other commercial units.

Although the council and One North East are not in a position to confirm who their preferred developer is, allegedly, Mr Monkey predicts that it is likely to be the Esh Group who have suddenly appeared on the scene.

Mr Monkey wonders what Durham Estates and Tavistock Leisure think about the council’s latest hotel plans? This time last year they were flavour of the month when they were appointed preferred developers for the Gypsies Green Stadium hotel and conference centre.

Unfortunately they didn’t count on the level of opposition which ultimately led to one of Council Leader, Iain Malcolm’s ward colleagues losing his seat and Mr Monkey has learned that he is concerned that history may repeat itself.

Mr Monkey believes Iain Malcolm’s sudden lack of interest in Gypsies Green in favour of another hotel located on the riverside has more to do with self interest than the interests of the people of South Tyneside and if his former associates at Durham Estates fall by the wayside .. so be it!