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trouble at Jarrow school

Seems there’s a rabbit away at Jarrow School.

Apparently South Tyneside council’s education department , the headmaster and the school’s governors are covering up some of the school’s failings who with the help of the council’s propaganda office are telling parents via the Shields Gazette Labour Gazetteer what a wonderful and high achieving establishment Jarrow School is.

The reality is that the Jarrow School is seriously failing many pupils year on year since the present inexperienced Head took over in 2005.

The most important GCSEs for Maths and English have dropped to 23% this year, yet the Lead member for Education, Jim ‘on the buses’ Foreman congratulated the school in the local snooze papaer for improving results!

What they did’nt mention was that the GCSEs which have improved are of no serious value and include ones such as cookery and silly subjects which the children CANNOT FAIL

The Council is allowing this incompetent Head to hide behind these results instead of taking action for the severe decline in the important GCSEs.

A quick look at OFSTED’s website will confirm that the current Head’s previous School, Congleton High School in Cheshire received a terrible report 18 months before he got the job at Jarrow School, bearing in mind Jarrow School was in a very poor state at the time the Council were duty bound to check this persons previous experience and Headships they clearly did not and panicked to appoint somebody much to the detriment of the pupils for the past 4 years.

The Headmaster loves appearing in the local snooze paper and was recently bragging that he had been invited to London by the SSAT (Specialist Schools and academies Trust ) for his GCSE results, it was hypocritical of him to have the neck to turn up at this event given the school’s true achievements.


Miss Piggy kicks McAtominey when he’s down

Steady Eddie, councillor McAtominey has been dealt a body blow after he was kicked off another outside body by Miss Piggy.

Since being convicted of drink driving and failing to provide a sample, councillor McAtominey has been removed from his well paid positions in the cabinet and on the Northumbria Police Authority and has seen his income drop by nearly £20,000 per year.

Mr Monkey has now learned that Miss Piggy, aka Iain Malcolm has put another nail in Steady Eddie’s coffin by removing him from the Tyne and Wear Waste Management Partnership and replacing him with On the Buses star Jim ‘Arthur’ Foreman.

It seems Miss Piggy will stop at nothing to make sure that any threat to his leadership is eliminated.

But Mr Monkey reckons he’s looking in the wrong place – he needs to take a closer look around his kitchen table on a Friday night because that’s where his biggest threat lies.


EXCLUSIVE: Parents Anger At Councillors No Show

EXCLUSIVE: There were angry scenes at yesterday’s meeting arranged by the parents and carers of  pupils at Bamburgh School to discuss the closure of five special schools.

The meeting was held at South Tyneside District Hospital’s social club in Harton Lane and organisers had invited councillor Ernest Gibson to attend the meeting to outline more details about the proposals and to answer questions.

Councillor Gibson, who chaired the Scrutiny Commission on the Review of Special Educational Needs Provision agreed to attend and asked for the invitation to be extended to Councillor Jim Foreman, the cabinet member responsible for children and young people – the organisers agreed.

Parents, carers and teachers were dismayed and tempers flared as both councillors Gibson and Foreman failed to turn up to the meeting. One of the organisers called councillor Gibson who said that he couldn’t find the venue so wouldn’t be attending the meeting.

Organisers were also angry that Horsley Hill Labour councillors, Iain Malcolm – Miss Piggy and Eileen Leask – Vodka Lil – failed to turn up given that Bamburgh School is in their ward.

A number of parents and teachers addressed the meeting to express their anger at the contempt shown to both parents and pupils and the complacent attitude of the ruling Labour group. One speaker suggested that it was time to make some form of real protest that would make the council stand up and take notice.

Organisers concluded the meeting by asking Gordon Finch, the Independent Alliance councillor for Horsley Hill to address the meeting.


Shame On You – You’re A Disgrace

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day.

Yes January 27th is the day when people throughout the world remember the victims of the Nazi Holocaust and of more recent genocides in Cambodia, Darfur, Bosnia, Rwanda, Iraq and Palestine.

Numerous ceremonies to remember the victims of these atrocities have taken place up and down the country including here in South Tyneside where each year the Mayor hosts a ceremony on behalf of the people of the borough to make the occasion.

Apparently today’s guests included a select band of children, members of the public, church goers, a few council officers, a handful of councillors and the usual band of Labour party activists – Mr Monkey is still waiting for details of these scrounging bastards but can confirm that Pat Morris and Jack Brown were seen loitering around the buffet table.

The ceremony itself apparently included several readings, recitals, a prayer, and a few words (via letters) from our local MP’s. There was also a flower laying and candle lighting ceremony.

Mr Monkey can confirm that although today’s ceremony was well attended it seems most councillors, executive directors of the council and business leaders couldn’t be bothered to turn up.

According to a source inside the town hall only 11 councillors out of a possible 54 had the decency to make an appearance, these included: councillors Alex Donaldson, John Anglin, Peter Boyack, Jim Foreman, Ahmed Khan, Jane Branley, Joan Meeks, Tom Piggot, Jimmy Sewell, Ernest Gibson and Alan Kerr.

Notable absences included the Chuckle Brothers, aka Ian and Ed Malcolm, Michael Clare, Bill Brady (Lead Member for Equality and Diversity), Tracy Dixon, Joanne Bell, Audrey McMillan, Linda Waggott, Barry Scorer, John McCabe, Jim Perry and Tom Hanson.

The King of Sleaze Tory Boy David Potts and his two stooges Wood and Millburn, all three Liberal Democrats, the two representatives of the We’ve Finally Made Our Mind Up Party Real Independents councillors Lurch and Red Rum Haram and Elsom plus their new lackey Tom Defty were all conspicuous by their absence.

Apparently the Progressives didn’t bother turning up because they still think its 1986.

Mr Monkey reckons that each and every one of you lazy bastards who couldn’t be bothered to turn up should hang your heads in shame – in the words of the King of Sleaze .. “you’re a disgrace”.


UPDATE: Is Mr Tits In A Spot of Bother?

UPDATE: Following revelations that senior Labour councillor and deputy leader of the council Alan Kerr is Mr Tits, this chimp can reveal that council leader Iain Malcolm and chief executive Irene Lucas are treating the allegations seriously.

Apparently the matter is being investigated by the local Standards Committee so we can all take it easy in the knowledge that they’ll do what’s right .. FOR IAIN MALCOLM AND THE LOCAL LABOUR PARTY.

Anyone familiar with the Standards Committee will know that Labour have an in built majority and that the ‘Independent’ Chairman is none other than Labour sympathiser Bill Darling – so that’s alright then!


So It Begins

Seems that Miss Piggy, council leader Iain Malcolm has finally shown his hand and is busy preparing the way for the sale of the century..

Bloggers who bother reading the Malcolm Fanzine will have noticed that South Tyneside Council intends to dispose of land in Garth Crescent, South Shields to build 10 executive bungalows. CLICK HERE.

Mr Monkey predicts that this latest example of corporate rape is just the tip of the iceberg and that councillor Malcolm is planning wholesale disposal of the borough’s assets to prop up his regime.

Executive officers of the council seem hell bent on reviewing every aspect of the council’s work often wasting massive amounts of public money in officers time and to pay their mates consultants to prepare reports recommending cuts, closures and sell offs.

In the past year the council with the Labour party approval have sold off Sandhaven and Lizard Lane caravan parks, school playing fields, school buildings, community buildings and pockets of public land.

Bloggers will remember that shortly after the 2007 local elections Labour announced that a number of primary schools would be closed as part of the TOPS (Transforming or Primary Schools) programme. Labour promised consultation but after a series of delaying tactics they ignored public opinion and announced closures anyway.

In July Labour announced the SEN (Special Education Needs) Review which include closing some of the borough’s special schools. Again consultation was promised and again it seems that delaying tactics are being used as a smoke screen to hide the real motives behind this review – disposal of large tracts of land.

It seems South Tyneside Council led by a handful of senior councillors has only one goal – to sell off as much as possible and fuck the long term consequences. 

Mr Monkey reckons that staying in power and lining a few greedy pockets means more to certain individuals than leaving behind a legacy for the future.


Monkey Clip

This week’s Monkey Clip is dedicated to Labour Councillor Jim Foreman and his overgrown hair – no wonder he’s shit scared of going to the barber!

Click on the link below, but be warned, you might need the sick bucket!

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