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Jim Says It’s Not A Done Deal – Is He Lying?

'Cut the crap and get a haircut'

'Cut the crap and get a haircut Jim'

Labour Councillor Jim Foreman, the authority’s lead member for children and young people, has written an open letter in the Gazette to quell families’ fears, and explain how the process of shutting Bamburgh, Margaret Sutton, Epinay, Oakleigh Gardens and Greenfields Special Needs schools will work. CLICK HERE for details

The crux of the matter is that council officers, with the support of Jim and his Labour colleagues, want to close 5 special needs schools in order to force integrate a significant number of children into mainstream education and build 2 new schools for the those that cannot be forced integrated.

It’s purely a coincidence then, that the schools they want to close have a significant cash value and if both the buildings and associated land could be sold for housing, millions of pounds will be available to Jim and his mates to ‘bribe’ their way out of the shit they are likely to face in the next local elections in 2010.

As for the letter, howay Jim, everyone who knows you, knows full well that you can’t even spell haircut and judging by your picture it would seem you don’t even know what the word means!

Cut the crap, you’re incapable of even joining up the dots in a kiddies colouring book so there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that you wrote this letter.

If Mr Monkey was a gambler, he would put all his money on Peter Cutts, the council’s Head of Social Inclusion and Achievement being Councillor Foreman’s ghost writer!