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tory councillor David Potts £12,000 expense claims

After yesterday’s pronouncements by the Conservative leader David Cameron concerning the dodgy expense claims of some of his colleagues i.e pay back the money or risk being booted out of the party, Mr Monkey can’t help wondering when councillor David Potts, the local Conservative group leader will join the newly formed  alliance of spineless progressives and the outcasts, who apparently want to be known as The Progressive Party and The Association on non Aligned Independent Councillors?

Regular readers of this blog will remember this post CLICK HERE

"After claiming nearly £12,000 in expenses he still can't afford a pair of sunglasses"

"After claiming nearly £12,000 in expenses he still can't afford a pair of sunglasses"

about councillor Potts record expense claim in 2005 when he claimed more than £2,251 – most of it was spent on First Class rail travel which just happened to be around the same time he claimed he was studying at Cambridge.

Mr Monkey can now reveal that councillor Potts has gone that extra mile in the last 12 months (2008 – 09) and has set another record by claiming a whooping  £3,393 in travel expenses and subsistence.

Interestingly this claim also coincides with the period that councillor Potts had been selected as the Conservative candidate to challenge Alistair Darling in Edinburgh – that is until Mr Monkey put paid to his political ambitions by revealing the sleazy alcohol fuelled antics of councillor Potts.

This chimp reckons that the people of South Tyneside unwittingly paid for his campaign jollies and will be stunned to learn that the council allowed him to get away with it.

Mr Monkey can also reveal that councillor Potts, who is allegedly in opposition has one of the worst attendance records on South Tyneside council,  but he’s still managed to claim nearly £12,000 in travel and subsistence since his election in late 2004.

This chimp reckons it’s time David Cameron turned his attention to some of his colleagues in local government, especially those who are blatantly ripping off the taxpayer with their exaggerated and probably fraudulent expense claims.

.. and Mr Monkey certainly intends to bring councillor Potts dubious expense claims to his attention.


Free Condoms For Potts

According to this article CLICK HERE thousands of condoms are to be handed out free of charge over the festive period in an attempt to reduce the number of new cases of sexually transmitted diseases.

Mr Monkey reckons that the organisers should launch their campaign at the Red Lion in Boldon, at least that way they’d catch the borough’s number one sexual predator, The King of Sleaze aka Tory Boy Potts.

Alternatively given his escapades in the bushes, castration might be an option, especially if her husband gets his hands on Pudgy Face.


Is Potts A Habitual Liar?

Mr Monkey wonders whether The King of Sleaze, Tory Boy David Potts is a habitual liar? CLICK HERE.

Bloggers will remember his pathetic attempts at trying to justify why he was sacked on the verge of being deselected as the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Edinburgh South West.

His first reaction was he “knew nothing about it”. That quickly changed to “no comment” . He then claimed to have resigned, because of “health issues concerning his father, which challenged his ability to service the Constituency as much as he would have hoped” although this was the first time he’d spoken off it.

He later claimed to have “have strong commitments in Tyneside, which include those to the people of Cleadon and East Boldon”.

He failed to mention that this included trying to fuck anything he could get his hands on, getting pissed every night and attending every council bash he could as long as he didn’t have to pay for the food and beer.

If these pathetic excuses weren’t enough, he later claimed it was all the fault of the BNP. Apparently he was “deeply concerned about the rising popularity of the far-right British National Party within our region and it was incumbent upon all mainstream political leaders in Tyne and Wear to work together to combat this.” 

He’s so concerned about the BNPhe’s done virtually fuck all about tackling them. But then he’s not exactly lead the local Conservative party with distinction has he?

Cum on Mr Potts you don’t really expect anyone to believe you gave up that place you’ve always wanted on the Parliamentary gravy train do you? If you do you’re a liar.

Why not prove Mr Monkey wrong and get your solicitor to issue that statement you promised on September 11th. But make sure you use a real solicitor and not some arsehole you met in the pub .. that mean swearing it on oath.


Miliband Snubs Waggott

South Shields MP and Foreign Secretary David Miliband appears to want nothing to do with Labour’s cheapening of the Freedom of Borough award.

Mr Monkey, who attended Friday’s formal ceremony in the town hall can confirm that Mr Miliband was not in attendance despite being sent an invitation. Seems he was conveniently otherwise engaged.

Mr Miliband refused to attend was also absent from the infamous £50 a head Labour party bash paid for by taxpayer; to “celebrate Mr Waggott’s life on the council”.

Current leader, councillor Iain Malcolm made a shameful attempt to justify this disgraceful waste of taxpayers money when he was challenged by the press by claiming it was a chance to network. CLICK HERE. 

Try using the phone you spineless twat!

Mr Monkey also noticed that Iain Malcolm’s nemesis, friend of Mr Miliband, Freeman of the Borough and former South Shields MP Dr David Clarke also snubbed was missing from the lets lick Waggott’s arse do on Friday night.

Older bloggers will remember the cat fights in the 80s and 90s between the South Shields and Jarrow Labour parties and the emergence of the A and B teams. It seems somethings never change.

Mr Monkey can confirm that the Jarrow Mob were out in force and even ‘I’ll drive if I want to’ councillor McAtominey had the nerve to second the formal proposal.

Also paying homage were Lord and Lady Dixon and the Malcolm arse whipper kicker, Jarrow MP Stephen Hepburn. But then there was free beer to be had and Linda was there to pick him up if he fell over.

Mr Monkey congratulates David Miliband for having the common sense to stay away. His absence makes it clear what he really thinks about his colleagues blatant misuse of power .. but we all know what he thinks of Iain Malcolm don’t we?


Morning Pussy Prowler!

Mr Monkey has an early morning rendezvous in Houghton this morning, something to do with councillor Ed Malcolm. 


Like thousands of other people he forgot to turn his alarm clock back at the weekend so he’s got an hour spare and thought he’d put it to good use.


Seems The King of Sleaze, councillor David Potts failed to get shag last night so he’s had to make do with a few extra gins and a hand job so it will be a while before he surfaces from his drunken pit.


Mr Monkey thought he would be the bearer of good news this morning especially as he had a major role to play in his Tory Boy’s downfall by getting him dumped as the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Edinburgh South West.


It seems his former Scottish colleagues have learned by their mistakes and have chosen his replacement wisely. Whilst they’ve opted for someone in the Potts mould (without the beef), they’ve been careful to make sure that his replacement comes without the baggage and sleaze associated with Pudgy Face.


They also wanted to keep things local after councillor Potts’s failure to do any campaigning in the constituency.


Mr Monkey reckons sleaze ball Potts knows his replacement well. He’s about the same age as Pudgy, is a local councillor, he’s employed in the legal profession (yes you pussy prowler, that’s work) and is an active member of the local Conservative party, something Potts knows nothing about.


His name is Jason Rust and you can read more about him here, here and here 


Seems Alistair Darling’s new opponent might give him a run for his money, something Potts was never likely to do!




Potts The Pussy Magnate

The King of Sleaze councillor David Potts who was recently dumped as a Conservative Parliamentary candidate seems to think of himself as a bit of a pussy magnate.

Mr Monkey witnessed Pudgy Face in action on Friday night when he was one of only two opposition councillors to attend Waggott’s Freedom of the Borough event in the town hall.

Tory Boy Potts downed as much booze as he could before his dick homed in on Labour’s Emma Lewell who represented his only chance of a shag.

The alternatives don’t bear thinking about. Howay would you shag councillors McMillan, Walsh, Puncheon, Meeks or Waggott if you knew where they’d been?


Potts Up To His Old Tricks

It seems disgraced Conservative Parliamentary candidate and Cleadon and East Boldon councillor David Potts is up to his old tricks again. Pudgy Face has only been back in town around 2 weeks and his dick has already got the better of him.

Last Thursday Potts appeared all suited up looking for a shag pint in The Mile. After downing his first alcohol fix in rapid fashion, he proceeded to have an “altercation” with a female member of the public enjoying a quite drink.

Billy Bunter went to relieve himself via the gents, only to be confronted by said lady’s boy friend who threatened to “relieve” Pottsy of his head! In true cowardly fashion, Potts did a runner, only to phone the police and the pub. His claim – that as a member of the Licensing Committee he should not be confronted by the public in such a way. In order to protect his honour (and head) he wanted the Old Bill to view CCTV footage and act accordingly.

What an abuse of power. Porky’s degree of self-importance knows no bounds – seems the locals didn’t know who he was!

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