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The Week Ahead

The week ahead will go down in history as one of the momentous of our time

It’s the week when: 

George W Bush is consigned to the history books and will be remembered as the worst US President ever
Barack Obama becomes the first African American President of America
Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown saddles future generations with yet more debt
Kaka joins Manchester City and becomes the first £100 million pound footballer
Mr Monkey’s Blog reaches the 100,000 hits milestone in record time
The long awaited list of ‘Monkey Suspects’ is published
Graham Glitter aka Curly has an ape free day and doesn’t post or comment about the borough’s premier blogger Mr Monkey
The Fat Mackem Hobbit admits he’s obssesed with all things ape and that he’ll do anything to feed off Mr Monkey’s success
and David Miliband spends a day in his constituency; watch out for him on Ocean Road.



Apparently ‘Graham Glitter’ aka The Fat Mackem Hobbit over at the Shire has been banging on about censorship on Mr Monkey’s Blog.

Relax Mr Glitter there’s nothing sinister going on and this chimp has no problem with people posting whatever they want, unless it’s Glitter and his gang who Mr Monkey finds annoying; a bit like shit on his shoes.

Yesterday Mr Monkey spent the afternoon experimenting with his new WordPress dashboard especially the section on spam filtering. Mr Monkey has been swamped with spam and has received 1200+ comments, links, pingbacks and trackbacks identified as spam – and he’s had enough.

Yesterday Mr Monkey activated various options on his dashboard and unfortunately it seems some comments were identified as spam. Mr Monkey has now altered his spam filters to make sure anyone who wants to comment, can. Unless they’ve been barred.

Unlike South Tyneside Council and it’s leader Iain Malcolm Miss Piggy, Mr Monkey doesn’t believe in censorship and all comments received are now visible.

UPDATE: Don’t forget Mr Monkey is working on his list of Monkey Suspects and will be publishing it later this week.