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Over the past week Mr Monkey has been monitoring the stats on Mr Monkeys Blog and the results are pretty impressive!

Mr Monkey finds the whole thing fascinating especially the details on which posts are the most popular, the links you click on once you’re on the site and how you found the site in the first place.  

Mr Monkey finds some of the search terms you use to find Mr Monkeys Blog weird to say the least and thought he would share some of them with you! I wonder if Monkey Bloggers recognise any of the terms below?

the monkeyhouse – south Tyneside

mr monkey blog south shields

david potts

david potts tyneside sleaze


paul myles-kelly

monkey business south Tyneside

monkey south Tyneside

mr monkey man blog

monkey mischief

monkey blog south shields

monkey south Tyneside

the monkey-david potts south shields

u tube south shields


mr monkey david potts

news jarrow head injuries

cleadon twitcher

david potts councillor

jarrow man hospital

monkeys blog about south tyneside council

the monkey house blog south Tyneside

dancing monkey puzzle

jarrow assault

santini pizza Jarrow

plus valet in manibus avis unica quam du

“noddy rice” gazette

david potts conservative

mr monkey ryan burns death south shields

chey garland

cllr david potts

pagebet robbery

“david potts” deselected

curly monkey

monkey sex

tory boy

papa john

Iain Malcolm

Closet Malcolm

Miners welfare fund theft

Mr Monkey does wonder what goes through some of his readers minds!


Something New For Monkey Fans

Mr Monkey has been carrying out some market research into the popularity of the blog’s regular features and it seems that some are proving more popular than others!

Apparently you love the The Monkey Puzzle and Monkey Clip but are less keen on Monkey Wisdom. So Mr Monkey has decided to change things round slightly and introduce a new daily feature.

The Monkey Clip and Monkey Puzzle will be retained in their present forms but Monkey Wisdom’s daily slot will now be taken by a new daily feature called Monkey Mischief.

Regular readers of Monkey Wisdom will still be able to enjoy this feature but it will now be less frequent.


Monkey Wisdom 20

Today’s words of Monkey Wisdom are:

“We have the best parliament money can buy.”


Monkey Wisdom 19

Today’s words of Monkey Wisdom are:

“There is no distinctly native British criminal class except Parliament.”