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Shame On You – You’re A Disgrace

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day.

Yes January 27th is the day when people throughout the world remember the victims of the Nazi Holocaust and of more recent genocides in Cambodia, Darfur, Bosnia, Rwanda, Iraq and Palestine.

Numerous ceremonies to remember the victims of these atrocities have taken place up and down the country including here in South Tyneside where each year the Mayor hosts a ceremony on behalf of the people of the borough to make the occasion.

Apparently today’s guests included a select band of children, members of the public, church goers, a few council officers, a handful of councillors and the usual band of Labour party activists – Mr Monkey is still waiting for details of these scrounging bastards but can confirm that Pat Morris and Jack Brown were seen loitering around the buffet table.

The ceremony itself apparently included several readings, recitals, a prayer, and a few words (via letters) from our local MP’s. There was also a flower laying and candle lighting ceremony.

Mr Monkey can confirm that although today’s ceremony was well attended it seems most councillors, executive directors of the council and business leaders couldn’t be bothered to turn up.

According to a source inside the town hall only 11 councillors out of a possible 54 had the decency to make an appearance, these included: councillors Alex Donaldson, John Anglin, Peter Boyack, Jim Foreman, Ahmed Khan, Jane Branley, Joan Meeks, Tom Piggot, Jimmy Sewell, Ernest Gibson and Alan Kerr.

Notable absences included the Chuckle Brothers, aka Ian and Ed Malcolm, Michael Clare, Bill Brady (Lead Member for Equality and Diversity), Tracy Dixon, Joanne Bell, Audrey McMillan, Linda Waggott, Barry Scorer, John McCabe, Jim Perry and Tom Hanson.

The King of Sleaze Tory Boy David Potts and his two stooges Wood and Millburn, all three Liberal Democrats, the two representatives of the We’ve Finally Made Our Mind Up Party Real Independents councillors Lurch and Red Rum Haram and Elsom plus their new lackey Tom Defty were all conspicuous by their absence.

Apparently the Progressives didn’t bother turning up because they still think its 1986.

Mr Monkey reckons that each and every one of you lazy bastards who couldn’t be bothered to turn up should hang your heads in shame – in the words of the King of Sleaze .. “you’re a disgrace”.


Gaza Atrocities Revealed

Seems everyone has an opinion about the Gaza conflict and a week after a ceasefire was declared, Mr Monkey is beginning to get a clearer picture about some of the atrocities that were committed against the people of Gaza.

Mr Monkey would like to share this picture with his readers.

Take a look at this slide show by CLICKING HERE – this is what happens when world leaders including our own Prime Minister, Gordon Brown and his Foreign Secretary, David Miliband fail to take decisive action to stop the use of disproportionate force against a largely civilian population trapped in one of the world’s most densely populated areas. 

Mr Monkey makes no apologies for his slide show and reckons that these pictures speak louder than any words.

BUT BE WARNED you may find some of the images disturbing. 


Amateur Snappers Left Disappointed

Protest ... an anti-war campaigner.It seems on or two of the borough’s amateur snappers were left disappointed last night when nothing more sinister than a few sarcastic comments were hurled in the direction of the Labour party’s war-mongers who were attending a fund raising dinner at South Tyneside College.

 The £15 a head bash was to raise funds for the local Labour party and was attended by South Shields MP and Foot in Mouth Foreign Secretary David Miliband and fellow cabinet member John Hutton, the Defence Secretary.

Guests were met by an orderly but boisterous crowd of around 70 Anti War protesters who had gathered to protest about the recent conflict in Gaza.

Despite fevered speculation in certain quarters that the whole thing was being orchestrated by Indy councillor Ahmed Khan, it must have come as a disappointment to some to find that there was no sign him.

Apparently certain individuals were convinced that they were on to an ‘excluisve’ and that they would capture councillor Khan on camera leading hordes of Muslim protesters –  including children – up Dean Road to the college, no doubt damaging property, vehicles and hurling anti semitic abuse as they went.

Imagine these poor bastards disappointment when the only councillors that crossed their lenses were Labour and that the vast majority of the well behaved crowd were white, many of whom according to reports looked  “affluent”.

To add insult to injury there was hardly a Muslim in sight, let alone a child. Mr Monkey reckons councillor Khan may have had the last laugh as he watched from afar.