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highlights: Vodka Lil Worried Sick

Seems Vodka Lil, Councillor Eileen Leask has something else other than being deselected to worry about today.

Apparently she is very worried about the impact of the new ‘drop in’ health centre planned for Cleadon Park on South Tyneside District Hospital, especially the A & E department, click here.

Mr Monkey reckons that the Gazette reporter, Paul Myles-Kelly should pay a bit more attention to spelling. If he had, he would have realised the Vodka Lil meant she was worried about the AA department!

Lets face it, Eileen Leask wouldn’t want everyone to know what a struggle it is to give up the vodka would she?


Government Tries to Hide Free Heroin!

For once this has got nothing to do with the Taliban, Al Qaeeda or the Afghan people. It’s down to Gordon Brown and his Government.

Apparently the Government is insisting that the location of 26 sites in Hampshire used to grow opium poppies must remain secret.

This follows a Freedom of Information (FOI) request from local newspaper, the Daily Echo, CLICK HERE which has revealed that leafy Hampshire is the heroin growing capital of the UK.

The poppy fields should be easy enough to spot, drop Mr Monkey a line if you see one!

The poppies are used to produce morphine to sustain the high levels of drug abuse morphine used as a pain killer within the NHS.

It’s a rarely known fact that all poppies contain opium including the distinctive bright red, wild poppies that grow in the UK. Although they aren’t as strong as their Eastern cousin, the opium poppy, they can still be used to make a refreshing if vile tasting opium tea – google opium tea recipe.

Mr Monkey wouldn’t mind seeing an FOI request on how many of the poppies ‘go missing’ between the field and the medicine cabinet.

It’s also little known that it’s entirely legal to grow opium poppies in the UK for ornamental use, something encouraged by the government.

The Department of Culture, Media and Sports funded Plant Cultures website states, “Opium poppies grow well in the British climate – why not try it?”

How ironic then that the proceeds from the British Government’s own lucrative drug industry are indirectly used to wipe out their competitors another country’s drug production on the pretext that the cash it generates is used to sponsor terrorism.


UPDATE: Is The Gazette About To Be Reported To The Press Complaints Commission?

UPDATE: Since Birdman Maclean sent his infamous attendance e-mail to all 54 councillors there’s been a flurry of activity amongst senior councillors, party whips and party leaders.

All councillors have been told to attend Thursday’s Full Council meeting and that no excuses will be accepted. If they fail to turn up certain councillors will face disciplinary action and possible de-selection.

Amazing what an e-mail can do!

Seems yesterday’s post about an investigation into councillors attendances has caused quite a stir within the town hall; it was the talk of the members lounge.

Apparently some members are wondering what the fuck the Gazette is playing at especially as the now infamous e-mail listing councillors attendances was sent by Birdman Maclean.

Some members are suggesting that Papa John Szymanski is being pressured into publishing councillor’s attendances by the Leader of the Council Miss Piggy Iain Malcolm to prove his loyalty .. could it be pay back time for all those sausage rolls and chickens drumsticks? 

It seems Papa John has once again allowed himself to be manipulated by his paymaster or is he just doing some one else’s dirty work?

Mr Monkey reckons that whoever’s behind this has been very selective and has clearly got a hidden agenda.

Careful examination of the attendances shows that the person with the worst attendance record is Alan Branley (no surprise there) so is councillor Branley the target of Papa John and his paymaster? It will be interesting to see how the article is presented when it does finally appear.

Mr Monkey wonders whether Birdman’s article will be about the handful of councillors with the worst attendance record or will it be more about councillor Branley – a bit like the recent story about councillor Hanson’s failure to attend any NHS Trust meetings. 

If so it will prove Mr Monkey’s theory that Papa John has deliberately allowed his paper to be used for political purposes, something that could cost him dear.

If Mr Monkey’s predictions are right then perhaps the Press Complaints Commission should be asked to look into what’s really going on at the Gazette and Mr Monkey might just make that call!



Over the past week Mr Monkey has been monitoring the stats on Mr Monkeys Blog and the results are pretty impressive!

Mr Monkey finds the whole thing fascinating especially the details on which posts are the most popular, the links you click on once you’re on the site and how you found the site in the first place.  

Mr Monkey finds some of the search terms you use to find Mr Monkeys Blog weird to say the least and thought he would share some of them with you! I wonder if Monkey Bloggers recognise any of the terms below?

the monkeyhouse – south Tyneside

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Miners welfare fund theft

Mr Monkey does wonder what goes through some of his readers minds!

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