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The Week Ahead

The week ahead will go down in history as one of the momentous of our time

It’s the week when: 

George W Bush is consigned to the history books and will be remembered as the worst US President ever
Barack Obama becomes the first African American President of America
Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown saddles future generations with yet more debt
Kaka joins Manchester City and becomes the first £100 million pound footballer
Mr Monkey’s Blog reaches the 100,000 hits milestone in record time
The long awaited list of ‘Monkey Suspects’ is published
Graham Glitter aka Curly has an ape free day and doesn’t post or comment about the borough’s premier blogger Mr Monkey
The Fat Mackem Hobbit admits he’s obssesed with all things ape and that he’ll do anything to feed off Mr Monkey’s success
and David Miliband spends a day in his constituency; watch out for him on Ocean Road.


Miliband’s Chippy Wins Award

Colmans chippy on Ocean Road are today celebrating being crowned UK’s Local Food Hero.

Judges and celebrity chefs Gary Rhodes, Allegra McEvedy and Mark Hicks voted Colmans’ seafood platter No 1.

They beat off stiff competition from 10 finalists from around the country to take the title on Gary Rhodes’ Local Food Heroes show on UKTV Food last night. They also scooped £40,000 in prize money.

Well done Mr Ord and all the staff at Colmans on winning the award.

The owner of Colmans, Richard Ord claims he will use the £40,000 price money to install state of the art fryers to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. Lets hope he’s as good as his word and doesn’t fund another Labour party bash.

Mr Monkey would remind bloggers that there are two other fish and chip shops on Ocean Road; the Smithy and Mr Monkey’s personal favourite The Red Hut. Both offer quality produce at sensible prices and you can be sure the proceeds aren’t being used to fund the local Labour party.


Miliband Loves A Good Curry!

Seems David Miliband taste for the high-life knows no bounds. Hot on the heels of this weekends revelations that he’d like to rename the Queen’s Flight ‘Miliband Airways’, CLICK HERE, Mr Monkey can now also reveal that he and his Cabinet colleagues love a good curry, but not just any curry.

Apparently Ocean Road curries are not a patch on the stuff that David is used to and he is believed to have persuaded his Cabinet colleagues to try his favourite dish, a balti and David knows just the place.

On the strength of David first hand knowledge, Gordon Brown has decided to hold Tuesday’s cabinet meeting in Birmingham, the home of the British balti and coincidentally a place with a massive Asian population.

This is the first time a Cabinet meeting has not been held in London or at Chequers since 1921 when David Lloyd George gathered ministers in Inverness to discuss Ireland’s renunciation of the British monarchy at a time when he was was holidaying in the Highlands.

David’s bother and fellow Cabinet Office minister Ed Miliband denied suggestions the move was so that they could get a free curry and try to win favour with the country’s Asian population who have deserted the Labour party in their droves since the Milibands former boss, Tony Blair, invaded Iraq and Afghanistan a political stunt, saying it showed the government was focused on listening to people’s priorities.

“I don’t see it as a cheap gimmick,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme. I think it is the right thing to do. I think it is important for government not to spend all of its time in London.”

So why has it taken 87 years to realise it then? Surely nothing to do with the prospect of political annihilation at the next General Election!

Mr Monkey wonders what’s next on Miliband’s I’m on your side Asian vote winning menu, a visit to Ocean Road perhaps to learn how to cook a curry. Hasn’t he already tried that one?