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Senior councillor quits lucrative cabinet position

'Did councillor Hanson really quit or was he forced out by the double dealing Iain Malcolm?'

'Did councillor Hanson really quit or was he forced out by the double dealing Iain Malcolm?'

Cracks are begining to appear in councillor Iain Malcolm’s new look administration which is set to be ratified at the Labour party’s annual gathering of the pigs round the trough meeting on Saturday May 9th before being confirmed by the full council on May 12th.

Rumours have been circulating for weeks about who’s been given what and Mr Monkey can now confirm that Miss Piggy, aka council leader Iain Malcolm has told all those in line for a goodie bag what they’ve got when he summoned them to his ivory tower last week.

But some people were far from happy at what they saw as a demotion and others felt that they were being moved sideways. Unfortunately for Miss Piggy, councillor Tom Hanson who represents the Bede ward took umbrage at being offered what in his opinion was a derogatory role within the administration and has now decided to quit his £10,000 a year position in the council’s decisionmaking cabinet to embarrass the council leader Iain Malcolm.

Mr Monkey can’t help wondering whether councillor Emma Lewell is being used by Miss Piggy to keep former leader Paul Waggott from making  a return to the council chamber in 2010 and what better way to do it than by promoting Emma Lewell whose seat Paul Waggott is rumoured to be interested in. This would almost certainly anger some of the Jarrow group including Tom Hanson who hates Emma Lewell with a passion.

Seems that councillor Malcolm is determined to recreate the in fighting of the 80s and 90s that saw a split between Jarrow and South Shields Labour parties and the creation of the A and B teams .. I nearly forgot the C team!


trouble at Jarrow school

Seems there’s a rabbit away at Jarrow School.

Apparently South Tyneside council’s education department , the headmaster and the school’s governors are covering up some of the school’s failings who with the help of the council’s propaganda office are telling parents via the Shields Gazette Labour Gazetteer what a wonderful and high achieving establishment Jarrow School is.

The reality is that the Jarrow School is seriously failing many pupils year on year since the present inexperienced Head took over in 2005.

The most important GCSEs for Maths and English have dropped to 23% this year, yet the Lead member for Education, Jim ‘on the buses’ Foreman congratulated the school in the local snooze papaer for improving results!

What they did’nt mention was that the GCSEs which have improved are of no serious value and include ones such as cookery and silly subjects which the children CANNOT FAIL

The Council is allowing this incompetent Head to hide behind these results instead of taking action for the severe decline in the important GCSEs.

A quick look at OFSTED’s website will confirm that the current Head’s previous School, Congleton High School in Cheshire received a terrible report 18 months before he got the job at Jarrow School, bearing in mind Jarrow School was in a very poor state at the time the Council were duty bound to check this persons previous experience and Headships they clearly did not and panicked to appoint somebody much to the detriment of the pupils for the past 4 years.

The Headmaster loves appearing in the local snooze paper and was recently bragging that he had been invited to London by the SSAT (Specialist Schools and academies Trust ) for his GCSE results, it was hypocritical of him to have the neck to turn up at this event given the school’s true achievements.