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a sinking ship or wishful thinking?

Message to Graham Rigg and David Potts (I know they’re avid readers of this blog, so they’ll see this)

Over the past few days, Graham Rigg and David Potts have been having a right old time of it while Mr Monkey has been busy moving house.

Rigg, with plenty of time on his hands as an unemployed man whose been a bit of a failure in life (still in an upstairs flat in your mid 50s, Graham? There are crisis loans for things like that…) has thrown some horrific slurs his way.

But let us not forget: with more members than any of the other opposition groups, they’re still the biggest opposition group. They’re THE political success story in this borough’s history.

No political party has came anywhere near achieving their kind of success in modern times in South Tyneside.

The Tories have three councillors, as do the Lib Dems. The Tories havemade NO gains during David Potts tenure as leader, despite Labour disintegrating nationally over the past five years. Surely questions have to be asked about his competence?

The Progressives, once a dominant political force in the borough, have just five councillors and their hanging on by their finger tips. Take Jim Capstick he scrapped through by just three votes at the last elections.

So tell us, which group/party is doing things wrong…

I personally believe that Rigg and Potts hate the Independent Alliance because they don’t believe in democracy. They believe candidates should be vetted by old school parties, given the nod by party chiefs, and then step forward for election. It’s an insiders world, and they want it to stay that way.

Take councillor Ahmed Khan for instance, they don’t believe a member of the public, (A BLASTED OUTSIDER!) unsoiled by previous political roles, should stand and be duly elected. They don’t want to see the local political gentleman’s club fall apart, worse still their cosy little world being exposed for all to see.

Well Mr Monkey has news for Rigg, Potts and the ruling elite; there are more ‘councillor Khan’s’ on the way.

The Independents are still the official opposition group on the council. The Progressives also vote alongside them. They’re still close. They are a force to be reckoned with.

If you want confirmation of this go to the next council meeting on 12th May. You’re certain to see the Independent Alliance doing the job they were elected to do – oppose the ruling party. On the other hand you’ll see the Tories happily accepting a few tit-bits (PAID OF COURSE), handed out by Labour in a desperate attempt to buy their loyalty for the next 12 months.

Despite what Rigg says, since when have political groups standing in tinpot local elections had to have extensive manifestos and policies?

If so, point me in the direction of the weighty manifestos put forward by local councillors at the last election…You can’t – you’re talking bullshit. They put out double-sided A5 leaflets outlining how they’d improved their wards – they didn’t put out 20-year plans for tourism and business in the town.

At local level it’s about sound money, sound running of the council, competence, honesty and integrity. With a leader and deputy leader who’ve been big business successes themselves, I trust them to do just that.

Why aren’t they that forthcoming about what they “would” do? Probably because there’s no chance of them forming an executive to run the council for two or three years. So why live in fantasy land when they can tell the public what they’ll OPPOSE. When they’re close to seeing the opposition make it into power, they’ll tell the public what they’ll do. If the public like it, they’ll keep on voting. If they don’t, watch them lose their seats.

Just one question, Curly – do you ever get in touch with people you’re about to slur to ask for their take on your inaccurate claims?

Thought not.

Graham Rigg – sniggered at by Labour bosses, loathed by Independents, tolerated reluctantly by Tories.

'Amateur, photographer, amateur blogger, failed politician and general all round misfit desperate to be loved’

'Amateur, photographer, amateur blogger, failed politician and general all round misfit desperate to be loved’


exclusive: council leader iain malcolm reported for ballot rigging .. who knew about it and why was it covered up?

council Iain Malcolm

council Iain Malcolm was reproted to the police for ballot rigging by the town's MP Dr David Clark

A fortnight ago Mr Monkey exclusively published the findings of his in depth investigation into allegations of ballot rigging by South Tyneside’s Labour council leader, councillor Iain Malcolm.

Mr Monkey’s revelations confirmed what a handful of people already knew, and what many others suspected, councillor Iain Malcolm will stop at nothing to cling on to power, including rigging elections in his favour – in this case by deliberately destroying postal votes intended for other candidates. CLICK HERE to read Mr Monkey’s revealtions in full.

On 31st March, Mr Monkey posted a second article in which he revealed the dilemma faced by Tom and Mary Taylor. They’d witnessed councillor Iain Malcolm opening postal vote envelopes and destroying ballot papers intended for the Conservative, Pat Piggott. They agonised for months about whether or not they should tell anyone about what they’d seen before finally telling all.

Mr Monkey also revealed how Iain Malcolm was willing to sign off the local party’s accounts ‘on behalf’ of Tom Taylor (he was the party treasurer) without his knowledge or approval until Geraldine White (a then executive committee member) objected to councillor Malcolm’s proposals and suggested that she should visit Mr Taylor so that he could sign off the accounts in person. CLICK HERE for more details.


True to her word Mrs White visited Mr and Mrs Taylor to discuss the annual accounts and during the course of the conversation Mrs White mentioned that councillor Iain Malcolm had proposed signing off the party’s accounts in his absence. This angered Mr Taylor who then proceeded to tell her what he and Mrs Taylor had witnessed Iain Malcolm do in their front room and explained in detail how Iaian Malcolm rigged the ballot to ensure the result went his way.

Mrs White, whose loyalty to the party was unflinching and who was “taken in” by Iain Malcolm couldn’t believe what she was hearing but knew that both Tom and Mary Taylor were extremeley honest and she had no reason to question their integrity.

It was now Mrs White’s turn to agonise over what to do next. Should she put loyalty to Iain Malcolm above loyalty to the party? She choose the latter.


Mrs White was aware that the then member of Parliament for South Shields, Dr David Clark was hoping to stand down at the 2001 local elections and that he’d been offered a life peerage and a seat in the House of Lords by Prime Minister Tony Blair. The only thing that was stopping him was his contempt for councillor Iain Malcolm who he blamed for splitting the local party into several factions and for the infighting that resulted.

He did’nt trust Iain Malcolm and believed that he was dishonest, had no integrity, was devious and had been corrupted by power.

But what worried him most was that Iain Malcolm was on the Parliamentary Panel and would be the person most likely to succeed him if he was to quit at the 2001 elections – something he was desperate to avoid.

In the meantime Mrs White decided to put the party first and contacted Dr David Clark and told him what she’d been told by Tom and Mary Taylor.

Dr David Clark asked Mrs White to arrange a meeting with Mr and Mrs Taylor as he was keen to hear for himself what they’d seen Iain Malcolm do. He also wanted to know more about the methods he’d used to ‘fix’ the election result. 

A meeting was hastily arranged at which both Mrs White and Dr Clark listened intently to what Tom and Mary Taylor had to say. Tom confirmed that he’d been asked (by Iain Malcolm) to collect completed postal vote envelopes from care homes and sheltered accommodation and that he’d witnessed Iain Malcolm open the envelopes before either destroying or resealing them depending on who the person had voted for.

Dr Clark asked them to keep this matter confidential and reminded them that this highly sensitive was potentially very damaging for the Labour party. He also asked them if they were prepared to make written statements to support what they’d seen. To Tom’s credit and in spite of his illness, he agreed to provide as much information as possible and help in any way he could.

After the meeting Dr Clark and Mrs White discussed the matter at length and agreed a course of action. Dr Clark said he needed to take advise and thought that the party should be investigate the matter. However, he was deeply concerned that both the local and regional Labour party had been infiltrated by supporters of Iain Malcolm and his employer Alan Donnelly, who at that time was a member of the European Parliament and had close links at the highest levels of the Labour party.

Dr Clark felt Iain Malcolm’s antics had major implications for the party especially in view of the party’s support for postal voting. He was also worried about the press getting hold of the information and the damage that this would causes the party, especially with a General Election looming. 

He was concerned that the matter would not be investigated seriously at a regional level and opted to tell senior officials at Millbank House, Labour’s national office in London. 

A senior party official was subsequently asked to initiate an investigation into the matter and within days Iain Malcolm had been removed from the Parliamentary Panel of possible election candidates which put paid to any hopes he had of replacing Dr Clark as the town’s MP. 

Iain Malcolm had played right into the hands of the Labour party’s hierarchy and he was solely responsible for his own deselection. His ballot rigging antics had cleared the way for someone else to be ‘parachuted in’ and it seems that the Prime Minster, Tony Blair just happened to have someone in mind.


Having taken advise from Labour HQ, Dr Clark and Mrs White contacted the police and arranged to make a formal complaint about the incident. They also agreed to be interviewed and to make written statements.

They were asked to do this separately; Dr Clark attended Jarrow Police station and Mrs White attended South Shields Police station where she was interviewed by a senior police officer called Gallop.

The police agreed to carry out an investigation into the matter and Mr Monkey can confirm that councillor Iain Malcolm was subsequently arrested and interviewed under caution.


About the same time, senior officials within the Labour party decided that they could not risk details of the incident or the subsequent investigation being made public as they felt it would harm their election prospects, especially in South Shields were the Prime Minister’s chosen candidate was about to contest the seat.

Without warning the police contacted both Dr Clark and Mrs White and advised them that no further action would be taken because the complaint had been made outside of the permitted time frame. They were dismayed by this sudden and unexpected decision and whilst they didn’t understand it, they accepted it.

Tom Taylor discussed the matter with Mrs White and expressed his concerns. He felt the party was deliberately attempting to cover the whole affair and in his opinion Iain Malcolm had got away with election fraud. Mrs White in turn sought advise from Millbank House and Dr Clark and was assured that the investigation was ongoing although the General Election would now take priority.

A full investigation was promised after the election but this never materialised.

Mr Monkey has carried out some additional research and can confirm that there is a time limit of 12 months in relation to election matters if complaints are brought under the Representation of the Peoples Act. But this complaint was about a crimes involving fraud and the interception and interference of mail and therefore should have been treated differently.

There are numerous examples of people being charged with crimes committed decades ago – CLICK HERE for details of the latest example.


Meanwhile in Downing Street, Prime Minister Tony Blair had recently hosted a garden party and had pulled one of his senior advisers and head of his Policy Unit to one side and asked him join him in Parliament. He told him that a General Election was imminent and that he’d earmarked a traditionally safe Labour seat for him in a place called South Shields. Apparently he also mentioned that there some issues within the local party that needed sorting out. He assured him that he’d have the help of the sitting MP, Dr David Clark and a handful of reliable party members.

This rising star was none other than David Miliband, affectionately known in Labour party circles as ‘brains’ and now the Foreign Secretary and member of Parliament for South Shields.


Sources close to Dr Clark have confirmed that he intended to stand down at the 2001 general elections but publicly he continued to deny it – that was until Iain Malcolm had been removed from the Parliamentary Panel and before the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair announced the date of the General Election.

Within days of the election announcement, Dr Clark confirmed that he would after all be standing down. This effectively allowed Labour’s National Executive Committee to ‘parachute in’ Tony Blair’s chosen candidate and rising star, David Miliband.

Shortly after Labour won the 2001 general election, Dr Clark was given a life peerage and became Baron Clark of Windemere. He was also made chairman of the Forestry Commission and he quickly disappeared off the local political scene.


This murky affair raises a number of serious issues and brings into question the integrity and honesty of the council leader, councillor Iain Malcolm.

In the 2000 local elections he cheated his way into office and surely from that moment on the public has a right to question the validity of his position – once a cheat always a cheat .

It’s time for him to stand aside whilst this matter is investigated and he should actively be encouraging the appropriate authorities to dig deep in an effort to clear his name – if you’ve got nothing to hide councillor Malcolm what are you afraid of?

If like Mr Monkey, you are appalled by this shameful act of betrayal contact the Chief Constable of Northumbria Police and ask him to investigate the matter on the grounds of public interest. At the same time you might also like to ask for an explanation as to why the original police investigation was hastily brought to an end.

The local media has a major role to play in exposing the fraud that is councillor Iain Malcolm for the benefit of the people of South Tyneside.

For months the Shields Gazette has been cynically manipulated by councillor Iain Malcolm and his minions in the press office. It’s time for the editor to make a stand on behalf of the people. Its time for the Shields Gazette to give this matter the priority it deserves and for the whole editorial team to put it’s weight behind the growing calls for a full and open investigation into this despicable act of betrayal by the borough’s most senior local political figure.


If you think things can’t get any worse, think again – Mr Monkey will shortly be publishing details of some of your other exploits including how you used a dead man’s details to join him up as a party member and how you and a handful of people illegally deselected numerous candidates by fixing the selection ballot results.




"I wish I was in King Street. It's a lovely shopping area and I go down there quite often to visit the bank and stores, but only for the cameras you understand. Do you really think I’d swap Harrods for BM Bargains?"

"I wish I was in King Street. It's a lovely shopping area and I go down there quite often to visit the bank and stores, but only for the cameras you understand. But I would'nt swap Harrods for BM Bargains?"

Mr Monkey has introduced a new weekly feature called ‘Twat of the Week’. 

It’s very simple; Mr Monkey will decide which public figure – in or connected to South Tyneside – has made a twat of themselves on camera. He will then post the winning picture on Mr Monkey’s Blog for all the world to see.

Mr Monkey is pleased to announce that the first ‘Twat of the Week’ award goes to the Foreign Secretary and MP for South Shields, David Miliband aka brains – unfortunately he seems to have left them in Colman’s when this picture was taken.


UPDATE: Is The Gazette About To Be Reported To The Press Complaints Commission?

UPDATE: Since Birdman Maclean sent his infamous attendance e-mail to all 54 councillors there’s been a flurry of activity amongst senior councillors, party whips and party leaders.

All councillors have been told to attend Thursday’s Full Council meeting and that no excuses will be accepted. If they fail to turn up certain councillors will face disciplinary action and possible de-selection.

Amazing what an e-mail can do!

Seems yesterday’s post about an investigation into councillors attendances has caused quite a stir within the town hall; it was the talk of the members lounge.

Apparently some members are wondering what the fuck the Gazette is playing at especially as the now infamous e-mail listing councillors attendances was sent by Birdman Maclean.

Some members are suggesting that Papa John Szymanski is being pressured into publishing councillor’s attendances by the Leader of the Council Miss Piggy Iain Malcolm to prove his loyalty .. could it be pay back time for all those sausage rolls and chickens drumsticks? 

It seems Papa John has once again allowed himself to be manipulated by his paymaster or is he just doing some one else’s dirty work?

Mr Monkey reckons that whoever’s behind this has been very selective and has clearly got a hidden agenda.

Careful examination of the attendances shows that the person with the worst attendance record is Alan Branley (no surprise there) so is councillor Branley the target of Papa John and his paymaster? It will be interesting to see how the article is presented when it does finally appear.

Mr Monkey wonders whether Birdman’s article will be about the handful of councillors with the worst attendance record or will it be more about councillor Branley – a bit like the recent story about councillor Hanson’s failure to attend any NHS Trust meetings. 

If so it will prove Mr Monkey’s theory that Papa John has deliberately allowed his paper to be used for political purposes, something that could cost him dear.

If Mr Monkey’s predictions are right then perhaps the Press Complaints Commission should be asked to look into what’s really going on at the Gazette and Mr Monkey might just make that call!


Ed Has A Problem With The Lasses

Labour councillor Ed Malcolm seems to have a problem with the local lasses in Houghton and Washington East.

Desperate Dan of the Shields Labour party has always wanted to beat his brother Iain to Westminster and reckons he’s gonna romp home with the local constituency nomination .. apparently the miner thing should do the trick.

Mr Monkey has now been tipped off that the national Labour party are considering impossing all women shortlists on all the constituencies in the north east; remember Labour in Northumberland, they had all women shortlists imposed on them in the recent local elections.

Seems Ed might have to take a leaf out of brother Iain’s book if he wants to get the nomination!


Bengalis Join the BNP

Apparently local right wing extremists who inhabit the cesspit that is the British National Party were distraught when they heard that the BNP had been infiltrated by the Bangladeshi community.

Not renowned for their brain power, it took several meetings, phone calls and personal explanations by those that could read, before the local membership realised there was more than one BNP. Apparently the other one stands for the Bangladesh Nationalist Party.

Mr Monkey wonders how these wankers would cope if they ever found out that there was more than one SS.


What The Scots Thought About Potts

Seems that the Tories are beginning to distance themselves from former wannabee MP and South Tyneside Tory Councillor David Potts.

During Mr Monkey’s brief trip to Edinburgh  yesterday he met with a number of Scottish Conservative party activists and none of them had a kind word to say about Pudgy Face.

Many of them claim that they were shocked by his selection in the first place and did not understand why the local executive had opted for an unknown Englishman with a dodgy background and little practical experience of the vicious world of politics.

Some felt that the Executive had been sucked in by the fact that he was young, enthusiastic and came across as both confident and knowledgable. Little did they know he could’nt keep his dick in his pants it seems they were conned .

Apparently the Edinburgh Tories are celebrating his sacking resignation and now feel that they have a genuine chance of beating AlistairDarling, something they believed was impossible to achieve with plonkie Potts as their candidate.


Potts Unravelled

Mr Monkey received a very interesting comment sometime ago and was keeping it for a day like today. A day when journos form around the country will be sniffing around South Tyneside looking to dish the dirt on former wannabee MP, Tory Boy David Potts. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy, so here’s some more ammunition folks!


Sorry about the anon but I have had bad experiences in the past with writers keeping their sources secret. I might be able to help you with your crusade against the lying shit that is David Potts. I never used to mind the lad as he is polite and friendly but I’ve recently become horrified at his total lack of morals and the fact he lies as much as he drinks, god help us if he ever gets in a position of power. Anyway, I was directed here by a friend and thought I’d make a few comments.

Remember his record breaking travel expense claim for travelling to and from Cambridge University where he claimed to be studying law, well the truth is:

His record breaking claim of £2251.90 for the period April 2005 to March 2006, was largely due to the fact that he screwed the system and was claiming first class rail travel to and from Cambridge because he was  WORKING IN LADBROOKES.

David never attended the University but claimed his first class travel to work in a bookies in King Street next to Christ’s College. God knows how he has managed to keep this quiet so long. I think his original claim was that he studied Optometry at King’s College and this was later changed to Law when he was informed that the university doesn’t offer that tripos (ask him what that last word means, any student of the university will be able to define it and spout all sorts of urban myths regarding it). I wonder if copies of the Gazette from the time of Pott’s original election to Councilor which have this claim are available on public record? This should be enough for you to at least get others to question this long claim of his. As you don’t seem to mind posting very libellous and quite possibly truthful comments about Mr Potts I may as well give you some more ammunition to make sure he never gets his corrupt authoritarian mitts on any more power.

1) A drink driving charge when he was aged 18/19. I believe this was before he even had a licence so probably add in driving while uninsured and without a licence to that. This could be unsubstantiated and comes from stories doing the rounds in West Boldon pubs about 6 years ago.

2) A charge of fraud for selling internet space that did not belong to him. This is more here-say that the above story but still interesting.

3) Being caught in a compromising position with a Red Lion regular’s wife, He was originally spotted with his tongue down her throat in the pub before she was promptly dragged off by a mutual friend of their’s. This happened in the last few months.

4) He has a VERY big friend/hired bully who he uses to get his dirty work done and intimidate anyone who says bad things about him. This man-monster drinks with him in the Red Lion and has recently caused some locals to leave by threatening their teeth if they dare speak ill of his paymaster again.

A good way to get some dirt is to watch him at his office (The Red Lion) every day at around 11.30am – 4pm and again at 6pm – 10.30pm or even have a word with the staff there, they REALLY love him. If you want to contact me, leave a post on your blog saying as much and I’ll sort out a go-between e-mail address.

Be aware he is extremely angry at this blog which pretty much means you are onto something


King of Sleaze – Tory Boy Potts Resigns!

Habitual liar, Councillor David Potts, appears to have lost the plot following his deselection as the Conservative candidate to take on Chancellor Alastair Darling in his Edinburgh South West seat. CLICK HERE for details.

A member of Potts former local Conservative Association confirmed that the executive had passed a vote of no confidence in him and that they had asked Central Office for permission to remove him as they had no confidence in him any more.

The Association member also confirmed that Potts “seemed to be in denial that this is happening. He doesn’t seem to accept it, but he will go.”

It now appears that after a day of heavy drinking a pissed Potts appears to have dreamt up a bizarre story to explain his sudden fall from grace. Apparently everything is rosy in Scotland he but out of the blue he’s suddenly resigned, CLICK HERE for details. He’s even had the balls to blame his father’s ill health which until now no one knew anything about.

How convenient, or was it merely a coincidence that Pudgy Face Potts resigned late last night after two Scottish papers carried stories about his deselection and after he’d knocked back around a dozen triple gins!

Cum on Potts, do you really expect people to believe your bullshit?

Mr Monkey reckons that this latest ruse will fool no one and believes Potts was sacked ousted after being exposed by Mr Monkey’s Blog as a womanising, lying, alcoholic with very few scruples, who had a piss poor political pedigree and for regularly demonstrating his poor politcial judgement, especially when it came to his unflinching support of the local Labour party.

In case you’ve forgotten Tory Boy Potts, the people of Cleadon and East Boldon elected you to oppose Labour not jump in to bed with them. It seems that the canny Scots have realised what a politicalwhore you really are and to their credit they’ve done something about it before you embarrass them any further!

Mr Monkey hopes that the South Tyneside Conservative Association follows suit and rids itself of the slime ball that is Potts. At least then he’ll have a real reason to eat Malcolm’s shit join the Labour benches!


Tory Boy Potts Gets The Boot

The King of Sleaze - did he fall or was he thumped by an irrate husband?

The King of Sleaze - did he fall or was he thumped by an irrate husband?

Less than a year after Tory Boy Potts opposed a motion of no confidence in the then Labour Leader of South Tyneside Council, Paul Waggott, the King of Sleaze has found himself at the centre of another motion of no confidence. 

This time his fellow Tories have turned the tables on Pudgy Face by unanimously approving a motion of no confidence in closet socialist, David Potts.
Tory Boy was due to take on Chancellor Alistair Darling at the next general election is now on the verge of being deselected by the local party. Conservative activists in Edinburgh South-West have written to Scottish Conservative headquarters asking for him to be removed as their candidate.

Mr Darling had a majority of 7242 at the last election, but with Labour’s opinion poll rating collapsing, local Tories believe their chances of taking the seat have improved and complained Mr Potts was not spending enough time in the constituency to mount an effective campaign.

Inez Paisley, chairwoman of the Edinburgh South-West Conservative Association, declined to comment on the deselection move. But one association member said Mr Potts had not been up to Edinburgh as often as he should have been and there had been “virtually no campaigning at all”.

The member said: 

“He never attends any functions or meetings of the executive. The executive of the association unanimously decided to send a letter to Central Office, asking for him to be removed as candidate as they had no confidence in him any more. They are just waiting to hear back if they can go ahead with it. He seems to be in denial that this is happening. He doesn’t seem to accept it, but he will go.”

Potts claims to have been a Tory activist since he was 14, was elected as a councillor in 2004. He is currently the self appointed leader of Tory group which is made up of just 3 councillors including Potts.

He was selected to fight Edinburgh South-West last year, but his name has now been removed from the association’s website.

Mr Potts claimed he was “entirely unaware” of any move to deselect him. “I don’t know what you are talking about,” he said. “As far as I’m concerned, I have a very healthy relationship with them” – bullshit! 

But then most people in South Tyneside know what an unreliable, self opinionated, arrogant lying hypocrite he is and Mr Monkey is delighted that the Scottish Tories have found out just in time.
Mr Monkey reckons that his unflinching support for the Labour party in return for financial gain, his womanising ways, alcohol problem (he loves knocking back triple gins for breakfast, usually in the Red Lion) and his fabricated background, all of which have been exposed on Mr Monkey’s Blog, have put an end to any political ambitions he had.
All that remains, is for Tory Councillors Wood and Milburn to deselect their ‘leader’ and for the people of Cleadon and East Boldon to oust this scum bag before he brings shame on this quiet corner of South Tyneside.

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