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EXCLUSIVE: Come on Irene .. Tell Us The Truth!

Left ... Caroline Thomas.

Irene Lucas claims she "left by mutual consent"

Why is it that the people who run South Tyneside Council find it so difficult to tell the truth when they’re faced with difficult decisions?

Is it because:

They no longer recognise the difference between right and wrong?

They genuinely believe their own spin?

They can’t deal with any criticism or embarrassment?

 They don’t want their piers in local government circles to know what really goes on in South Tyneside?

They are afraid they might not win any more awards, beacons or worse still lose some of their worthless star ratings?

They believe the people of South Tyneside are stupid and don’t deserve to be told the truth?

They can’t accept they make mistakes?

They are worried about their own career and political prospects?

They are habitual liars?

Or is it a combination of all these factors?

On New Year’s Eve The Shields Gazette Malcolm Fanzine published an article about “Another Top Council Officer Leaving” CLICK HERE. 

The article was based on a leaked e-mail sent to all councillors about the sudden departure of Caroline Thomas, the Head of Adult Services. According to the e-mail from Irene Lucas, the chief executive of the council, Caroline left by “mutual consent”.

Mr Monkey can now reveal that Ms Lucas has at best been economical with the truth.

The facts are that Caroline was summoned for an urgent meeting at which she was effectively given an ultimatum – leave or else we’ll sack you. Mr Monkey did some digging over Christmas and can reveal that Caroline did not leave by mutual consent, she was effectively dismissed. Ms Lucas will no doubt claim she left voluntarily but the facts are that she was effectively blackmailed pressured into leaving.

Her departure was dramatic to say the least. When she was forced‘ agreed’ to leave she was told to do so immediately (that day) and when she asked if she could have some time to  say farewell to her staff she was told that she was not allowed to even return to her office.

Mr Monkey can also reveal that the real reason Caroline was sacked left was that her department has overspent it’s budget by a massive £3 million pounds.

Council leader Iain Malcolm is desperately trying to hide this fuck up from the public as he tries to come up with a way of conning them into parting with yet more money to pay for an increase in next year’s council tax.

Rumour has it that he’s spitting blood especially as this overspend was not picked up at an earlier stage by the finance officers and wanted a scapegoat to hide behind so he effectively ordered his chief executive, Irene Lucas to get rid of Ms Thomas. This episode was also designed to remind Irene that he’s now the boss

It seems that the ‘mutual consent’ argument was never going to convince most people and it now appears the they underestimated Caroline’s determination to get revenge clear her name. Apparently she’s already instructed Unison (her union) to take up her case and has lodged a formal grievance against the way in which she has been treated.  She’s also talking about separate legal action against the authority for constructive dismissal – so much for mutual consent.

Like this chimp said at the outset .. they’re a bunch of lying bastards.


REVIEW of 2008: Potts Cums Clean .. on Teachers

Mr Monkey has decided to dedicate the last few days of 2008 to some of the most popular posts of the year. All the archive material published between now and the end of the year has appeared on either Mr Monkey’s Blog or it’s predecessor The Monkeyhouse.

What better way to start this review of 2008 than with the borough’s very own King of Sleaze, Tory Boy councillor David Potts. His lack of morals, double dealing, lying and cheating, sleazy behaviour and his unflinching support for the local Labour party were exposed by Mr Monkey and eventually led to his downfall and de-selection as Parliamentary candidate for Edinburgh South West.

Potts Cums Clean .. on Teachers

Tory leader David Cameron is often ribbed by Gordon Brown for his lack of policies. Luckily for him, local Tory boy Potts has plenty of them, which he’s willing to put into practise at any opportunity.

Today’s policy is education

While last year he demanded the most vulnerable children in society be moved into boarding schools “because it’s cheaper”, now he’s pro-state school..well, pro-state school teachers anyway…

The pudgy-faced Tory boy, who has already had a primary school teacher girlfriend, has now taken to knocking-off a local comprehensive school teacher when he’s not commuting between Edinburgh and here.

A close friend of the (presumably traumatised) young lady contacted an associate of The Monkeyto say that he’d had his wicked way with the teacher upstairs in the Cottage Tavern pub in Cleadon. Trebles all round!

Who’d have thought it, the leader of the Tories on South Tyneside Council caught-up in a cottage-ing tryst.


Is She Related?

Mr Monkey wonders whether this CLICK HERE convicted drunken driver is any relation to Steady ‘hic’ Eddie McAtominey especially as the reasons she gave for becoming a common criminal are nearly as bizarre as those given by councillor McAtominey.


Monkey Clip

It’s been a crap week for husband and wife team; councillors Mr and Mrs Maxwell McAtominey.

What with Steady ‘hic’ Eddie being forced to resign from two high profile posts, his income dropping by nearly £20,000 per year and the poor bastards have had to face the wrath of the public, the press and councillor Allen Branley.

It’s been especially bad for Nancy, she’s had to cope with the shame and humiliation of her husband’s drunken antics and she’s had to listen to the insults and innuendo .. poor bitch – it’s serves the self centered, arrogant, money grabbing twat right.

Mr Monkey reckons these pathetic indiviuals need cheering up so he’s decided to dedicate this week’s Monkey Clip to the McAtomineys .. CLICK HERE, turn up the volume and listen to the words carefully!


Malcolm Keeps Papa John in The Dark

Papa John Szymanski is pissed off this morning because he’s been scooped by Mr Monkey again. CLICK HERE.

Last night Mr Monkey exclusively revealed that councillor Eddie McAtominey had resigned from the cabinet yet Papa John new nothing it until he read it on Mr Monkey’s Blog. Seems his mate Miss Piggy’s aka councillor Iain Malcolm saw fit not to share this news with him.

Mr Monkey can’t help wondering why Papa John insists on being councillor Malcolm’s lackey when he he seems to get so little for it other than an odd tap on the arse.


EXCLUSIVE: Update – McAtominey Quits

EXCLUSIVE:Reports reaching Mr Monkey tonight suggest that councillor Eddie McAtominey has quit his lucrative cabinet position on South Tyneside Council following his conviction for drink driving.

Apparently Steady ‘hic’ Eddie submitted his letter of resignation to last night’s Labour group meeting and citied his health problems as the reason for his resignation .. lying bastard.

Councillor McAtominey who is suspended from the Labour party and is awaiting trial on a charge of failing to provide a specimen will remain a councillor for the time being although there is some doubt over his position on the Police Authority which carries with it an annual payment of £10,000.

A formal announcement is likely to be made at Thursday’s full council meeting when a permanent successor will also be named.

UPDATE:Councillor Eddie McAtominey has also stood down from the Police Authority.

Miss Piggy aka councillor Iain Malcolm spent most of yesterday ringing round his chums to see who would be interested in filling Steadie ‘hic’ Eddie’s shoes. So if you didn’t get a call you’re not in Miss Piggy’s clique and you future is’nt very rosy – yes you’ve been spurned!


Some Things Never Change

Seems the Gazette Malcolm Fanzine has a track record of targeting councillors with poor attendance records CLICK HERE.

Mr Monkey would like to thank Irving Washington for reminding him of the scandal that led to Conservative councillor Phillip Parkinson’s resignation.

The other Conservative councillor embroiled in the attendance and expenses row was The King of Sleaze, Tory Boy Potts. Predictably councillor Potts refused to do the honourable thing and is still screwing the system for everything he can.

It seems somethings never change – Pudgy Face Potts still has a piss poor attendance record which only Indy councillor Allen Branley can top – but at least Mr Branley is not lining his own pockets under false pretences!