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Mr Monkey has been told that councillor Alan Kerr, aka Mr Tits didn’t look too well at the recent full council meeting so this chimp thought he’d cheer him up by dedicating this week’s Monkey Clip to the dirty pervert.


Lewd Behaviour Set To Cost Mr Tits?

According to this article in tonight’s snooze paper CLICK HERE it seems that the lewd antics of Mr Tits, councillor Alan Kerr, the deputy leader of South Tyneside council could cost the dirty bastard dear.

Although Miss Piggy, aka Iain Malcolm is doing his best to cover up his deputy’s antics it seems his victim is refusing to give up without a fight. This brave woman has already been redeployed elsewhere in the council – Miss Piggy got rid of her post – and she’s had to take a pay cut. All for having the nerve to speak up.

Mr Monkey has learned that Mr Tits isn’t going to get away with his disgusting antics, his victim has appointed a legal company specialising in workplace harassment and they’ve agreed to take up her case on a no win no fee basis.

Keep an eye on your post box Mr Tits, you’re about to get a surprise.


UPDATE: Is Mr Tits In A Spot of Bother?

UPDATE: Following revelations that senior Labour councillor and deputy leader of the council Alan Kerr is Mr Tits, this chimp can reveal that council leader Iain Malcolm and chief executive Irene Lucas are treating the allegations seriously.

Apparently the matter is being investigated by the local Standards Committee so we can all take it easy in the knowledge that they’ll do what’s right .. FOR IAIN MALCOLM AND THE LOCAL LABOUR PARTY.

Anyone familiar with the Standards Committee will know that Labour have an in built majority and that the ‘Independent’ Chairman is none other than Labour sympathiser Bill Darling – so that’s alright then!


EXCLUSIVE: Mr Tits – Exposed

EXCLUSIVE: Mr Monkey posted this CLICK HERE on Friday following rumours about a senior Labour councillor’s fetish for his wife’s other people’s tits. This chimp followed up that post by dedicating the first Monkey Clip of 2009 to this tit lover CLICK HERE.

Mr Monkey can now expose this dirty old pervert – he’s none other than Deputy Leader of the Council, councillor Alan Kerr.

Apparently councillor Kerr’s antics are currently under investigation following a complaint from his victim are subject to a cover up and Council Leader Iain Malcolm has gone into a frenzy as he desperately tries to find a way of covering up his deputy’s lewd behaviour before the wider press get hold of it.

Although he’s not worried about the Gazette; he’s got the editor, John Szymanski in his back pocket.

Mr Tits fetish started shortly after Iain Malcolm appointed him Deputy Leader of the Council when he developed an unhealthy fascination for a member of staff in the leader’s office (Mr Monkey knows who) and couldn’t keep his eyes of her breasts – Miss Piggy aka Iain Malcolm was responsible for letting this dirty bastard loose in the town hall.

The person in question caught him glaring once too often and asked him to stop, instead of apologising and keeping his mouth shut he fired off a series of lewd remarks which his victim found grossly offensive.

She lodged a formal complaint with the then Deputy Chief Executive, Diane Wood but it seemed not to go any further. Ms Wood left the authority and after several months of silence the victim to her great credit has asked for her complaint to be investigated again. She’s not prepared to let it drop, bought off or intimidated by Iain Malcolm and his lackeys.

Mr Monkey reckons the way this matter has been handled is disgraceful and brings into question the honesty and integrity of both Iain Malcolm and Irene Lucas, the victim and all other council employees need to know that this type of lewd behaviour is unacceptable and will be dealt with harshly – this is the 21st century and not the 1900’s.

In the meantime councillor Kerr’s victim is left to suffer in silence whilst he continues acting as though nothing has happened and probably knowing he’s got away with it.

At the very least this dirty old pervert should have been suspended but that would mean doing the decent thing – Iain Malcolm doesn’t even now what the word means!


Monkey Clip

After a couple of weeks absence the Monkey Clip is back.

This week’s clip is dedicated to Mr Tits, the senior Labour councillor with a fascination for his wife’s other people’s breasts. Mr Monkey dares him to repeat his lewd remarks about this lass’s tits and if he does he’ll get more than he bargained for – she’ll crush the dirty old pervert’s bollocks.

CLICK HERE and enjoy.


Whose Mr Tits?

Boobs n cleavage by b0bb0bb0bb0b

Mr Monkey heard an interesting story earlier today about a councillor and a pair of tits .. no not the Malcolm brothers.

If you want to know more about this tit loving individual keep an eye on Mr Monkey’s Blog over the next 48 hours or so when all will be revealed.


Allegations of Lewd Behaviour in The Leader’s Office

Seems Labour councillor Alan Kerr who represents Monkton is in spot of bother after making improper sexual advances towards a member of staff in the leader’s office and it’s not the first time the dirty old bastard has tried his luck with lasses young enough to be his daughter.

Apparently the latest victim of this disgusting ‘butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth’ pervert had previously made a complaint to Diane Wood, former Assistant Chief Executive, but it wasn’t taken seriously in case it upset the leadership of the council.

The consequences of thier refusal to take action against councillor Kerr has now given the dirty bastard a new lease of life. It’s encouraged the pervert to try his luck again.

His victim has had enough and has now lodged a second complaint against grandad Kerr.

Mr Monkey hopes that this person’s complaint will be taken taken seriously and that a full enquiry into the lewd behaviour of councillor Kerr is carried out.

Mr Monkey has no faith in the system and reckons that councillor Iain Malcolm will do everything in his power to ‘hush up’ the disgusting antics of his number two. Sadly Mr Monkey reckons that the complaint won’t be taken seriously and councillor Kerr’s victim will be made to feel that it’s all her fault and will probably end up being moved.

Councillor Malcolm cannot afford the bad publicity this will bring and Mr Monkey reckons he’ll try pulling a few strings at the Gazette Malcolm Fanzine to keep the disgusting and lewd behavior of councillor Kerr out of the public eye.

But even Papa John Szymanski won’t be bought by a few sausage rolls and chicken drumsticks when it comes to selling papers on the back of sex and sleaze .. look what happened to the controller of BBC Radio 2 when he failed to do his duty!