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question time at south tyneside homes

If your a tenant of South Tyneside Homes and are pissed off with how you’ve been treated or you’re just not getting anywhere, did you know that you can ask the board questions and you don’t even have to be there to ask it in person.

The board’s next meeting is on Monday 16th March from 4pm to 6pm at Strathmore House, 11, Rolling Mill Rd, Viking Business Park, Jarrow. NE32 3DP.

Anyone can attend the meeting, but if you want to ask a question you’ll need to put it in writing no later than 12 noon on Thursday 26th February and send it to Frank Coverdale at the above address or e-mail him on 

This gives the lazy bastards enough time to prepare an answer or find a way of covering up the truth if the question is awkward. 


EXCLUSIVE: Council Set To Increase Rents By 6.7%

EXCLUSIVE: Labour council leader Iain Malcolm, the self appointed champion of social housing is set to rob the council’s 19,000 tenants again this year.

In March 2008 the long suffering residents of South Tyneside were fed a diet of shite by the ruling Labour group. They were told that the council had set the lowest council tax rise in years, 2.95%. Councillor Malcolm and his highwaymen then set about robbing the people of the borough by increasing charges on just about everything including council house rents which went up by a massive 6.3%.

Unlike the council tax rise, there was no headlines in the Shields Gazette, instead the council did it’s best to manipulate the press – which wasn’t difficult with Papa John Szymanski in charge – by controlling the flow of bad news.

Mr Monkey has now learned that Miss Piggy, aka council leader Iain Malcolm intends to replenish his piggy bank the council’s coffers by repeating last year’s raid on the unsuspecting tenants of South Tyneside Homes.

This time he reckons he can squeeze a bit more out of them and has decided to opt for a 6.7% rise in rents.

Of course this decision doesn’t affect him and most of his Labour colleagues, they all bought their council houses as soon as the could get their hands on the discount.


Anyone Home?

If your one of the many people waiting for South Tyneside Homes to return to work today, forget it you’re going to have to wait a bit longer.

Bloggers will recall that Mr Monkey exclusively revealed that the Labour dominated board of South Tyneside Homes had unanimously agreed to award staff an extra day’s paid holiday. CLICK HERE.

To make sure the these poor overpaid and under-worked staff get maximum benefit, they decided that the extra day would be today – it makes another long weekend for them.

So if you’ve been frantically trying to get through to South Tyneside Homes over the festive season, forget it their too busy eating up the left over turkey to worry about you.

It seems South Tyneside Homes, with the full backing of the local Labour party, has stuck two fingers up at it’s tenants and Mr Monkey reckons you wont read about that in the Macolm Fanzine Gazette.


Ho..Ho..Ho Mrs Santa Is A Fraudster!

Papa John Syzmanski’s new found friend and Iain Malcolm’s latest lackey Joyce Welsh seems to be feeling much better now that Miss Piggy aka council Iain Malcolm has promised her a seat at the 2010 local elections – Mr Monkey will reveal more of this at a later date.

In November Mr Monkey questioned why Ms Welsh was unable to work yet was perfectly able to attend every Labour party bash and go everywhere with Alice Malcolm, the mother of councillors Iain and Ed Malcolm.

Bloggers will recall that she even managed to join the annual Remembrance Day parade which marches from the town hall to the cenotaph at Westoe. CLICK HERE.

Although Ms Welsh seems unable to work due to a fake illness, she is able to take positions of responsibility for the Labour party, do voluntary work at St Clares Hospice, sit on the Board of South Tyneside Homes and according to the local Labour party’s website, she is the chair of Labour’s Women’s Forum.

If that’s not enough, it seems this benefit fraudster is now doubling as Santa.

According to the Malcolm Fanzine, aka the Shields Gazette, somebody with a remarkable resemblance to Ms Welsh will be delivering presents for the Rotary Club around Whitburn. CLICK HERE

Strange how Iain Malcolm’s Head of Communications, Papa John Syzmanski appears to have deliberately left her name out of the article – he wouldn’t want a benefit fraud investigator sniffing round would he?

Being the public spirited chimp he is, Mr Monkey has already sent them Ms Welsh’s details, so she can expect a knock any day now.

Merry Christmas you fucking benefit cheat!


UPDATE: Equality and Diversity Gone Mad

UPDATE: The dimwitted actions of an officer from South Tyneside Homes has made the lightsnational newspapers today, several nationals have picked up on the story reported in The Journal on Saturday.

The Mirror, The Daily Mail, The Daily Express and The Telegraph all feature the story of how a fuckwit from South Tyneside Homes told a woman on the Woodbine Estate to take down her Christmas lights as they may offend her non christian neighbours who are turn out to be Chinese and Bengali.

Mr Monkey reckons that the officer responsible has once again turned South Tyneside Homes and South Tyneside Council into a laughing stock and he wonders whether the Municipal Journal has an award for the dimmest council of the year, if so, South Tyneside Council will win it hands down with shit like this.

If you want to know more about Political Correctness gone mad, click on any of these links.–case-offend-non-Christian-neighbours.html

Seems some twat in South Tyneside Homes has taken his equality and diversity training a bit too far, either that or he’s Jehovah’s Witness – apparently they don’t like Christmas too.

According to this article in today’s Journal CLICK HERE a fuck-wit from South Tyneside Homes told a woman on the Woodbine Estate to take down her Christmas lights as they may offend her non christian neighbours who are turn out to be Chinese and Bengali.

Mr Monkey reckons that this halfwit knows fuck all about other cultures, other than what he was told on a training course. How else can you explain this idoit’s over the top political correctness?

It’s shit like this that is food and drink to the BNP.

According to the Journal no one complained about the lady’s colourful festive display, including her neighbours. The only person that seems to have taken exception to the lights is a half-witted Englishman in a South Tyneside Homes uniform who appears to have been brainwashed into politically correct thinking.

Perhaps this poor bastard should get a life and leave people to get on with theirs.

Mr Monkey reckons this bah humbug should try spending his next holiday somewhere other than the Costa Del Sol. This would allow him to learn more about how diverse cultures across the world love nothing more than celebrating each others festivals – complete with lights, decorations and fireworks!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year From South Tyneside Homes

Seems the staff at South Tyneside Homes have played a blinder by awarding themselves an extra day’s holiday, with full pay.

This con was orchestrated under the guise of ‘Celebrating Success’ following the Audit Commission’s recommendation that they be awarded two stars. The Board were asked to approve this one off extra day’s holiday for all staff and it will now be tagged on to the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Mr Monkey can’t help wondering that these ‘celebrations’ are a bit premature especially as they have yet to deliver the Decent Homes programme. If early indications are anything to go by it’s far from certain that they will get it right, just ask those poor folks who have had their homes ‘improved’.

Do yourselves a favour and put your celebration on hold, at least until you’ve delivered the goods.


South Tyneside Homes Joins The Friday Night Freebie Club

Not to be outdone in the Friday Night Freebie stakes it seems senor management at South Tyneside Homes have taken a leaf out of the Iain Malcolm’s the Mayor’s book and organised thier own Friday Night Freebie.

Apparently on Friday 26th September all South Tyneside Homes staff were invited to a free nosh up at Temple Park Leisure Centre in what management billed as the ‘Star Awards’ which was a party to celebrate South Tyneside Homes being awarded two stars.

Mr Monkey can’t help wondering that the celebration was was in bad taste especially when the borough’s housing stock remains amongst some of the worst in England.

If that wasn’t eneough management decided to issue ultimatum to it’s painters on the same day asking for voluntary redundancies or they would issue redundancy notices.

Surely even known Labour arse lickers such as Unison’s Merv Butler can’t condone this one can they?

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