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Police Shoot Chimp

'shot dead by police'

'shot dead by police'

Police shot dead a pet chimpanzee after a woman in her 50’s suffered facial injuries in the US.

The woman, who was visiting a friend, was attacked for no apparent reason when she got out of her car.

Sandra Herold, the owner of the 15-year-old chimp called Travis, wrestled with the animal as he mauled her friend, then ran inside her house to raise the alarm.

Lt Conklin of the Stamford police said.”She retrieved a large butcher knife and stabbed her long-time pet numerous times in an effort to save her friend, who was really being brutally attacked.”

The chimp had started roaming around the vicinity when emergency crews arrived.

But he suddenly returned to the scene of the attack, forcing police to retreat into their cars.

The primate then reportedly opened the door of a police car, forcing the officer inside to fire several shots. The chimp eventually died from its wounds.


UPDATED: 20 Year Old Stabbed

EXCLUSIVE: Police were called to Livingstone Place, South Shields at 6.18pm yesterday evening following a stabbing.

The victim, a 20 year old man, had been stabbed in the cheek. He was taken to South Tyneside District Hospital and his condition is said not be life threatening.

Two people believed to be known to the victim have have been arrested and police enquiries are continuing.

UPDATE: Police have now confirmed that the stabbing took place at Costan Drive and not Livingstone Place.

Three people, a man and a woman aged 43 and a 20 year old man have been arrested in connection with the incident.

Posted 9/8/08 @ 6.08am