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Want To Sell Your Car – Don’t Advertise In The Gazette

Mr Monkey reckons it’s time car dealers moved away from their traditional dependence on local newspaper advertising and channelled more of their promotional spend on online and direct marketing campaigns.
Traditionally Friday’s Shield Gazette is devoted to the motor industry. There’s usually an ‘editorial’ about a new model of car based on the car company’s own press release. All the lazy bastards at the Gazette do is change a few words and add a headline.
They use this feature to con the motor trade into buying advertising whilst a few unsuspecting members of the public looking for a cars think they’re going to snaffle a bargain in Friday’s Gazette – what a con!
If you’re in the motor trade and regularly advertise in the Gazette and are wondering why you get a poor response; take a closer look at the findings of your own industry survey.
The Motor Trader Dealer Marketing Survey, sponsored by Experian polled the views of franchised and independent dealers, including car supermarkets, to see which marketing channels are working best for dealers. Seventy per cent of respondents said they had increased their online spend while 57 per cent had raised their direct mail spend.
Meanwhile 58 per cent had cut their print media marketing.
Annual spends on telesales and radio/television advertising remained unchanged for the majority of dealers.
The decline in importance of local newspaper advertising was further demonstrated when dealers were asked to judge which media offered the best value for money. Direct mail topped the list with 38 per cent of respondents, closely followed by online media at 36 per cent while print media and telesales were only favoured by 9 per cent. Radio and television were judged to be the worst value for money as they were both only favoured by 9 per cent of the respondents.
When it came to identifying which websites worked best for dealers Auto Trader stood head and shoulders above all the other sites as it was used by all the respondents. The second most popular site was Fish4Cars followed by Vcars.
Commenting on the survey Kirk Fletcher, managing director of Experian’s automotive division, said it highlighted a significant shift in dealer marketing. He also said, 
“The huge drop in local press advertising and increase in online activity highlighted by the survey shows that the automotive industry is now moving with the national trend in terms of their marketing techniques.”
So there you have it, newspaper advertising is the least effective form of advertising for the motor trade.
If you’re in the motor trade ask yourself why you’re wasting your hard earned money filling the pages of the Gazette whose readers can be measured in thousands (many of them can’t drive), when for significantly less you can reach virtually every household in Britain?

EXCLUSIVE: Robbery in East Boldon

Police are appealing for witnesses after two men believed to be in their late 20s robbed a store in East Boldon.

The robbery took place around 7.20pm on Monday Oct 27th at Sainsburys on Station Terrace, East Boldon. The cashier was pushed to one side before the two men fled with a quantity of cash.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the police on 03456 043043.


EXCLUSIVE: Shopper’s Car Damaged in Attack

EXCLUSIVE: Police were called to Morrison’s supermarket car park in Jarrow on Friday afternoon following an incident involving damage to a vehicle.

A man who had parked his Citroen Picasso in a disabled bay returned to find the front of his vehicle had been damaged by paint stripper.

The attack happened between 1.25pm – 2.05pm and anyone with any information or who witnessed the attack are asked to contact: PC Norton on 03456 043043.

Posted 9/8/08 @ 6.08am

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