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how much does an independent alliance councillor cost the taxpayer?

It seems that despite councillors Jane and Allan Branley’s refusal to claim allowances and expenses their Indy Alliance colleagues have claimed £41,162. 

Mr Monkey was surprised to learn that councillor Victor Thompson has followed the example of the other Westoe councillors and has not claimed his allowance – well done councillor Thompson. 

When Mr Monkey applied his how much do they cost the taxpayer test to the Indy Alliance the results show that they are the group that costs the taxpayer the least. 

Judging by the figures it seems that the Indy Alliance are the only group who haven’t sold their souls to Miss Piggy for 30 pieces of silver and can legitimately claim to not to have been bought. 

But will they be able to resist the lure of gold in 2009? 






  Weekly Cost 

J. Branley

A. Khan




A. Branley

G. Finch




V. Thompson




G. White




G. Waddle






J. Hodgson






S. Harrison

















The cost of each Independent Alliance councillor to the taxpayer in 2008 – 09 was just £4,573.55


Indy councillors missing again



Mr Monkey has just learned that the Indy’s were again light when it came to numbers at yesterday’s Full Council meeting.

Once again councillor Allan Branley was otherwise engaged and it now seems that councillor Harrison has taken a leaf out of councillor Branley’s book by not bothering to turn up to meetings.

A quick look at the stats shows that councillor Harrison’s attendance record is poor, especially for someone who criticises everyone elses record.

In the past year councillor Harrison has missed 3 out of a possible 8 CAF meetings, 5 out of a possible 11 Full Council meetings and hasn’t bothered attending any Licensing or Appeal committees or sub committees.

Councillor Harrison is paid a basic allowance of £7056 this equates to £641 per meeting – put another way he gets half of the £1,200 The King Sleaze, David Potts gets for attending his meetings.

As far as councillor Branley is concerned, his attendance record is almost a record in itself. He’s attended 0 out of 8 CAF’s, 0 out of 4 Audit committees and 3 out of a possible 11 Full Council meetings.

As councillor Branley doesn’t claim any allowances this equates to £0.00 per meeting.

Mr Monkey will be posting more details of councillor’s attendance record and the cost per meeting to the taxpayer shortly.


UPDATE: Is The Gazette About To Be Reported To The Press Complaints Commission?

UPDATE: Since Birdman Maclean sent his infamous attendance e-mail to all 54 councillors there’s been a flurry of activity amongst senior councillors, party whips and party leaders.

All councillors have been told to attend Thursday’s Full Council meeting and that no excuses will be accepted. If they fail to turn up certain councillors will face disciplinary action and possible de-selection.

Amazing what an e-mail can do!

Seems yesterday’s post about an investigation into councillors attendances has caused quite a stir within the town hall; it was the talk of the members lounge.

Apparently some members are wondering what the fuck the Gazette is playing at especially as the now infamous e-mail listing councillors attendances was sent by Birdman Maclean.

Some members are suggesting that Papa John Szymanski is being pressured into publishing councillor’s attendances by the Leader of the Council Miss Piggy Iain Malcolm to prove his loyalty .. could it be pay back time for all those sausage rolls and chickens drumsticks? 

It seems Papa John has once again allowed himself to be manipulated by his paymaster or is he just doing some one else’s dirty work?

Mr Monkey reckons that whoever’s behind this has been very selective and has clearly got a hidden agenda.

Careful examination of the attendances shows that the person with the worst attendance record is Alan Branley (no surprise there) so is councillor Branley the target of Papa John and his paymaster? It will be interesting to see how the article is presented when it does finally appear.

Mr Monkey wonders whether Birdman’s article will be about the handful of councillors with the worst attendance record or will it be more about councillor Branley – a bit like the recent story about councillor Hanson’s failure to attend any NHS Trust meetings. 

If so it will prove Mr Monkey’s theory that Papa John has deliberately allowed his paper to be used for political purposes, something that could cost him dear.

If Mr Monkey’s predictions are right then perhaps the Press Complaints Commission should be asked to look into what’s really going on at the Gazette and Mr Monkey might just make that call!


I Believe In Miracles!

What the fuck’s going on in the Indy Alliance camp?

Mr Monkey has just read a press release on the council’s website and it appears that the three Independent Alliance councillors for Westoe, councillors Branley, Branley and Thompson are holding a ward surgery – yes that’s right a ward surgery this Saturday in the Town Hall. CLICK HERE.

Apparently they’ve  teamed up with fellow Beacon and Bents Indy councillor, Ahmed Khan and will be holding a joint ward surgery, it seems miracles do happen.

Whatever next? Former Progressive and now Indy councillor, Gordon Finch to change the habit of a lifetime and hold a surgery too – now that really would be miraculous.

Mr Monkey can’t wait to see who turns up on Saturday but wouldn’t be surprised if councillor Khan was left holding the baby!

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